Chuck vs. the Podcast 105: Chris Fedak Answers!

On the last podcast, you saw the man behind the music, and got to witness the full depth of his mesmerizing “Question and Answer” music cue. This week, be mesmerized by the man behind the show, in an 84 minute question and answer session!

Click image to play video… more details below.

We had over 700 questions submitted… obviously we couldn’t ask them all, but we bubbled them down to the most common themes, and asked what was most on your hearts. Chris goes into great detail on all the hows, whys, and wherefores.

Our next episode, we interview fan favorite critic, AOL TV’s Mo Ryan, in what will be our final podcast. Watch for it on Friday, March 16th. And have Kleenex at hand… we sure will!

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  1. Fedak’s explanations were not really satisfying at all. The decision to destroy Sarah’s memory at end of the series still doesn’t make any sense.

    • I knew you wouldn’t be pleased, jmc, but he explained what he, the showrunner and writer, intended to do with the finale and how he viewed Sarah’s memory loss (e.g. they aren’t destroyed). It’s up to you to decide whether or not to accept it.

  2. First! Thanks for the podcast I feel much better hearing answers from Fedak about the Finale and series. Now I guess I will start following Awake the first episode was great the best character is Vega!

  3. I love chuck! And I hope they don’t take a long “chuck break” 🙁

  4. wow, the last podcast???? i feel the way i did when CHUCK ended 🙁

  5. Basicly no new info about finale scene or possible movie. But it´s pretty ok because we already have explanation in the interview after the finale that all memories are not gone and that they will have the future they planned.

  6. I admit to being one of the people with no imagination. I like things explained properle and given a satisfying ending.
    While I am honestly not happy with the ending I am feeling alot better now he has explained his reasons for doing it. I am holding out for an extended final or deleted scene in the DVD. If it is released in the UK. ut am not getting my hopes up.
    If there is anybody else like me who can not imagine the future I would suggest you read MC comment on the Chuck support group dated 4th Feb. That helped me imagine the perfect ending. Also the video on there a bit further down on the same day.
    Combined they gave me my happy ending.

    Do you have any idea if Season 5 of Chuck will be released on DVD in the UK. Our stupid TV bosses did not pick up the last season for viewing I hope that does not have an affect.

    • I’m really hoping that they do release season 5 in the UK and that it’s soon! Really frustrated that they aren’t showing it on TV or making it available on i-tunes. They could certainly have found space in the schedule for 13 episodes, since there are so many repeats. I’ve seen one documentary repeated 5 times in the last three weeks!! Currently, season 5 is just showing as ‘currently unavailable’ on Amazon UK, which doesn’t really reveal anything. I’ve only seen clips and read episode recaps of season 5 and have been trying to patiently wait until the DVD release, but I can’t wait much longer!!

  7. Thank you for the Fedak podcast, it was good getting to know what the writers were thinking. The first several episodes of season 3 (the Shaw Episodes) as well as the state of the Sarah/Chuck relationship at the end of season 5 were not really that enjoyable (for me). Definetly something to consider when the F&S names are associated with different projects in the future. I look forward to seeing the added dvd material.

  8. when fedak confirms emotional memory in the finale => somewhat closure. (so thank you for that)

    I think it’s a nice way of somehow saying that even though it takes a longer time to remember the moments(not so magical kiss) but sarah knows/feels (not remembers) that she loves chuck.

    The ambiguity of the finale for me is not that i didn’t see the happy ending, but it’s the one in chuck vs sarah where sarah says that she has those snippets but she doesn’t feel it. And so the confirmation that sarah feels something, and that something being enough for her to ask for the story and ask for a kiss somehow lessens the ambiguity.

  9. Great Podcast. It appears one of my questions was even used, which I am sure came from a lot more than me 🙂

  10. Great podcast! I love that he has the Tron poster with Chuck’s spy diagram on the back of it in his office. I’d love to have a digital copy of that, would be a cool background.

    I know there were a ton of questions and there is no way you could have asked them all, but I was really hoping (as I’m sure everyone was) that you would ask my question.

