Chuck vs. the Podcast 103: Goodbye Chuck

January 27th was a day of tremendous excitement, which we now mark with sadness as the date we said “goodbye” to Chuck. The 2-part finale, comprising ‘Chuck vs. Sarah’ (written by Rafe Judkins and Lauren LeFranc, and directed by Jay Chandrasekhar), and ‘Chuck vs. the Goodbye’ (written by Chris Fedak and directed by Robert Duncan McNeill), was a true love letter to the fans.

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Filled with suspense, emotion, twists and turns, incredible acting, and a cornucopia of callbacks, this series finale was one the cast and crew can be proud of. It leaves us filled with hope as the characters we love ride off into the sunset.

This marathon podcast features photos and videos from viewing parties in several cities, as well as a unique privilege… thanks to Chuck composer Tim Jones, you will hear his music cues underneath our discussion of the finale! He will also be interviewed in our next podcast, which should be released in the next week.

Speaking of Tim Jones, we discuss how you can help a Chuck soundtrack become a reality. We also discuss the topic of a Chuck movie at length, including what you can do now to help. The best plan is to put dollars into Warner Brothers’ pockets — visit Chuckazon to pre-order Chuck season 5, and order any other seasons you are missing!

There have been numerous blogs and news sites featuring coverage of the finale. In particular, CNN interviewed Gray for their Geek-Out blogs, and Gray also posted his thoughts about how Chuck changed his life, in his own goodbye to Chuck at Check them out!

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  1. I want to take a moment and sincerely thank you guys for all of your hard work on this site and podcast. I cannot express in words how much it means to me that you guys helped Chuck, the little show that could, be in my life for five wonderful seasons. No matter how rough my life has become, I have always trusted Chuck to be there for me each week. I never would have thought I could care about a TV show or community so much, and I am better today because of this whole experience. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Gray, Mel, Liz, and every Chuck fan that allowed me to enjoy and be a part of this ride we call Chuck. Chuck is not a TV show, but a lifestyle. I will forever be in your debt.

  2. I was also thinking. Why couldn’t they gotten Ellie to do that magic pen thing that she did with Morgan to get some of her memories back?

  3. Thank you for the podcasts, I always enjoy them and will miss them almost as much as the show itself!!

    You guys made me feel better about the finale, putting it in different perspectives!! I was super upset on my first viewing, but I’m feeling better now, after 4 watches and this podcast, haha.

    I’m looking forward to the Fedak interview too, can’t wait!!

  4. I completely agree with everything you guys said: Although it would’ve been a good ending if you could see them in some sort of an epilogue, this is better, in my opinion. It’s crystal-clear they are getting back together and live happily ever after, only what exactly happens is left in the open. It ended the show, but there’s still a possibility for more adventures.

    It would by the way be really awesome, to do an online-based movie/spinoff, like Zachary Levi suggested a few times. However, the problems Gray mentioned are still relevant.

    Or, a Chuck video game.

  5. First off, thanks for everything you guys have done in the past 5 years, this site is representative of an incredible community of people who all fell in love with Chuck.

    Going off on what you guys said about the callbacks that occurred in a mirrored fashion, I just want to agree that the role reversals were what made the finale so special. All of the moments between Chuck and Sarah were so unique because of the fact that they had completely switched roles from the pilot. At the mexican restaurant in Germany Chuck was sitting where Sarah had in the pilot while Sarah was sitting where Chuck was. The same thing goes for the beach. The pilot showed us Sarah sitting to Chuck’s left, asking her to trust her, and the finale showed us Chuck doing the exact same thing. I think it’s really comforting to see how far both characters have come since the first season. Even though Sarah can’t remember the details of her life, she instinctually knows the importance of the beach and her interactions with Chuck. This finale truly was a love letter to the fans because it showed us that literally nothing can come between the feelings that Chuck and Sarah have for one another.

  6. Normally your podcasts make me feel better, but not this time. I needed closure and not through hope, or leaps of faith, but by physically seeing Sarah remember everything. I know she’s remembering; but for me, I wanted to SEE more than what I saw. Not imagine. It’s still a letdown. My expectations seemed simple, and I guess I am alone on that.

