Chuck: The Complete Series Coming to Blu-ray May 8

According to High-Def Digest, Chuck: The Complete Series is due to be released on Blu-ray May 8. I haven’t seen the press release they’re referencing yet, but I would expect the DVD set to be available the same day. Details like pricing, cover art, and special features have not yet been released. We will update as soon as we have that information.

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    The WB’s “Coming Soon to DVD” blip on the right side of the page says our DVD is gonna hit stores on April 17!

  2. U.S. Amazon shows both formats with a May 8 release date on pre-order.

  3. I don’t think they are going to be coming out with a complete series on the same day season 5 is coming out it doesn’t make any sense. I would think they are come out later in the year or next year that would make sense.

  4. hopefully the complete blu ray set will be released in the uk

  5. great news mel, i can’t believe how much i miss chuck already. have been watching sceens on you tube and they get better every time. thank you for the updates and everything that you all do to keep the chucksters in the loop.

  6. It seems to be a little early for a full complete release issue. You would think that WB would put “Chuck” on the Syndication route first. I hope this means that they have not given up on “Chuck” and besides the Fifth season DVD’s haven’t come out yet. 🙁

  7. I like I said earlier they wouldn’t let the Season 5 and the the complete series all on the same day this is wrong and should be ignored until there is real Proof.

    • Can you actually give a reason?

      I can’t remember to every show that has a complete series set but Smallville S10 and the Box Set came out the exact same day.

      It may or may not but acting the way you are seems a little odd.

    • The 38 disc complete LOST collection came out the same day as the 6th and final season DVD set. Not quite sure why you think it would be crazy if Chuck did this as well?….

      Could be a simple set of the 5 individual seasons bundled together. Then maybe something more lavish will be released down the road (like a case that looks like a Buy More, and a pair of intersect glasses that comes with it, etc.). You get my drift.

  8. does it include the cut 7 minutes from the finale that was going to be in the season 5 box set?

  9. Oh my god! That’s my husbands and my anniversary! It’s fate!