    Every time I watch the pilot and see the scene when Chuck and Morgan walk in on the “ninja” attempting to steal Chuck’s computer, I think, that’s totally not Yvonne in that suit. But then we see Sarah jump in her car and drive away. I always wonder if they had intended for it to be someone else other than Sarah when they first shot the scene. Maybe it was supposed to be Captain Awesome, since he was originally going to be a spy. Maybe they had to change it to be Sarah when they decided not to make him a spy? Not sure if that decision would have been made well after the pilot or not.

    Would have been great to hear Chris Fedak’s thoughts on it. Anyone else think that when they see that scene?

    • That was on our list of questions, but was cut for time. Sorry.

      • Sad face! I guess if Gray hadn’t asked the same question 3 times about Chuck knowing Kung fu in the finale there might have been time.

        Mel, what would your best guess be as far as my question goes?

        Thank you so much for all the great podcasts and for giving fans like me an awesome Chuck community for over 5 years!

      • I think it was just a matter of the stunt person not looking enough like Yvonne to make that scene quite believable.

      • The average viewer, who only watched that episode once or twice, will think nothing of the discrepancy in body shape.

        However, we Chuck fans, who are anything but average, and have probably watched the episode say 10 or more times, will pick up on these kinds of thing. I don’t know how many times I’ve paused an episode because I’ve noticed particular shots with the stunt double and not the actor.

  11. For me the most interesting moment was Fedaks’s misread, deliberately or otherwise, of the question about why Ellie would leave. It had nothing to do with Chuck’s growth and everything with Sarah’s memory loss. Ellie is the most knowledgeable medical resource about the Intersect.

    Fedak’s answer just made Chuck look selfish, and not demonstrating normal behavior of concern for his spouse, by thinking only about himself.

    That is not progression. It is regression.

    • How can it be a misread if he wrote the scene? I asked him why Ellie left, and he told me.

      • If it wasn’t a misread they his answer was terrible.

      • I thought it made sense given that the show was about Chuck’s journey, but I also think the reason she left will be clearer with the extra footage on the DVD. The broadcast version of that scene definitely felt too short.

      • Wow, Old Darth, given that you haven’t posted around here in about a year, I thought you didn’t watch the show anymore. That you had grown unhappy with it and decided to stop. I’m at a loss to understand why you are so bothered by Chris’s answers here. Why would you care anymore?

      • I could turn your question around and ask you why do you care if I still care?

        I may have stopped watching the show, and the reason I did is because I cared about it – have never stopped caring about it – and could not bear to continue to watch the characters damaged any further in each subsequent season.

        So now you know. 😀

        Sorry Mel, no personal journey makes sense if it comes at the price of someone else’s health. The real reason is the finale was trying to clumsily serve two purposes – give the characters a farewell moment and set up an open ending – with the characters caught between two opposing forces.

        And the episode has to be judged by what was aired. Not what was left out.

        Was hoping the show could have given an ending that was in line with the tone that it had established the last two seasons.

        And the one fans were led to believe would happen.

        Those final episodes may have been good series episodes but the show had not earned the right to present them as the series finale.

      • OD,
        Totally agree. This would have been a wonderful ending on another show – a darker, more bittersweet show, shot through with some ambiguity. Chuck may actually have been that show in Season 3, but then they made a conscious decision to go down a lighter road over the last 2 seasons. Previous “finales” had also cleared up the question of the closing arc and showed that clearly on screen. They chose an ending totally out of character with their last 2 seasons and all of their previous finales. I’ve moved (mostly) past my disappointment – now I’m just puzzled.

  12. While I get that time was limited, and I mean no offense to Mel or the other podcasters, I felt like the questions about the finale, Ellie, and the last scene were handled in a somewhat fluffy way. It didn’t help that all three interviewers were fans of the way the series ended. Would have helped to have billatwork or another unsatisfied fan invited to join and really get into why there was the backlash, and have our feelings known, and hard-hitting questions answered. After all, chris talked openly about how instrumental fans were to the show lasting so long, and their passion. I feel like the side of fandom that was unhappy with the ending was under represented. I would also add that as a fan with a healthy imagination I felt as though the finale didn’t give me enough at the end to justify a direction for my imagination to go in. I guess for me the series will forever be tainted by the ambiguity and sour taste of the end.