    • Lianne: I was with you on these thoughts for a long time but now I have became to think that this is just a revelsal of phase three. They said that Chucks memories are almost completely gone and Sarah gets her back with a kiss and telling how she feels. So I think that this is the same. So infact she is back at the end.

      • Except in Phase 3 they weren’t married and planning on having a family. And Chuck wasn’t trying to kill Sarah. And he knew Sarah in the last scene, because he had “magic coming.” I appreciate what you’re saying, and believe me, given the storyline that we saw, it worked. It just wasn’t what I had hoped to see and that makes it very disappointing and sad for me. My finale is S4’s wedding. I saw Chuck and Sarah get married; have their dry run, and say I do. That’s what I will remember as my finale.

      • I’ve been heading in the same direction as you, IceTear, both because of the echoes of Phase Three and also the heavy emphasis given to the “magic kiss” through the latter part of the finale. And I keep trying to convince myself that that’s what happened. But I’m still with Lianne — I’d like to have seen it. Mind you, I think another great way to finish would have been to hear (during the closing credits) Morgan’s phone ring, and Chuck say, “Morgan, you’re a genius”.

      • Yes it would have been nice to see more about their future in the end. But at least with realizing the connection with phase three it´s now sure that they are back in the place they got separated on bullet train.

    • Craig,

      THAT would’ve been an AWESOME way to end!! If only 🙁

    • Lianne, I feel the exact same way that you do. In my opinion, the whole memory wiping of Sarah was a terrible story for the finale for 3 huge reasons: all of season 5 is pretty much erased, 5 seasons of Sarah’s development were wiped out (I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for Yvonne to act the finale stuff out since we all know how much she loved Sarah’s evolution), and the worst one is that they took away so much that they ran out of time to give them closure. I understand that they wanted to bring it full circle and do all the callbacks, but for me the price they paid for being able to do that was way too high, and it wasn’t worth it at all. It would’ve been easy to fix. How about the magic kiss triggering a sequence where all of her memories come back and then that fading to a flash forward with them at the dream house with a family? Showing that wouldn’t have taken much more time, and I think it would’ve made a huge difference. I thought the finale was great for everyone else except Chuck and Sarah. For them it was terrible and unfortunately, since they’re the heart of the show, this makes it really hard to not be disappointed by the whole thing. And the worst part is that this was a finale that they knew about. There was no uncertainty this time. They had time to work on it, and it was a disappointment. The only parts of the finale that I liked were seeing Sarah’s mission logs, which was really cool (I know we only saw those because she couldn’t remember, but if I had to choose between seeing those and Sarah keeping her memory, I’ll take keeping her memory) and the Jeffster performance. I’m really hoping that we either get a movie or that the DVD will have an extended ending or something, because if neither of those things happens, I’m afraid the show will have ended in a way that the fans didn’t like, and that would be a huge tragedy.

      • TYler: At first I was with you on this. But then I realized that it was phase three reversed. So in that perspective we know that the kiss will bring back her memories and we all know what happens after that because they have made it clear that they want house, computer security firm and kids.

  7. I see where you’re coming from Lianne and sadly it seems to be the majority view. I liked certain aspects of the ending but ultimately if it wasn’t written, filmed and aired, it didn’t happen. I think if we’re honest, if you have to spend a lot of time convincing people it was a good ending then it wasn’t a good ending.
    It’s a bit like trying to explain why a joke was funny, once you reached that stage it too late, the moments gone.

  8. Hi Mel Gray and Liz
    I would just like to say a very big thank you for doing the podcast for the last 5 Years for us chuck Fans and the Web Site i wish you all the BEST mel when u started to cry i had tears in my eyes. Mel ive just looked at my dvds you was on about a episode and you said it was the one befor chuck vs the first kill and there was three episodes on the dvd before that called chuck vs the predator , chuck vs the broken heart plus chuck vs the dream job and they was on chuck season 2 .

