Ultimate Chuck Sing Off: Season 5 Round 5

Ultimate Chuck Sing Off: Season 5 Round 5

My apologies for the levitra canadian pharmacy delay in posting this final round of the season 5 competition. Between traveling for work and buy cialis overnight being sick, my Chuck time has been limited this past week.

Here we are, with the generic cialis cheapest india final round of the Season 5 Ultimate Chuck Sing Off competition! As a reminder, “Rivers and Roads” gets a bye for the rest of the season 5 competition since it won Round 3 by such a large margin. The song will appear in the finals later this week. Now it’s up to buy viagra online for less money you to choose which of the two remaining songs will make it to the finals.

  • Check the season 5 music page to refresh your memory on canad ian pharmacy the songs.
  • As before, the songs are matched at random.
  • There was only one JEFFSTER! performance this season, so it heads to the finals by default.
  • Round 5 closes Wednesday, February 22, at 11:59PM Pacific.
  • If you’re a fan of Tim Jones’ score from the show, tell Warner Bros. we want a CD!

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  1. Hi Mel

    Mel sorry to hear that you havent been well i do hope you fill much better now and that you are looking after yourself plus you are not over doing it.
    So take care of yrself Ali.

    Alison ( Ali )

  2. Saying a prayer for your health, Mel!