Chuck By The Numbers: An Infographic

And now for something completely different: Chuck By The Numbers! In celebration of five seasons of Chuck, we counted various elements of the show and designer extraordinaire Chad at 32Square put it all together into this awesome infographic.

We’ve been working on this project for a couple of weeks (yes, that’s why I kept asking “how many this” and “how many that” out on Twitter), and now it’s complete! We hope you enjoy it, and encourage you to share the infographic with fellow Chuck fans.

We’ve added a Pin It button in the “Share This Post” options on the left to make it even easier to share. And, if you want to take five seasons of Chuck with you into the real world, we’re making the infographic available on posters, iPad cases, and mousepads via Zazzle that’s too bad. NBC claimed “intellectual property” copyright infringement, so we can’t offer it professionally printed on posters, mousepads, mugs, etc. But we can make the PDF available to download, free of charge, for whatever purpose you might have. 😉

Chuck By The Numbers Infographic (PDF)

Chuck by the Numbers infographic - celebrating 5 seasons of Chuck!

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  1. Wow thats amazing i found it extremely informative thanks guys for putting this up

    Sean Chambers
    (Regular Chuckster)

  2. That’s awesome! Good job with that.

  3. This is awesome, but 2 questions. Which 3 episodes was Morgan not in? And who is the other person Chuck kissed? I can think of: Sarah, Jill, Lou, Hannah, Casey, Sasha Banacheck, and Beckman

    • Guess you’ll have to go do some research, Rob. 😉

    • MyNameIsJeffNImLost

      Rob, I don’t know about the other kiss, unless they are counting kisses on the cheek. Then there’s the Russian from Undercover Lover who thought Chuck was his cousin.

      Morgan was credited in all 91, but was only in 87. He wasn’t in: Angel de la Muerte, Fake Name, Final Exam, or Family Volkoff.

      IMDB is not always completely right, but it is close enough to indicate a couple episode count discrepancies:

      Ellie was credited in all 91, but was only in 77. She wasn’t in Imported Hard Salami, Cougars, Fat Lady, Predator, First Kill, Three Words, First Class, Final Exam, Fear of Death, Other Guy, Balcony, Wedding Planner, Bearded Bandit, Hack-Off.

      Devon was credited in 88 (all except Sizzling Shrimp, Imported Hard Salami, Crown Vic) but he was only in 71. He also wasn’t in: Cougars, Suburbs, Predator, First Kill, Three Words, First Class, Mask, Final Exam, Anniversary, Cubic Z, Fear of Death, Balcony, CAT Squad, First Bank of Evil, Zoom, and Hack Off.

      Ellie’s number almost matches her IMDB appearance number 77/78. Devon’s is closer to is credit number 87/88. Ellie was credited and appeared in more episodes than Devon.

      I think Lester should be 80 to match Jeff.

      Still, it’s a cool by the numbers image.

      • D’oh! You’re right about Devon’s number, Jeff. I can’t believe no one caught that in all the drafts we went through!

        Jeff was in one episode that Lester wasn’t, but I don’t have the paper in front of me to tell you which one it was.

      • Morgan’s number, 88, is correct. He was in the Family Volkoff- he and Casey told Chuck not to overreact to the prenup, and he got an invitation to Alex’s graduation.

      • MyNameIsJeffNImLost

        Good catch, Lindsay. Like I said, IMDB is not always right. I just couldn’t figure out which of the four he was actually in.

        IMDB is probably off with Ellie’s number too.

        I’m still wondering what episode Jeff was in that Lester wasn’t.

    • MyNameIsJeffNImLost

      The other Chuck kiss was Jenny McCarthy aka Sylvia Arculin in Chuck vs. the Suburbs.

  4. oh boy…this is awesome!
    sarah bikini´s versus casey underwear(op´s…can´t remember the correct word in english…i gues… hehe)it´s a wonderful call!
    congratulations, its fun as the show is!

    • Yes, Casey not appearing in a Speedo bathing suit.

      But he appeared at least twice in his boxers (Undercover Lover and Can’t Remember at the Moment – a very popular episode). 😉

  5. This is a really fun and revealing way to look at the series!

    Maybe I missed it on the poster…but how many Nerd Herd vehicles were wrecked in 91 episodes? There had to be a lot!


  6. Mel– Very cool poster. I guess you have to keep that brain burnin to feed all of us. I will order a poster shortly. It is pretty significant. The first poster I will ever have owned in all these years. I do not know if good or bad. Thanks ,again, for the work. Keep it comin.

  7. That’s awesome.

    Can’t believe I’ve got over half of the music used in Chuck.

