Could Zachary Levi Return to NBC?

Deadline, a site that follows the ins and outs of Hollywood dealmaking, covers pilot season in depth every year, including tidbits like this:

As for Chuck, star Zachary Levi has already been talked about for a couple of half-hour pilots, including an NBC comedy.

The quote is from an article about which actors are hot this pilot season, noting that with Chuck‘s run concluded, Zac is being considered for a couple of projects. This doesn’t necessarily mean he is interested in the projects, just that the creative teams have him in mind for a character.

As pilot season heats up, expect to hear more names from the Chuck cast and crew popping up in news about various projects. Who knows, we may see several of them (or their names) back on our screens as early as next season!

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  1. LOVE the thought of this (so much!), but couldn’t he pick a more stable network?

    • I agree, even Broadway would be better for Zach than NBC. Broadway would also utilze his singing talents!

  2. Well i think Yvonne is the only one that benefits the most from Chuck, i mean she become the favourite character in the series. She’s doing I Frankestein and prolly her movie career is gonna get hotter after that . I wish to see Adam doing something, i thought Casey was a bit let down at the end, especially since Casey put those 2 together in many ways.

    • Adam is also reading scripts for pilots (he mentioned it an interview with us the week of the finale), so keep your eyes open for news about his next gig.

  3. Zac ( and any other Chuck cast member) would probably be the only reason for me to willingly support NBC again. Though if possible, I think the Chuck cast and crew should try and avoid NBC if possible–they kill off great TV shows and keep the crappy ones running. At least in my opinion.

  4. Be surprised if Zack goes back to TV this quick. I think he will give movies a real shot first.

  5. I thought I heard/read that Zac was hoping to do a Broadway show. I’d love that for him. Think he’d be perfect for musical theatre, and I’d finally get to see him “live.”

    • He can do both. Filming a pilot takes a couple of weeks, then he’d be “off” until the show starts filming in July or August (assuming it gets picked up to air).

      • That’s true. And doing a comedy is only 30 minutes, which means he’d have more time for himself. I can only imagine the hours doing Chuck took on him as well as the cast.

    • There aren’t that many new Broadway musicals in any given season.

      But, I saw a story yesterday about how they are doing a Broadway musical version of the movie “Honeymoon in Vegas”. Zac’s around the age Nicolas Cage was when he did that movie.

      • It doesn’t have to be a new musical, actors swap roles all the time, do limited runs, etc. I’d love to see him do a run as Fiyero in Wicked.

      • I realize that it doesn’t have to be a new musical. I’m probably biased by my opinion that some of the longer running shows like Wicked barely get noticed by the “movers and shakers”. That show is tourist material only.

        Again, this is a bias. I’ve never seen Wicked and never have any interest in it.

        “How To Succeed in Business” is a good one, but that Jonas Brother is locked into that for a while.

        If there were any existing musical I’d love to see him in, it would be as Elder Price in Book of Mormon. That show is so damn funny…and it’s still a hot ticket.

  6. Didnt he said on a TV guide article he only wants to guest star/ cameo on other tv shows and shoots/ direct tv pilots now, rather than starring on one, and instead he is focusing on doing film and stage act ala Hugh Jackman?
    And also do you think his new haircut is for a role?, since he went through three different haircut in the past 2 months, from faux hawk to the golden globe cut, and now to being bald, which is weird since in an interview during the tangled press he said he actually likes his hair, so him going bald is kinda wierd.

  7. I have no doubt that Zac will be in demand for more TV work. But, I wonder if he and his representatives might want to sit this pilot season out. There’s always another one next year.

    When I saw his recent change in look–another haircut and a shave–I thought he might have done it for an audition of some sort.

    • Didn’t he say he wants to focus on doing film now, also that’s what I thought when I saw him being bald and shaved since he said in an interview he actually liked his hair and he got like three different haircut in past two months and he rarely shaved unless he is shooting something.

      • Like I said above, just because he’s being considered for new pilots doesn’t mean he’s considering them.

  8. I’m kind of a cup-half-full kind of person when it comes to judging NBC. I think that by contemporary network standards, we were very lucky that NBC hung with Chuck as long as they did. The cold, hard numbers weren’t there to keep it going.

    Personally, I would continue Chuck on NBC as a sitcom. Call it “Chuck and Sarah,” and set in their dream home with the red door. The wacky neighbors could be Morgan and Alex on one side, Ellie and Awesome on the other, wtih Casey and Gurtrude across the street.

    And now you know why I don’t work in the developement department at NBC!

    • Actually call it Carmichaels. Nerd comedy with Morgan always over Just think of the funny everyday life of Morgan and Chuck with thier bromance, and Sarah still learning to live with such a huge nerd. Almost like a sneak peak into the homelife of Chuck and Sarah. Alex and Sarah’s friendship could blossom. Casey and Gurtrude guest starring every know and then, and the visits from Jeffster while not on tour.
      Wouldn’t last though, but I can image life IF those characters were really.


      • It would be “Chuck” without being called “Chuck”, right? 😉

        As much as I love the show, I don’t think it would be a good idea. The cast would love to come back together, but it’s too early for them; they have so many projects in the works, that coming back for “Chuck” right now would be an obstacle in their career.

        The show is over. We have to wait for that “movie” or reunion in a few years. And the cast already said that they were interested to play their characters again. It’s just a matter of time, I guess.

      • I like “The Carmichaels,” but I was thinking the spy-related stuff should be left behind. And “Chuck and Saraha” does keep the original title at the forefront.

        But, “The Carmichaels” sounds better, and it’s more like a traditional sitcom. It also hints at the potential for more nefarious adventures.

        Since there’s been so much action material presented in 5 years of Chuck, if Casey and Gertrude were to stumble into Chuck and Sarah’s house, all exhausted and beat up, it would be easy for us to understand with verbal exposition.

        Also, if the spy life, in some form, re-surfaced with C/S, then they could have their own mini-castle in their basement…kind of CIA-lite. Maybe a PC on a desk, a world mat tacked to the wall, and a few fancy colored lights making it look all space age. Of course, a flat screen TV with a Skype hook-up so that various characters could appear…easy way to have guest shots.

        They could also fret about always losing their respective jobs…

        “I don’t know if I can stand almost losing my job every 13 weeks!” Chuck would scream.

        “Oh, come on honey,” Sarha would reply, “it’s not like we haven’t been through this before!”

    • Big Paulie- I liked the plot in your two postings. I think you should join the development department at NBC. Or, maybe you should make that CBS.

  9. I think Zack would be good in NBC’s pilot that is basically a vet version of House. The description says the guy loves pets but can’t stand their owners.