    So thank all of you once again for all that u have done with the podcast and the web site . Ali

    Alison ( Ali )



  9. Was there a callback to the Shaw shooting with Quin?

  10. The end was promising yes dark, elusive and generate questions more than giving answers.
    But the main problem of this series was the fact that from season 1-5 in many episodes the plot was simplistic, naive. In many episodes if y made simple connections y could realise that scenario wasn’t good.
    The actors on the other side permormed really well and the creators manage to form genuine characters and authentic.
    This fact was the reason why the series was beloved to so many fans and not because scenario was good.
    If scenario and plot were well founded the series would probably have-from my point of view- great commercial and longlasting as a tv series success.
    Finally this specific end is giving the sense- not the certainty- a sign possibly, of a new beggining in future i think!

  11. Jeanne Widdicombe

    I too want to say I will miss your potcast’s. Even Though there stunt coordinator is the only one who won two awards. and the show it’s self has not, but the show has won an award the biggest one the love of there fans!!!!

  12. Wow. Back in 2008 I came home for Christmas break and my mom told me I had to watch this show. She turned on Chuck vs the Santa Claus and I was hooked. I watched all the previous episodes online and I haven’t missed an episode since. Now that this journey is over all that’s left to say is thanks. To the cast and crew for bringing us this show and to you guys for this podcast. Can’t express how grateful I am to have had kindred spirits to share Chuck with.

  13. Wow…great podcast! I have watched Chuck religiously since the first episode and somehow never knew this site existed. What was originally supposed to be a quick Google search to get some clarity on the final scene – has turned into hours of me reading dozens of articles/blogs/posts about how much people loved this show and how hard it will be to let it go. Something special must have happened over the last 5 years for me to be this heartbroken over a TV series. Feels like I’m losing a close friend. Guess I’m glad to know I’m not the only one.

  14. Like what they have said. If you guys want the writers to come up with something else like a movie etc. Buy there DVDs/BRs if you want this show kept alive. Spread the word. We have done this since season 1

  15. My husband and I watched the finale together and when it was over he leaned over and kissed me because we totally got it. There was no doubt that Sarah was on her way back to remembering her relationship with Chuck. A big call back moment for me was when Sarah fixed Chucks tie before the tango, like we have seen her do so many times. Would I have liked to see Sarah gain more of her memories before the series ended? The answer is yes, because that’s what this show did, it always left us wanting more. That’s why so many fans rallied to keep it on the air. I didn’t discover this site until about halfway thru season 3 and I have enjoyed sharing my love for Chuck with you all. Thank you Mel !

  16. At first I was disappointed that it was not set in stone that Sarah got her memories back. I have recently come around to the other side and understand that Fedak and Schwartz want us to imagine and come to our own conclusion. Not my ideal ending, but I can live with it.

    What I think was bothering people the most is not the question of will Chuck and Sarah be together? (Because we know they will, as the story is ultimately about the nerd getting the girl). It was instead the question of will they be the same as they were before? Will Sarah be the same person we watched grow over 5 seasons? Will the reason they continue to be together be because of the love Sarah had for Chuck over those 5 years? I choose to believe the answer to all those questions is yes, as there are enough hints and clues throughout the episode and especially in that last scene to believe our Sarah was back or at the very least on her way back. But, I also understand how to others that is not good enough; they don’t want to believe it, they want to see it.

    Mel, I could be wrong but day 564 (or whatever it was) of the video log was near the end of season 2

    Gray, just playing devil’s advocate…I think that because the story can go in many different directions (especially with Chuck and Sarah), is the exact reason why people want a movie; so that they can get proper closure. If people thought they got closure, there would probably not be the direct need or want for a movie. It is kind of like the chicken or the egg scenario.

    Anyway, a big thank you to Gray, Mel and Liz for the podcast and for the website. I am relatively new to posting and commenting, but I have been visiting this website and the boards for a couple years now. Whether it be for spoilers, news, or just for some therapy (and god knows I needed it after the finale) I appreciate your efforts and all you have done.