    Also I’m shocked that not only was Ellie not in that many episodes but Awesome was ahead of her.

  8. Thank for this! It´s really fun way to summarize everything 🙂

  9. This is really great and is testing my Chuck IQ!!

    One thing I noticed is that it shows 3 PLI’s for Chuck. Should it be 4? Sarah, Lou, Jill, Hannah?

    I was having a really hard time remembering eveyone Chuck and Sarah kissed. But I think I’ve got it. For Chuck I know it’s Sarah, Lou, Jill, Hannah, Casey, Beckman and Banachek. Is the last one Jenny Macarthy’s character in Suburbs!? For Sarah it’s Chuck, Cole, Shaw, Bryce and Manoosh.

    • The “P” in “PLI” stands for “Potential”. Chuck and Sarah were never Potentials for each other; they were the Real Deal.

  10. Awesome except that how many episodes someone has appeared thing. It is totalky incorrect. Ellie was in more episodes than Devon. Jeff and lester both in 78ish. Big Mike in only 60 or so. Team Bartowski is right though. By the what are the potential finales I get Goodbye, Push Mix, The Other guy what others can there be cant be s2,3,4 finales their so Cliffhangery

    • The episode counts come from the official, final credits for Chuck. The potential series finales do include seasons 2, 3, & 4 since they were written before the show had been picked up each year.

    • The thing I’m gutted about is that Beckman and Anna Wu didn’t make the picture. But really, such a small complaint compared to the awesomeness that is the whole. I’d get it on a mousepad for sure.

  11. I just ordered my poster and mousepad. Woohoo, can’t wait to get them!

  12. Chuck kisses: Sarah, Lou, Banacheck, Jill, Casey, McCarthy, Hannah, Volkoff and Beckman (9) kisses!!!

  13. Oh my gosh, the speedos….why is there a line drawn through them, is it because we never actually saw Casey in them? lol

    Mel, who actually put all the graphics together, was it you? It’s awesome.

    • Casey was interrupted by Verbanski’s disappearance before he donned the Speedos, thus…no Speedos. As noted (and linked) above, Chad at 32Square put the graphics together for us.

      • What about Casey in his underwear during the episode Chuck VS the Wookie doesn’t that count for something

  14. I’m glad I was wrong about McCarthy – now I can fully enjoy the mouse pad and poster I just ordered!

  15. Hey Mel!

    When will we find out the results of the Chuck giveaway?

  16. Any idea how many eps Beckman was in?

    • MyNameIsJeffNImLost

      According to IMDB, which is not always right, Beckman was credited in 78 and appeared in 74:

      She was only a “regular” in Season 4. Other appearances were as a guest star.

  17. 91 Episodes….argh, wasn’t enough!!

  18. MyNameIsJeffNImLost

    I’m trying to figure out the bomb list. I have six: Virus in Pilot, cutting wire in Nerd Herder in Sandworm, fruit juice in A-Team, Sarah in Suitcase, Chuck in Business Trip, Virus again in Goodbye

    Plus three possibles:
    Fat Lady, although that wasn’t really a bomb.
    Couch Lock, although that was disabled by the bad guys.
    Family Volkoff, although that was disabling guns with Chess, not a bomb

    Coup d’Etat they removed the key launch key. Best Friend, Crown Vic, and Muuurder had controlled explosions in safe locations. Imported Hard Salami wasn’t really Bryce, not a bomb.

    What am I missing? Any ideas?

  19. I’m drawing a complete blank. 3 weddings; Ellie+Awesome, Chuck+Sarah and ???

    2 funerals; Bryce and ???

    I’ll need to go back and rewatch from the start again soon.

  20. 9 intersected… Im missing one only thinking of 8

  21. wasn’t there a bomb Chuck disabled in vs. the Muuuurder?

  22. does the satellite in vs. Tom Sawyer count as a bomb diffused?

  23. MyNameIsJeffNImLost

    Kenny, Ellie and Awesome had two weddings. (Also, Big Mike and Morgan’s mom were off screen)

    chris1213: The list of names is under the word “INTERSECTED”

    albrink: If I remember correctly, they let it blow up inside the Intersect room. The door’s manual override was hacked with a pocket protector to rescue Director Bentley.

  24. Ah, of course. Thanks.

  25. other bomb that blew was in vs. Best Friend as Chuck remotely drove Nerd Herder away from Chinese ambassador and Team B…does that count?

  26. at the onset of vs. Angel de la Muerte Chuck says he and Sarah were on a mission and had to diffuse a bomb. Does that count?

