Yvonne Strahovski Talks “Moving On” & Body Paint

AskMen has a new interview with Yvonne Strahovski, now that it’s been several weeks since the end of Chuck, in which she talks about being ready to move on, what’s coming up next, and those SoBe ads.

Congratulations on Chuck. Are you sad that it’s over, or excited to move on?

The end was very bittersweet, but I think we’re all excited to move on. There were a lot of tears on the last day of shooting, and I think I was the most pathetic one, although Zach [Levi] was in close contention with me. But it is exciting to move on. It finished at the right time. I think five years is a great run, especially in this day and age when you see so many shows go up and survive less than six episodes. Given that we were always on the bubble, it’s a great victory shared amongst the cast, crew and fans — especially the fans, because they were the ones that got us there.

Talk to me about My Mother’s Curse, your upcoming comedy with Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand.

It was really exciting! I auditioned for that and got it, and it was great working with Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen. I feel lucky that I got to work with some of the big legends in town. 

What was it like working with Seth Rogen?

His laugh is the greatest thing ever. It’s so unique! He was very chill, and the dynamic between Barbra and Seth was great. I’m excited to see what they’re like on-screen. It’s a very cool combo.

Read the full interview here…

Thanks to xenagi for the head’s up!

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  1. Yvonne’s disappointment for the finale is pretty clear from the various interviews, hopefully we get comics/webisodes/movie someday to fix things up.

    • Well, she did say the ending wasn’t what she was expecting. Ms. Strahovski is a shipper, and I’m pretty sure that she would have wanted to see Sarah and Chuck in their dream house, maybe with a kid or two…

      I would’ve loved to see that, but personally, I’m fine with the ending we got, because it’s pretty clear that Chuck and Sarah will get their planned future.

      It would be nice to see a “Chuck” movie or comic about their future, but I agree with Ms. Strahovski; that 5 years was the right time to finish.

      Maybe some people will get hurt that the cast is moving on so fast, though.

      • “Ms. Strahovski is a shipper, and I’m pretty sure that she would have wanted to see Sarah and Chuck in their dream house”

        That too, but she’s probably more saddened by the way the character she played was destroyed in the last few episodes. 5 years of character growth down the drain (yes, Sarah might get her memories back but the fact is we saw very little of that onscreen).

    • Or maybe she’s just saying that she’s ready to move on, like she said in the interview above? Kind of hard to extrapolate her opinion about the finale itself from the comments in this interview.

      • It’s true that in the interview above she’s just saying that she’s moving on…

        I was just discussing about some interviews that Ms. Strahovski made in the past about the finale. And I don’t agree with jmc when he says that Sarah has gone down the drain.

      • M – I agree, I couldn’t extrapolate her opinion about the finale from this interview. And it is unfortunate that my extrapolating skills are limited since the creators expect us to be good at it when it comes to the finale and not being able to extrapolate what really happened to Sarah and Chuck.

        Sorry for the cheap shot. I’m not over it yet. No disrespect meant to you. I am really grateful for the “Chuck” info you give us. Thanks.

  2. great interview for yvonne and glad she is staying busy, sure hope the rest of the cast will do the same. just glad we had chuck for as long as we did and you have to hand it to the cast, they nailed their characters to the max. my hat is off to them and the writers. i believe that is what makes it so hard to let go. they were the characters they protrayed and that made them so real to us. it was a special time with a special group of people and it will always bring a smle to my face and warmth in my heart. chucksters forever……………

  3. Always good to hear from Yvonne. Even though the finale happened 5 minutes ago, I still hope that some of those future Chuck ideas Zach pitched to Josh and Chris somehow happen.

  4. Yes this show still leaves a one hour hole in my week. I watch less TV now. On the upside my wife is happy I have a more flexible schedule. Then again these main show characters will be on multiple shows soon so we can have “so many tasty choices” in the future.

  5. Yvonne looked good in SI but the swimsuit models really looked young. I think some were like 18-around 12 years younger than Yvonne. I thought you could tell she was considerably older but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Age keeps marching on regardless of how old a person is now. I hope all the cast members do well. After 5 years I find myself kind of type casting them, hopefully others will not do the same as the cast members move on to new characters in new productions.

  6. After just seeing the last of Chuck (mainly as i’m in the UK) i too was surprised by the ending, it was definately not in keeping with the preceding episodes i also think it was ended too early. Perhaps in 12 months el presidente gets his head straight and signs off on a special, it’d get mega-figures over here and i’m sure as eggs are eggs in the U.S. more so ! The cast would love to redo again by then and i’m sure be missing it by then. It amazes me how the shows just disappear in an instant over the pond, suppose they like to go out before the inevitable decline. CIAO !