    • This made me cry all over again because we have to rely on hope, optimism and a leap of faith to see if Sarah is better, and what type of girl our Sarah turned out to be. We saw Chuck in Phase 3 remember Sarah, because he had “magic coming” and that’s what I needed. TO SEE it. NOT infer it; NOT imagine it, NOT hope for it. You are led to believe that all will be well, but what frak does it matter if you can’t SEE it? I want a movie just for closure. I don’thave a “next week on Chuck” to find out.

  17. Sarah: Chuck? Kiss Me! —-> this is 3×13 We all know how it ended after =) W CHUCK !

  18. Thank you for this podcast “sigh” I am so glad that this will not be the last and that the websites of Grey’s, Mel, and Liz’s will not be shutting down right away you guys have been the largest and best resource for Chuck. Your podcasts have also gone through a period of growth over the years form the static photos with the interviews playing over them to introduction of the true videocasts, the introduction guest interviews you three have gone the farthest in your depth to tell the story of the show that is Chuck. For me Ionly started listening to your casts after season 2 but I have gone back to listen to everyone of your casts to date. I truly feel that without you three Chuck would not have bben around as long as it has, it reminds of another show that NBC wanted to cancell after its very first season that would be Star Trek. Thanks Chris

  19. everytime I hear rivers and roads get nostalgic : ,(

  20. Ilzairspar (Janet)

    Hey Mel

    Did you ever think of the 3 of you doing audio commentaries of the past 5 seasons now that we know how it ends? I know it’s probably not plausible, but I always liked hearing your thoughts on the episodes every week and would actually love to hear your guys thoughts about each ep now that we know the “entire” story.

  21. Thanks everyone for your feedback and kind comments!

    I’ve been laid up from a knee injury today, so you’ll have to forgive if I can address everyone’s questions directly.

    This has been a wild ride over the last 5 seasons, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it ended. As we discussed in the podcast, this ending keeps us thinking, and has less of a sense of finality than a pat ending where we see everyone’s “happily ever after.”

    If you go back and watch the final scene on the beach, it is TOTALLY clear that Sarah is well on her way to having all of her memories back, and also totally clear that she’s made the crucial emotional connection with Chuck again.

    Just like the proposal in the hospital, these actors are so wonderful that a few choice reactions sell it, and I have absolutely no doubt that these two are again soul-mates, or at least well on their way.

    I too hope for a Chuck movie, but not until we give the cat & crew a chance to rest & rejuvenate, and give Warner Brothers the chance to get some DVD sales and sell Chuck into syndication.

    No, I can’t imagine going back and doing live commentaries for all 5 seasons… we need a break too! 😉 But I think you’ll find that re-watching our podcasts in order alongside a re-watch of the Chuck DVDs will prove just as fruitful.

    Thanks to all the fans, commenters, and supporters of the podcast. Thanks especially for your incredibly kind comments over the last few days. It means the world to Mel, Liz, and I, and makes the work we’ve put in worthwhile!

    We’re already starting to plan future Chuckster meetups in Toronto… I hope you do too! And watch for our 3 last episodes, starting with Tim Jones next week.

    Keep Chucking!

    With kindest regards,

    • Thanks for all the great work, looking forward to the rest of the podcasts.

    • This was the first podcast that I’ve watched with you, Mel, and Liz and I would like to thank you all and say you did a great job. I found many of your thoughts to be interesting. Most importantly you gave me peace that Sarah was regaining her memories and her love for Chuck and that they’d be together. From there I think we know what the end game is(dream house, kids, computer security firm) with room for other adventures. So thank you all!!

    • I tuned in to the podcast for the very first time & it was so great! Better late than never, right?–I have no idea why I’ve never watched or listened before now since I’ve been a fan of the show for so long & have been visiting the site for several years. It was enlightening to listen to all of your individual insights. I’m a little embarrassed to say that I got very teary-eyed when the 3 of you were discussing the finale, I think because Tim Jones’ music was playing in the background–music always stirs my emotions. I loved the finale, love ‘Chuck’, & love you, Mel, & Liz for everything you’ve done.