    • While you may think someone else would have done a better job, keep in mind that it’s because of our support these last 5 years that Chris was willing to give us an hour of his time to address those questions. We knew we’d never be able to please every one, and of course we weren’t going to attack Chris with some of the diatribes we’ve been subjected to from unhappy fans, but the questions we asked were the most important/relevant of the ones that came in (or an amalgamation of them since we had limited time) from you guys. We didn’t write the questions.

      • Please don’t misunderstand me. I am grateful for the interview, for this site, and for the work put into it. I have been a constant visitor since the summer before season three. I just felt there wasn’t a voice on the interview panel form the fans who were unhappy that their favorite show ended the way it did. Yes, they were our questions that were asked, but the askers were on the side of Chris and sympathetic to him. I strongly disagree with your statement during the interview that the fact that we are still talking about the finale over a month later is due to good writing. I feel that it is bad and unfulfilling storytelling that is keeping us talking about it. And the reason we, those unhappy with the end, keep speaking about it, is that it’s heartbreaking to us. Not only a sad ending to a wonderful and fun h

    • Someone already posted this link but I think it´s so good review on the finale I will post it again.

      I already thought much like this about finale, but after reading this I´m completely in peace with it.

  13. well if nothing else, this just proves that you can’t please everyone… or sometimes maybe anyone..

    It probably would have taken a week to answer all the questions sent in.
    I’m just happy that he took as much time as he did, it still shows that he is willing to support a now cancelled show’s fans. That to me is awesome.

    nuff said.

  14. Hi Mel,

    Great work by you, Liz and Gray. Great interview with Chris. This site has been, and continues to be a must see stop to see what’s happening. Hard for me to relate to what some people expect, or expected. The “diatribes” (as you referred to them) have been too often off the charts and seem pointless to me. As I said in another post, 5 seasons, 91 episodes. The only thing I am disappointed in is no more episodes! Thank you so much for what you have done for this show!!!

  15. I’m a fan of Mr. Fedak. Enjoy a lot of the show. But I didn’t enjoy the way the show ended. I think the final 2 episodes are a mixed bag, just too dark and depressing overall. I didn’t like how cold Ellie, Awesome, Casey were towards Sarah and her amnesia problem. I LOVED Jeffster’s final performance and their ending. In fact, most of the characters ended in a happy note. But not Sarah and Chuck. I hated it. I also have a very healthy imagination.. BUT the ambiguous ending didn’t do it for me at all. I don’t want to have to do the writers work for them. I also didn’t need to see the red door and baby. What I wanted to see was a truly happy and uplifting ending for Chuck and Sarah. Instead I just feel sad for them. I don’t like feeling that way.

    Now, I really want to believe that she got all/most of her memories back, because if I don’t well the whole series just feel like a huge waste of great character development. Chuck, Sarah and us deserved something better after all we went through these years. Or I can just pretend that the show ended with Santa Suit (minus the baby cliffhanger).

    It’s going to be really interesting to see how the DVD sales do this year. I really hope that it does well for the sake of the show and its future. I hope a lot more people in the general audiences enjoyed the series ending and season. I really do.

    • Thanks, Stargazer. You’ve pretty much summed it up for me (except I wouldn’t stop at Santa Suit but somewhere back in season 4)

  16. I think the answer to the finale will come down to the faith a fan has in what they want to believe and that not only goes for a fan but the cast and crew not just a show runner. Zachary Levi has recently said that he chooses to believe that Chuck and Sarah lived happily ever after. Yvonne Strahovski’s interviews throughout the series points to a view that says she most likely believes that Chuck and Sarah live happily ever after. If you look at the emotions that they showed throughout the finale where all the cast not just Zach and Yvonne had glassy eyes from the tears that they must have had tells you just how much they enjoyed the journey and believe that the characters lived happily ever after. I think that Yvonne was crying when Zach as Chuck was telling Sarah to trust him, I do not think they scripted her to cry…but that is it…they had that scene and they laughed because they wanted to and they cried because they felt they wanted to and they chose to have faith and trust that everything would be ok. Ryan McGee, Alan Sepinwall and Mo Ryan all said that they choose to believe just like the characters/actors that everything will be ok. Maybe that should be enough? No?