  27. 1.11 vs. the Undercover Lover – Ilsa Trankova wedding crashed, literally splashed, by Casey and Chuck. = wedding #3

    • MyNameIsJeffNImLost

      Oh, forgot about that one, albrink. So we have two completed weddings (Cliffhanger and Ring), two aborted weddings (Undercover Lover and Ring), and a wedding off screen (Big Mike + Bologna).

  28. Btw, Chuck’s dad’s name is spelled with a “ph.”

  29. What a great poster and a great idea for a poster. Thanks, Mel and Team!

  30. Hey Mel,

    I was wondering when we will find out the results of the Chuck giveaway?

  31. That’s really really cool, I love it!!

  32. Hi Mel!

    This is amazing! Really great work. Here’s a challenge (also for everyone) if ever you would make a sequel for this poster. How many times did Chuck and Sarah kiss on the lips in any shape or form throughout the series? I don’t know the answer myself, just a fun exercise for the re-watches. Ok, Season 1, episode 1… Go!

  33. Great work Mel! Love it!!

  34. That’s a pretty cool mash-up. 91 eps for the original band (Chuck, Sarah & Casey). Was surprised Morgan was absent from a number of episodes. (Must have had a call of duty tourney somewhere.) Kind of shows you how the writers focused the stories and around who. Wish Ellie and Awesome had been in more episodes though. That many subway sandwiches were featured? If Chuck hits syndication (should) think of all the new viewers who will be made hungry through advertising integration as well as Awesome reminding us the Toyota Sienna is the safest in its class. lol

    • Morgan was away once or two at the El Seguendo School of Finance.

    • Funny thing about Ellie’s Sienna in the finale is that it’s not the same one from the episode you mentioned where Devon shows it to Ellie and mentions how it’s the safest in it’s class. The one in that episode is a 2011 model and the one in the finale is the older body style. Probably used the older one because they didn’t want to pay for a new one just to crash it.

      I noticed this because my wife has the same one that was in the older episode and it’s a darker color.

  35. how many time did chuck get intersected

    was it 5 with one update?

  36. 4 buymore owners

    the first, cia,chuck, and now subway

  37. And here is the hard one. How many times did chuck flash

    • How many flashes?!?!…..Not THAT’S a stat I’d like to know!!! Huge props for whoever comes up with that.

      • OMG… have fun with the counting… that must have been at least 500 times. …sounds like a bet!
        and I wonder how many grunts Casey did..

  38. sale at zazzle didn’t go through due to copyright issues…let us know when that gets fixed

    • Hmmm…I didn’t receive any notices about a copyright issue, and I can see several orders that have gone through. Can you try again and forward any messages you get from them to mel at chucktv dot net? Thanks!

  39. Any suggestions on the best size for the poster. The suggested 36×60 seems huge.

  40. Do you remember? The first Episodie from Chuck….I want to Cry

  41. Jeanne Widdicombe

    Numbers you want to talk about numbers I just saw A poll on who deserves A fresh start. and who won? it was SHAW!!! with 176% of the votes!!!

  42. were there really 418 songs used on the show ??? i only have 133 in my CHUCK playlist on my Ipod, dang, i got some work to do 🙂

  43. Starting over this week. I’m trying to keep track of Casey grunts. A weird thing to track I know, but I’m guessing more grunts than episodes.

  44. Well, thanks, NBC…I think it is safe to say Chuckies are not feeling the love for NBC anymore.

    • Yeah especially after the president said that about it. How insulting. I took that as the final piece of evidence that NBC is an idiotic network. If it’s president has that kind of attitude and says the wrong things like he did, imagine how that trickles down. Good job Mr. President. You just insulted and offended the only fan base you have. Real smart. I keep checking to see how NBC’s other shows are doing, and most of them are already in SpoilerTV’s danger zone on their cancellation index. And I know that I won’t be watching anything on NBC for a while. Chuck was/is still a gem in a bunch of junk, and now all there is is junk.

    • Why is this safe to say? There just seems to be a large chunk of people who like NBC bashing. I for one am thankful to NBC for giving us five seasons of this show, and I’m not going to turn my nose up at that the second its over.

  45. Do anyone know what’s the font of the word “chuck” ? or where can download this special font? thanks

  46. The claiming of IP rights is sad (although not surprising) – but this is so good, I can’t believe that NBC wouldn’t be willing to pay something to own the rights to it and sell it themselves. Most of the stores around have fan made stuff (just look at ABC’s Lost collection). The possibility ought to be discussed.

  47. Does anyone know where I can get a list of those songs?

  48. How many Castle breaches/break-ins were there?

    I love this poster. 🙂

  49. How many times did Morgan assume the guise of a couple’s therapist?

  50. wow, this is awesome, thank you for creating this!