Chuck vs. the Podcast 104: The Man Behind the Music

Today is all about the music! We have an epic 81 minute look behind the scenes of scoring the Chuck finale in a full video interview with Chuck composer Tim Jones. He also answers every one of your questions!

Click image to play video… more details below.

Fans have swooned over the final music cue at the beach… when you hear the touching story behind Tim writing it, you’ll connect even more with the song. Did you know that Joshua Gomez likes to play a modular synthesizer? How many guitars are on Tim Jones’s wall? The hardware and software Tim uses to record the music?

We also have several musical interludes, including the full “Question and Answer” cue, and a sample of Tim Jones’s solo work.

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  1. Awesome, thanks for the info !! 🙂

  2. When the Charah cue is played during Chuck I literally get the chills every time. Favorite music piece of all time. Good job on adding on to it during the beach scene that was awesome.

  3. Loved the tunes. Thanks for the music for series ending episodes. I am just not one to mail off what I can send electronically. Can we request the Soundtrack via e-mail to WB.

    • You probably could, but a hand written (not typed) letter is supposed to mean MUCH more to TPTB. So it depends, is it worth writing to potentially get the CD?

  4. My 3 fav themes r:

    1. Charas Theme
    2. Music that plays during Chuck and Bryce conversaton in 2×03, never found out the title.
    3. Newest Intersect(chills everytime!)

  5. Chuck has the best music i EVVVVVEEEEEEEEER!!!!!!

    thanks mr. tim jones for your great work.

  6. Oh my god. Wow.

    Thanks to Tim, for sharing so much of himself, his heartbreak and joy. I really am grateful for the work and play given to the show by everyone, including Gray, Mel, and Liz, and the powerful Chucksters, for allowing and creating these audio/visual recordings that have uplifted me through the trying years.

  7. Thanks guys. That gave me real appreciation for Tim and the music. Really enjoyed it . Especially the Jeffster part.

  8. I love how Tim Jones music give each and every one of Chuck scene a lot of feel to it absilutley love Bon Iver and Band of Horses.

  9. That was a very quick 81 minutes guys. Thank you for putting this together. The a-ha segment was fantastic. Tim Jones added a ton of depth to the show…guess its time to go write a letter!

  10. Love, love, loooovee the Dark Side, it’s such a kick ass theme, and I am so glad it wasn’t scrapped. The mix of piano and synthkey is surreal, and I was headbanging when it showed up full force in Chuck vs. Sarah.

  11. Mel, What was the fill in the aha take on me song? the part where after chuck uploads the intersect and that orchestra tune plays.

  12. Awesome podcast! Very interesting. 🙂 I now why I have loved Chuck from the start. I definitely share Tim’s taste in music.

  13. What a “Fan”tastic Podcast, missed Liz’s input to the conversation though.:( It was great to hear from Tim again, from the discussion questions to playing his own music, and to the description of arranging the A-ha Mix He is One talented guy and I can only wish him great things in the future it only takes one good project to make somebody a house hold word(who ever heard of John Williams or any of the people that Tim mentioned before they got thier Big Break. 🙂

  14. I would love to get my hands on the tabs for the guitar part he made toward the end of Take On Me. Great podcast!