    I choose to believe that the bond that Chuck and Sarah had during the series that it was strong enough to overcome all obstacles and boundries and that whatever happpens they will be happy.

    It is all down to faith, I understand Fedak may not have entirely understood the shippers or even fans, but the actors did and that should be all that matters.

    • Hi Amrit,

      I choose to believe it ends on a positive note as well. That still doesn’t mean that I am not disappointed in the fact that he went down this road and chose this particular storyline to end with.

      I listened to the podcast and there were no surprises for me. Kinda thought Mr. Fedak heard comments on the finale beforehand so he had to be somewhat prepared for the questions that were coming his way even though he didn’t know them 1st hand. But he was fine, and thanks Mel, for asking questions that weren’t always easy to ask.

    • @amrit: “Ryan McGee, Alan Sepinwall and Mo Ryan all said that they choose to believe just like the characters/actors that everything will be ok. Maybe that should be enough? No?”

      No, for me it isn’t; I often disagree with their Chuck reviews so that they liked the finale doesn’t surprise me or affect me in any way.

      • stargazer,
        Jeez, you guy’s are tenacious, I’ll give you that. But here’s the thing…going on websites talking about how much you dislike the ending of this show, will change nothing…not even the way you feel about it. It certainly wont change the mind of one single viewer. Those who like it (the majority) will continue to like it and look upon you with a range of emotion from pity to amusement. And those that did not will chime in and say “well said” and hint at the fact that because the legions of discontented fans are so upset that it might have an impact on DVD sales.

        It will not.

        This show is over…Let it rest in piece. The first season and maybe the second one as well was excellent TV. Look at the viewership numbers from the 2nd season to the third. Clearly, there were things about that season, pre shaw, that many viewers did not like.

        I don’t have any idea why I continue to look at this website…I really don’t. I didn’t care for the last three seasons of the show. I guess the only thing I can offer is that the first season had such an impact on me I continue to check back in from time to time. But I’ve been discontent for three years now. Count yourself lucky that you’ve enjoyed this show for 5. But, please, please stop whining about the ending of the show. I can barely stand it.

  17. Yea, there was nothing new from Mr. Fedak, just the same unsatisfactory answers. Truthfully, I doubt there’s really anything he could of said to make the ending feel better than it did. The fact is, the story has now been told and the show is now over. What’s done is done. I’ve rewatched the finale a few times, and although I feel a little better about it, it still just comes off as sad. It’s not that I don’t have enough imagination to dream what would happen, it’s that there is no real type of closure. They didn’t necessarily have to do a flash foward, or have Sarah get her memories back, but they could of at least made it more clear Sarah had fallen back in love with. Her asking for their story and a kiss indicates she is on her way, which is hopeful, but still very sad in my opinion. I think my biggest problem is that they created so much anxiety and sadness in the final mission, and the ending didn’t feel good enough to make it all worth it.
    At least there was a confirmation by Fedak that Sarah had some emotional feeling for Chuck. I guess that’s something

  18. I don’t know much about the TV business so I asked this question. Since Warner Brothers owns Chuck if WB decides to greenlight a TV Movie can they replace Chris Fedak and Josh S even if they did create the show. I think CF and JS have a disconnect between their vision for the show and the fans vision. Chuck and Sara’s relationship is the heart of the show number 1 rule in TV don’t mess with the heart of the show I guess CF and JS failed to realize that just my opinion

    • Chuck and Sarah’s relationship remained the heart of the show! Also, the show was created by Fedak and Schwartz, not the fans. The fans came as a result of their vision.