      Take care of that knee injury & get well soon 🙂

    • I usually agree with you Gray. But in this instance, I don’t think I’d use the word “totally” in referring to Sarah making the crucial emotional connection with Chuck again. I agree she’s getting her memories back, but if her emotional connection to him was made, she never reached out to touch him or hold him when she kissed him. But this is a moot point, because what you enjoyed, I simply saw as disappointing. I needed closure, and this isn’t what I had envisioned. I wanted a sappier ending I guess. And maybe that’s wrong, but I went through S5 with the perfect house, the normal life, the maybe babies, the picture, and to NOT see those things is just a huge letdown for me. I wanted happy, not hopeful. Sorry if I am sounding whiny or bitchy, but I am still disappointed and letdown.

      I do hope your knee injury is better, and thank you for these podcasts. I’ve always learned something from them each time I listened.

  22. It was a good ending, but not for a series finale! Yes, we can imagine what happen next, but the show ending with Sarah “not knowing” anyone?! Come on… For me the perfect ending would be something like this: Sarah recovers all her memories and than, one last dinner with everyone happy and together at Chuck’s apartment (like so many others trough the show) and finaly Chuck and Morgan have one last conversation about the last five years…that’s a propper ending Mr Fedak! 🙂

    Sad Chuck Fan From Portugal 🙂

    • oh, i almost forgot, thank you everyone for all the great work trough five awesome years!

    • She gets all back. Remember phase three. Now that I see this it’s actually a good thing they get that reversed too. Because now they and we know that no matter what they always get each other back.

  23. I have followed every single episode of chuck, and recommended it to a lot of my friends… this was great but that ending was terrible… I’m sure a lot of people were disappointed…. I thought chuck would at least show Sarah the picture of them two where she said she would never forget (before putting on the glasses)…

    • That was weird that the picture was not on the finale. After all it was the most recent big memory for her and she said that she wouldn´t forget that. So it could have triggerd her memories earlier.

  24. I really enjoyed the ending, at first my mind went that’s it. Then I had to look back on the series and think about what this show is about and how it runs. So I took look at it again and realized that the ending was perfect. Chuck has never finished a season without some cliffhanger or an open ended finally. But If you think and watch Sarahs reactions, emotioins as she begins coming closer to chuck. She is falling for him, and the perfect thing that was also essential was the last and final kiss. He suggest morgans theory, but never expected her to agree. So as they kiss they could have stoped at the point there lips pulled away, but they didn’t because the love and feelings are still there. They continued kissing (espeacially sarah) because they forgot, dropped their gaurd and just let the feelings flow back into them.

  25. Thanks for the great podcast once again! I agree with you with most of the things. But I look Sarah´s feelings on totally different angle now. First I also thought that she just don´t feel anything. But alot of rewatching key scenes has opened my eyes to fact that they are soulmates and their love is so much more than just memories. So it couldn´t fo away with them. So it´s there the whole time and not just see putting pieces together on her mind of knowledge and not feeling it.

    Though she says that to Chuck at the end of ep12 that she don´t feel it. You can see with the log that she does feel it. And that scene when telling that to him she first look down like when they have gotten truth serum and she lied to him that they couldn´t be anything. And I really think that this is the case with this scene too. She just don´t have courage yet to open up to Chuck because though she feels it she feels that she isn´t the one he loves. And doesn´t know how to be with him.

    I could be wrong but that´s how I come to see it.

  26. Your the best. Your reviews and podcasts are awesome. You put so much work in it. Even though I’m still frustrated and sad about the ending of Chuck, reading and watching your material actually helped me a lot. thank you. thank you so much

  27. I’m watching this podcast right now and every time the Chuck & Sarah music comes on it’s like someone sticking a nasty knife right into my heart. =(

  28. Mel,
    Thanks for the Podcast. It was fun to read your comments, spoilers and etc. Chuck is one of my favorite shows (although the series finale could have been a little bit different). Anyway, it was a pleasure to be with you guys.
    I still have my Chuck DVDs 🙂

