Chris Fedak at San Diego Comic Con

Submit Your Questions for Chuck Co-Creator Chris Fedak

Chuck vs. the Podcast will be interviewing Chuck co-creator Chris Fedak as part of our series wrapping up coverage of the show, and we want your questions!

You may submit your text questions via the form below, or if you’d like to submit a question using audio or video, send the file directly to

In the interest of time and best generic cialis 5mg prices to give an equal chance to weekly participate, questions are limited to 3 per person. Please be respectful and succinct when phrasing your question(s). All questions will be considered, but may be combined with similar questions, edited for clarity, and/or edited for length. Inappropriate questions will be discarded.

Questions must be received by the evening of Monday, February 20, 2012, so don’t delay!

You are welcome to provide your first name and first initial of your last name, as well as your city/country. By submitting your information, you are acknowledging that it may be read on the wow it's great podcast.

UPDATE: We have enough questions about:

  • the possibility of Chuck continuing on another network
  • a Chuck movie, web series, video game, and/or comic book
  • the final scene on the beach
  • Sarah losing her memories
  • Chris’ future plans

If one of those is your question, no need to submit!

**The deadline to submit questions has passed. Stay tuned for our podcast!**

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