      • Clearly Fedak and Schwartz had the initial vision of the show, but it was the chemistry between the actors, Levi and Strahovski in particular, that made the show and drew in the bulk of the fans…

      • More capable than Fedak…
        JMC – Please let me know by what criteria you use to differentiate Fedak from the ‘several writers’. Anyone can get on a website and say things about something they know nothing about. Like the organization ins and outs of the writing staff for Chuck. You don’t anything about it…all you know is the names and that you don’t like how the show ended.

        That makes you an expert about the capabilites of the writers of the show. Give me a break. Just for laughs, let us know what you do for a living. That should give us some insight about your capabilities to make such judgments.

      • First, you’re being unnecessarily hostile.

        The criteria is quite simple: how good I find the episodes they write. It’s the entertainment value that matters in the end.

        After a quick thought, at least Adler, LeFranc, Judkins, Klemmer, Newman, Miller and Alonso Myers have done better work than Fedak on average. Of course, not everything the above writers have participated writing in has been a success, but overall their contributions to Chuck has been very strong.

  19. I had a whole page criticising Fedak and the memory loss resolution (or lack thereof), especially how he really likes the idea of them falling in love all over again. (If that was the only ending that could have come from the finale, it would have bugged me more than the ambiguity)…but…

    To be fair, I had only listened to the first 15 minutes of the podcast. At around the 30 min mark, Fedak discusses the beach scene, and validated everything that I wanted to take away from it. The fact that he admits Sarah was connecting emotionally with Chuck and was “feeling it” goes a long way for me. His comments also confirmed that the Sarah who was on that beach was neither the Sarah of season 1 nor the Sarah from the beginning of vs. Sarah. I guess just being around Chuck, started to affect her (even if it was subconsciously; to which I would like to think are her suppressed memories at work). Remembering emotionally was one of the things Ellie thought would work, combine it with Morgan’s kiss theory and it is much easier to believe season 5 Sarah Walker is on her way back. I have also read on message boards that what Sarah did remember throughout the episode had nothing to do with Chuck – so who cares? And for a long time I agreed. But after the interview, I now think that those moments were just to show that her memories were not gone, it was just a matter of being put in the proper situations to get them back. So now that she is connecting emotionally with Chuck, that she does in fact “feel it” and that she wants to remember, I have little issue believing that different scenarios will spark her memories, to the point that one day it will be as though season 5 Sarah Walker never left.

    It is well documented how I feel about the episode and the final scene. While I thought it was good for the most part, I am not a fan of memory loss storylines if left unresolved, and essentially that is what happened. However, hearing an explanation from the horse’s mouth always allows for a better understanding of why they did what they did, and what it was all supposed to mean. So that being said, I now understand why Fedak did it this way, I respect his vision and although I still would have preferred something else, I am at peace with it.

    I found this quote very telling from Fedak: “the beach scene doesn’t fully answer it, doesn’t fully give you that four years after – Chuck, Sarah, the baby and the house. But it’s the beginning, it’s the germ, it’s the spark of hope, going back to the pilot” Now add that to his comment earlier in the interview about the kiss and fade to black being the beginning of closure. I think it is very telling and bodes extremely well for Chuck and Sarah’s future. And for me, my closure is Sarah remembering everything so…

    Now on the negative side…

    1) According to Fedak, they built up the whole season talking about their future so that Chuck can give that great speech to Sarah: (from Fedak) “You told me all these things that it could’ve have been simply a mission.” Ok, fine. But, that only works if Sarah believed him; instead she turned him down hard. To me that invalidates everything, as opposed to making it all worthwhile.

    2) Fedak saying a flash forward where they lived happily ever after, “is not the right ending for this show,” really grinds my gears. Now to be clear, I didn’t need the house, baby etc. but to say that this isn’t the right show for that type of ending, really doesn’t make much sense. If Chuck isn’t the right show for that, than what is?

    Finally I just want to say thanks to Mel and the gang for taking the time with the podcasts. I also want to thank Mr. Fedak for taking the time to answer the questions. One of my questions was asked and answered (regarding 5 years of character development wasted), and it was nice to hear an explaination (and the explaination was half decent, which was also nice).

