Zachary Levi Chooses Post-Chuck Project

Well that didn’t take long! Deadline reports that after fielding at least half a dozen offers, Zachary Levi has settled on his first post-Chuck project: a half-hour comedy for FOX. The show is titled Let It Go and revolves around a married couple, his best friend, and her sisters “as they try to navigate, negotiate and sometimes manipulate society’s unspoken rules.” Not quite sure what that means, but I’ve heard from a couple of people who have read the pilot script, written by DJ Nash, that it’s very funny.

Zac will play the husband, and now that he’s signed on, FOX has given the go-ahead to film the pilot. Should Let It Go get picked up for the 2012-2013 schedule, it will be Zac’s second sitcom; he previously co-starred in ABC’s Less Than Perfect as preppy Kip. It’s also a nice change of pace for him since half-hour ensemble shows aren’t nearly as time intensive as hour-long shows with a lead character in 80% of the scenes.

More casting news for the series should be announced shortly, now that they have their star, so stay tuned. Break a leg, Zac!

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  1. I read it’s a single camera show, so while it’s less time intensive than a one-hour drama, it’s more than a half-hour, studio audience show. More “30 Rock” than “LTP”.

  2. Rats it’s not on nbc but I wish zac alot of luck I hope his caracter is clean shavin. because I want to see that Gorgeous face of his. I might give his new show A shot?.

  3. If this show were to get picked up and become a hit (and I know those are two HUGE steps when it comes to TV pilots), that would probably bode well for Chuck in the syndication market.

    • I would hope that Chuck is sold into syndication long before Fox even decides on this series, which would be in May.

  4. I was kind of hoping we’d see him in a drama. I think he’d do well in one.

  5. I will enjoy a weekly dose of Zac again should this pilot succeed – but I too look forward to seeing Zac in dramatic productions. Maybe he’ll have time for a movie along the way.

  6. Now they just need to cast Yvonne as the wife….

    • As lovely as that would be, I don’t think it’s possible, seeing as Yvonne is in Melbourne prepping for I, Frankenstein. I’m guessing the pilot will be filming sometime soon, so sadly, Yvonne won’t be able to play his wife. But perhaps if it’s picked up to series they can re-cast!

    • And Joshua Gomez as a friend, and we ‘ve got Chuck season 6

      • hahahah! Yes! I mean, let’s be honest. It’s what we all want. And while we’re talking about it, let’s throw in an electronics store, Sarah Lancaster, Ryan McPartlin, a band called Jeffster! and of course, a Subway.

        In all honesty, though, as much as i’d LIKE to see Yvonne Strahovski play his wife, it needs to be different than Chuck. Because it was hard enough letting go of Chuck. Let’s just hope that whoever plays his wife is up to her caliber!


    I would have hoped to see Zac in a movie. But maybe this is good too. Hope that we get to see this series here in Finland too.

  8. good for zach, sure wish him and all the cast great sucess in their future projects. it will be hard to match the chemistry they all had on chuck, but i am sure he will be super in it.

  9. Thank God, he’s out of NBC. Now….hope Fox approves this pilot and it runs for a healthy 10+ seasons without any glitches! 🙂

    • NBC is still on the “nice” side of my naughty/nice list, since they listened to Chuck’s fans and gave us a Season 5…in spite of viewer numbers that were poor.

      And, Fox has cancelled some really terric shows in the past.

  10. So pleased to hear this news!
    How smart of the Fox network to scoop up Zach!
    I’ll be watching!

  11. This should Keep Zack busy till the CHUCK movie 🙂
    I hope 😛

  12. Awesome news for zac, I’m just wondering why he chose this project after the half a dozen offer he had, but not only that he also got himself a new agency, as he moves from ICM to CAA, which is pretty crazy since he’s pretty much only been a year where he was reaped by them, I guess ICM couldn’t get him roles he wanted. Now I want to see whether CAA can get him what he wants.
    Here’s the link to the article:

  13. i know that im gonna watch this just because i am a huge fan of zach. I hope that he does well like we all know he always does, so that i have something to look forward to now that chucks done

  14. Thank you Mel for the info. I am sooo happy for Zac. Fox, for good or bad, is a much more stable network than NBC. I think he will enjoy it there. Here to wishing him the BEST!