  29. I think that Chuck could have a much bigger profit if the show was aimed at an international audience (since the main thing that counts for the producers is money) I think that by streaming it online (rather than on TV) and making it available to audiences all over the world is a great idea. If they requested a small fee from the viewer then maybe they could receive a much bigger profit than by airing it on TV. The great thing about this show is that its fans are incredibly loyal. I for example would love to pay a fee (before every episode), knowing that by doing this I am supporting Chuck. I’ve read so many comments from people all over the world, who would love to support the show, but can’t watch it on TV, so they can’t really help. I believe Zachary Levi mentioned the idea of making an online movie during an interview. The producers do not realize how much fans this show has all over the world. The main reason why Chuck is the #1 most pirated show is because people from foreign countries can’t watch it while it airs. It is also a great idea because a lot of people could not watch it on Fridays (work etc.) , and if it was online they could watch it whenever they want. I am a huge fan of this show and I want to find a way for it to continue. Maybe WB could make this possible…

  30. It’s sad that we live in a world that every story has to have a closed ending, that every line has to be written just so in order to make it the “Perfect” ending. Josh & Chris stated in many of thier interviews that the ending will not satisfy everyone and that they will probably get hate mail for what they did but these are the same two guys that have given us fans a show that we have loved for over 5 years. a show that has impowered the viewers to the point that NBC allowed J&C three extra seasons of Chuck that we might have not gotten. As fans we should be happy with that. Watch the last two episodes again and again I have several times already.
    People talk about spin-offs. How many of you out there remember a tv show called M*A*S*H and when it came to an end for many of the charactors had unfinished endings and then came “After M*A*S*H” a dreadful show that tried to live off of the old fan base of the original it was to soon to fast and never was the same caliber. Do you want to ruin your memmories with a substandard show not me take Greys advice allow it time to rest.
    I’ve watched every episode more then I don’t know, alot! I’ve watched and listened to every podcast, Grey,Mel, and Liz you three “ROCK!!!!!!!”. As a fan I have invested more than 5 years, subway sandwiches, emails, posts and when comes down to it in the end I have really enjoyed myself. I used to be a Trekker but now I`m a Chuckster. Speaking of Star Trek, NBC cancelled it after only 2 seasons look at the phenomenon that it has become. Chuck could become the star trek of the next generation(pun intended). I`ll miss the show deleted the timer off my PVR the other day“sob!“ but will never forget the memmories.
    Looking forward to next pocasts. “sob, cry, sniffle, sniffle…

    • I have watched it again AND again, and it’s still the same for me; disappointing. In the context that the story was told, and what we were given, it’s fine. But it isn’t my choice for an ending and sadly, never will be. Maybe it is sad of me to want a happy. perfect ending. And maybe i stand alone on that. But my happy ending is S4’s wedding. I appreciate people liking it, thinking it’s good and all, but I hope people can also appreciate the fact that you can be disappointed in a show you loved giving you a finale you didn’t love.

  31. I just didn’t understand why Chuck had to use the last upload to stop the bomb. Why couldn’t Sarah use it and disarm the bomb. I mean she did in the end with her idea of using the porn virus. Great show, great characters, great soundtrack, but a little disappointed with how the show ended. Chuck sort of brought that good feeling that sneaks away from you back. The end, well left me looking for that good feeling.

    • It wasn’t until he was able to break the code to open the main box did he find out that the Prisem coputer was at the heart of the system. Either way Chuck had to load up the intersect into him self just to get that far. Besides it wasn’t until seeing the computer did Sarah have the memory Irene DeMova, Still she did not really know what it meant. Plus aren’t you glad Chuck got the intersect again.

  32. Thank you for the pod cast. I enjoyed it, I teared up with you, and lo & behold after rewatching both 5:12 & 5:13 AGAIN, I find myself in total agreement that this was a great ending to a great show. Watching it the first time was shocking with all that happened as the story unfolded then watching it the second time was just sad. Now I watched for the subtlties of Sarah’s re-developing feelings for Chuck and just focused on each person’s part. The actors did a phenomenal job with all that they were given (they were given HUGE amounts to deal with) and it will remain my favorite show; for all of the shows that I have appreciated over the years nothing else has come close.