    For all the negativity surrounding the finale (and I am just as guilty of it), CHUCK was Mr. Fedak’s baby. It was his idea and without it I wouldn’t even be writing this today. So again, I give him a much deserved THANK YOU!

    ps. O and hearing the Quinn had his clientel (Fulcrum, the Ring, Volkoff) wiped out throughout the years by Chuck, combined with the fact Quinn should have had the intersect to begin with, makes his vendetta against Chuck a bit more believable.

    pss. Looks like there will be some good stuff added to the finale on the DVD. I dunno how much it will help in explaining some things, but looking forward to it nonetheless.

  20. MEL- Thanks for addressing the main question for us unhappy ending people. I don’t believe you could have properly asked Chris much more than you did about the ending. His answers brought me some peace. However, it never seemed like he acknowledged that he could understand why we would feel the way we do. There was never any “well I can understand why some of the fans would have had trouble with the ending.” It is almost as if he has never talked to anyone personally who had a problem with the ending. It wasn’t quite “my way or the highway”, but he certainly feels certain that his ending was a success.

    I admire and thank him for giving us “Chuck”. And, for doing the Podcast. Any comment or are you so sick of this issue that’s it. And, thank you Mel for your patience and help.

    • Chris did acknowledge that some fans still feel like they need closure…in the part where I said, “Some fans feel like they didn’t get closure.” 😉 But here’s the thing: the show ended the way that he and Josh Schwartz, the creators, wanted it to end so of course he feels like it was a success.

      • Mel, We get that. It was his show to write and for over 75 percent maybe even higher, I agree with the way it went. I understand his reason for a open ended finish I just choose not to like it. But it does not ruin the 5 years for me I just wish it ended differently. I know for some it did ruin it.

        Many people have thanked you Liz and Gray for this and other sites. I want to add my thanks also.

        Liz even old darth can have input and I like it that you can totally disagree with him and let us all see it instead of just removing the posts.

      • Schwartz and Fedak have an extremely bad case of tunnel vision.

      • ‘Liz even old darth can have input and I like it that you can totally disagree with him and let us all see it instead of just removing the posts.’

        Me too. Though the qualifier – ‘even’ makes me wonder exactly what differentiates from all the other posters here? /..

  21. If you are still not satisfied with the 91 episodes, Write WB, Buy the DVD’s, and keep the faith. Chuck isn’t the “little show that could” for nothing, but is up to the fans now.

  22. As one who was unhappy with the ending I need to say Thank you Mel. We put you in an awkward position I’m sure, yet you still asked the tough questions, I feel you represented us well.

    • Oh yeah, and thanks to Chris for taking the time to answer those questions. I still hold out hope that at some point I’ll be able to watch that finale without feeling crappy at the end!!

  23. Thanks Mel, Liz and Gray for giving voice to all our questions. It was an entertaining and insightful hour into the Chuck mythology and story line.

    Our two kids, who are home on spring break from college, watched the finale last night with my wife and I. Interestingly they had somewhat the same bittersweet reaction we did when we first watched it. But after multiple viewings I have chosen to believe in a positive outcome for Chuck and Sarah. After all this show was about the guy who got the girl.

    Sure it would have been nice if there were more direct indications about Sarah regaining her memories before the kiss along with family members and friends telling her about what she meant to Chuck and to them. But that is all water over the dam at this point. I just want to focus on the positive qualities of this show that kept me tuned in for the past 5 years. Thanks for journey together!

  24. The next podcast doesn’t have to be the end. I’d love to see you guys doing fan commentaries for the episodes, since the special features on the past seasons have been a bit lacking (of course I’m used to Stargate, where all but 1-2 episodes a season got commentaries).

  25. “I could turn your question around and ask you why do you care if I still care?”

    @OldDarth: I needed clarification on your purpose for posting comments here again after walking away so long ago. The tone of your recent comments made you sound like nothing more than a troll. Thanks for clearing things up for me though!

    And now you know!