  15. Zac Levi did so well with all his female costars – so as much as I loved seeing him with Yvonne, he also was fabulous interacting with Sarah Lancaster, Linda Hamilton, and even Bonita Friedericy. I gotta admit, though, I’d love to see him do more with Rachel Bilson (Lou, Chuck vs the Imported Hard Salami).

  16. I saw Zack go from a goofy geek to a mature buffed out leading man. I would have preferred to see him build on that person. Feature movie, not 1/2 hr. comedy sitcom.

    However, if this choice makes him happy that is what matters. Congrats.

  17. Best of luck to Zach. Choosing a Fox sitcom is a brave choice for him, considering Fox’s track record with being ruthless about canceling things.

    I wouldn’t like to see him opposite Yvonne for a long time, to be honest. He’ll do well with any costar they cast. My first thought when I heard this was “Rachel Bilson,” and she’d be perfect if she wasn’t already on another show.

    Zach and Yvonne working on something so soon after Chuck would be weird and we’d keep thinking of Chuck and Sarah.

  18. We will always think of them as Chuck and Sarah 🙂

  19. Especially if Yvonne plays an Australian wife. All we would hear from Zac is ” N-A-E-I-O-U”. Now thats comedy.

    • They have already shown that they can sell that type of relationship on screen. They also playoff each other very well.

      At least we can dream!

      • Yes they have maybe the best on-screen chemistry I have ever seen.

        But has to wait and see what future brings. But really hope that someday they could work together again.

  20. Fox scares me with all the shows they constantly pick up and then cancel, but I have high hopes for this show, considering its such a brilliant actor in the lead role.

  21. I think this is good news. I was really afraid the entire cast would end up sprinkled throughout the CSI/NCIS/Law&Order universe, playing cookie-cutter characters that no one cares about. Nothing against those shows, but Zach and the gang are capable of so much more. Curious to see who pops up next with a new project (already saw Big Mike doing some theater).

    • I actually believe that Ryan will have a role in CSI: Miami coming up. I don’t really know any specifics. All I know is that when I checked Miami’s SpoilerTV page and read one of the press releases for one of the upcoming episodes, Ryan’s name was there. I don’t know how big of a role it will be or anything.

  22. Sadly it looks like we need better spam filters.
    I wish Zachary and all the cast lots of regular work moving forward. I am surprized that Zachary is the only one picked up so far.

    • Welcome to my world, Garnet. I usually remove the spam that does get through the filters before many people notice it (that was 20 out of about 150 spam comments that bots posted here over the last few hours). 🙂

  23. I wish all the cast members well in their new pursuits. With the strong connection to fans that Chuck generated it will be hard to slice the Chuck characters away from whatever new charachters they take on. It will be critical to their success to get some measure of separation. Good comedy may well be the ultimate challenge. As much as I would like to see the Chuck gang together again I really have no hope for that type of project.

    • This will not be Zachary Levi’s first time in a comedy series. I first saw him as the narcissistic Kip in “Less Than Perfect”. In fact it was because of that role that I so easily pictured him as Chuck.

  24. I hope you didn’t think I was being critical. I should say that it is amazing how spam free the main page and forums are. Once again thanks for the hard work,
    and Long live CHUCK!

  25. Could be good, but with the amount of actual good half hour comedys being very small to the actual amount of them I’m going to hold my breath till I actually watch it.

  26. so is this site going be a fan site of the new show now or is mel fixing a new one

  27. My heart! This is sort of bittersweet for me. I can’t imagine Chuck without Sarah! But congratulations to Zac! I’ll be watching for sure!

  28. The Chuck movie is really what I hope all the characters can join together in one last time. But in my naive’ view the small glimpse of Chuck away as a spy with Sarah at home with child would make a beautiful ending to the show. Ah well maybe a “Spy Kids” theme would be appropriate … Chuck VS The Kids …..

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