    Again, Thank you for all you have done & continue to do! And PS Mel: I am not sure if it was your influence after the pod cast or what, but I teared up this last time as Vik started to sing 🙂

  33. Many thanks to Gray, Mel & Liz for your endless hours of CHUCK devotion and bringing us, the fans an “intersect” file of information about the cast, crew and minutia related to our weekly CHUCK fix. I fell into the category of fans that were initially disappointed we didn’t get Chuck and Sarah (pregnant with triplets) sitting on a porch swing next to the red door outside the house with the white picket fence. After watching the episodes a couple more times and admittedly some scenes several times I’ve joined the group that appreciates the way Fedak/Schwartz ended the show. The use of callbacks where Sarah began to recognize a familiarity, the mission log when she saw her own emotional entries, her facial expressions as Chuck told her their story and the final key was her saying “ Chuck, kiss me!” that convinced me she had come back to the point of “feeling it”. Sarah has said “kiss me” in several episodes (the first time when Chuck so impishly gave her a peck on the cheek to maintain the boyfriend/girlfriend cover), but it was the last two words of the “Other Guy” episode when she cut Chuck off that made the “Goodbye” ending work for me. In “Goodbye” she had heard enough, remembered enough and was feeling enough to get back to rebuilding the relationship. By the way was it just me or did anyone else think Zach and Yvonne broke character by starting to laugh/giggle as they pulled the covers over each other in “Other Guy” anticipating their characters getting to end the cover relationship.

    It was nice to see the Buy Morian perverts get a line or two and garner an official credit. Gray/Mel, did I miss a comment on that scene in the podcast or was it overlooked?
    I’ll be picking up Season 5 soon as it becomes available. Hoping for a movie.

  34. i didnt like the ending when i first watched it however your podcast changed my mind so well done and thanks for this video 🙂

  35. I think in part that I would not like any episode as a series finale for Chuck. I understand what they were doing and it may stand the test of time as one of the great finales, and if so it will be because of how they wrote the last scene and left us to imagine the future for Chuck and Sarah.

    And as some have said we did get the future earlier in the season so we know where they are going, just not exactly how they get there. So while I really would have liked a more closed ending, I fully understand that this is emotinally more powerful. I know many would have found it even more powerful with a little more of a “sign” Sarah is coming back, but there is enough through the two episodes that I can believe they are together now and forever.

    Thanks for all the hard work and hand holding over the years. I still can’t believe this is the end, but I also can’t believe we came this far. 5 Seasons and leaving with the ending the creators wanted. Not many shows these days get that.

  36. One of the better shows that has been on TV in the last few years. Really really sad to see it go. I just hope they figure out a good show to fill its spot. Liked the ending like the comedy, drama, action it has given me over the years, and I hope to see everyone from the cast show up somewhere soon.

  37. For me I would go further and say it has been the best show I have watched in a long long time, and yes I can remember watching the finale of M*A*S*H and I don”t think I felt any where near as much grief at its ending. The cast of CHUCK are amazing and it hurts to let them go. I wish the Cast and Crew all the best in their careers, and will definitely follow them. I just hope the road leads back to CHUCK at some point. Now I think I’ll go out and bury my TV 🙂

  38. Anybody know if the current image on IMDB will be available as a poster, really love it with them both holding hands.

  39. I think it’s kinda amazing to see, how they ruined the entire show within 1 Season, which had only 13 Episodes. Morgansect, Deckers blackmail though he knew about the agent x files, the Omen, shaws 3 appearance, and many other things that where against all logic. But to top it all they kill the Sarah we know in only a few minutes and don’t even have the decency to tell us, how everything works out. I really hate Chris Fedak right now.

  40. Thank you Zac, for this show. I just want to say that this is the best show ever I will never forget it. ! I hope that you, Yvvone, Josh, Adam and Sarah will never give up on acting, beacause you’re so good 🙂 I just hope that you will film somethnig together(the whole cast) and I would love if you will come by to Slovenia or Croatia. We love CHUCK 4ever and the whole crew, wich is perfect. There couldn’t be any better cast !!!!!!! 🙂