  26. Just listening to the Podcast for the first time and Chris is talking about the Trains seperating as a parallel to the Death of Steven Bartowski and the emotional ending of the show. Yes Chris we felt all three of those as painful not joyful.

  27. Mark (aka Aces)

    Nothing of what Fedak says in the interview is relevant. The finale must stand on its own terms and it doesn’t. It didn’t remotely achieve Fedak’s goals as a writer. It failed and was ultimately a disservice to the several of the characters (i.e., Casey, Chuck, Ellie, and Sarah) he created.

    I feel exactly like OldDarth (except because I stuck around longer, I think I have a higher threshhold for pain).

    • Buy More Bagger

      I’ve said it before & I will say it yet again. I have come to realize, that what Chris Fedak views as “Epic” & what I view as “Epic” are two entirely different things.

      I Absolutely HATED the Finale of Chuck. I view nothing from those final two episodes as hopeful (Despite Chuck & Sarah’s kiss on the beach at the end)

      I did not like the storyline of Sarah losing her memories of Chuck, her life with him & the Bartowski family. I thought Casey & Sarah’s goodbye to each other was woefully lacking in any sort of emotion. It was like they had never even become friends. I did not like the fact that Ellie & Devin leave town, with Chuck’s wife in that bad of a state.

      I got zero enjoyment out of watching Sarah beating up & trying to kill Chuck for 2 hrs. And, then telling him ” I believe you but I just don’t feel it”

      Yes, I HATED the Finale of Chuck. To see Sarah’s characters memories erased, to the point that I don’t even recognize the loving & caring woman that she used to be, was sickening.

      I have loved a lot about Chuck over the yrs but the Finale will forever taint the show for me & make it very hard for me to watch any previous episodes over again, now that I know how the story ends.
      Chris Fedak & his explanations & reasoning for doing what he did to this show, will not help matters for me either. No matter, what he says. I don’t want to imagine Happy, I want to see Happy. It was about Chuck’s journey yes. But, it was also for many of us, about Chuck & Sarah too & the show was supposed to be a comedy, right?


      • Exactly how I feel to the letter!

      • Well said, thank you. Pretty much sums up where I’m at, too. I still can’t bring myself to go back and begin the whole journey again. That’s going to take a lot of time (and will probably finish at “Push Mix” for me)

    • Mark(akaAces)- In my reply to Mel above, I said I felt “some relief” after Chris’s responses. I have been trying very hard to leave”Chuck” with good feelings (as opposed to all of the displeasure with the ending I have posted). So I just now (Thursday 10pmPac) watched #13 again. And, like you I just can’t buy the ending. Given that both episodes were pretty dark I expected the ending to leave me feeling good because that is what “Chuck” does, and why I watch it. Although the ending was,as Yvonne said, “nice” it came nowhere close to eliminating the harsness and negativity that was laid on us in #12 & #13. The creators/writers did not do what they have done for the past five years- leave the fans feeling GOOD.

      Thanks for your posting and those in the past. It is nice to have a cohart.

    • At that moment on the beach they are coming to terms with what they have lost and deciding if they can recover from it.

  28. I loved the finale – But i didn’t like most of season 5. It was so boring in the beginning, and i hated the Bo episode – the creators knew they only have 13 episodes for the season, they should’ve made the most of them.
    I had a question for Fedak, but it’s too late now 🙁 I wanted to know if Eve Shaw was evil. and who really gave the kill order Ring or CIA. Personally i would’ve liked if Shaw found out his wife wasn’t so innocent and realized his revenge was all for nothing XD

  29. I feel deeply hurt by the way they ended the finale of Chuck. There just was nowhere near enough closure regarding Chuck and Sarah’s relationship or future. What would’ve been great is if we could have just seen Sarah with her memory returned. That would’ve been enough. Maybe during the kiss they could have thrown in a few flashes of her memory coming back, rather than just making her say “aha”, but they didn’t even give us that! I feel uncertain and sad about this ending between Chuck and Sarah. I don’t believe this show has been given the conclusion it and its fans needed