Ultimate Chuck Sing Off: Season 5 Round 4

Ultimate Chuck Sing Off: Season 5 Round 4

The Ultimate Chuck Sing Off competition for season 5 is getting closer to natural viagra drug finding a winner! We’re on to Round 4, and once again “Rivers and Roads” gets a bye for the rest of the season 5 competition since it won Round 3 by such a large margin. The song will appear in the finals next week.

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  1. Aww man! Yes, “Your Hands” is a beautiful song, but the fact that it’s playing when Sarah tells Chuck she doesn’t feel their love anymore…OH!!!!!!! That just makes the song so sad to hear!

    I admit, I don’t remember when “Love the Way You Walk Away” plays, but I still prefer the uplifting feeling I get just from hearing it!

  2. ”Love the Way You Walk Away” by ” Blitzen Trapper” plays during the ending scene of Episode 5; Chuck Versus the tablets viagra Hack Off when Chuck tells Sarah they gotta be the best spies they ever been.

  3. Thanks Tommy! Yeah, I remember feeling invigorated by the end of that episode, even though they were all running from the law! I still prefer that ending compared to the one “Your Hands” was playing on!