Chuck vs. the Podcast 106: It’s a Wrap!

All things must end… as Chuck aired it’s 91st and final episode in January, this 107th podcast will be our last. It has been a wild ride! When our podcast first aired in January 2008, none of us could have ever imagined the journey we would take together.

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In our 164th interview, AOL TV critic Mo Ryan is back with us one more time, helping us to get perspective on Chuck’s 5 seasons. We also have a retrospective of significant moments we’ve had along the way, and at the end, Mel, Liz, and Gray spend some time reminiscing on what the experience has meant to us personally.

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Thanks also to the cast and crew of Chuck, who have not only brought us characters and a story that we engaged with over their exciting journey, but who have opened their hearts to us off-screen as well.

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  1. Love listening to Mo even when I disagree with her take on things like the Chuck finale.

    She’s always Aces!

    Thanks Mel, Gray, & Liz for having her on your last podcast.

  2. Thanks for the great podcast and keeping us so well informed on CHUCK during the seasons and during the off seasons, much like how much i miss CHUCK, i know ill miss the Podcast as well.


  3. My final thank you to Gray, Mel and Liz for your awesome podcasts. That’s true that I will miss the podcasts as well as the show. It’s been a routine for me to check out Chuck for Chuck news and to listen regularly to the podcasts. You guys are fun, respectful and I like your positive view from the show. It’s been almost 2 months and I’m still nostalgic about Chuck. This show has been so special to me and the chemistry between the cast and crew and the fans has been magical. It’s the only show that I can rewatch and rewatch for ever. So thank you and congratulations for your 107 podcasts. It’s incredible!

  4. Your thoroughness, enthusiasm, wit and style have made your podcast (and website for that matter) the standard by which all others will be judged. Thanks for that.

  5. Hi!
    obrigado, thank you so much for this awesome ride!
    i learn a lot about “chuck” with you guys. i create a blog to talk about “chuck”, in portuguese, after a post about international fans. can´t separate water´s here. it´s a lovely connection for me.
    yes, “chuck” is special, where else we see the cast of a such a great show interact, respect a lot the work of fans like gray, liz and mel? it´s unic!

    so, thanks again and all the best for your lifes!

  6. Gray, Mel & Liz,

    Thank you so much for everything you’ve done! For your efforts, your thoughts, your allowing fans to voice opinions that were sometimes different than your own and giving Chuck fans a place to squee, chat, vent, applaud and cry. I came here late in the Chuck universe, and will always be grateful for coming to a place where people loved Chuck and loved to talk about Chuck. Much success and love to all of you, and God Bless! And many, many thanks again!


  7. Hi guys- I know my alltime favorite show, “Chuck”, would not have played such a big part of putting enjoyment in my life if it wasn’t for you guys and your passions for “Chuck”. You added that extra bonus I have never received from any other show. You became part of “Chuck” for me. So thank you, thank you.

    And as far as my finale ending experience goes, after listening to Mo’s views in addition to what I have experienced with Mel back and forths, I hereby declare I AM AT PEACE AND WILL FOREVER LOVE THE “CHUCK” EXPERIENCE.

    I go in peace.

  8. Philippa Chapman

    Although its been inactive for a while [for which we apologise], the Chuck and Geek podcast based in the UK will continue. We expect and plan to make content based around news of what ex Chuck alumni are doing and convention appearances.

    • Yup, we’re not going away either, Philippa! We’ll keep this site going as long as people keep stopping by for news on their favorite Chuck cast members. ;-D

  9. What a terrific final podcast. I think Mo Ryan was the perfect guest for that final podcast. It really feels like the end of an era with no more Chuck and no more podcast.

    Well at least the website is still up, and we still have the Chuck season box sets. I’m part way through a full series rewatch and I’m currently in S3. My plan is to be through S4 just in time for the arrival of the S5 box set.

    Thankyou Mel, Liz and Gray for your dedication to the Chuck fanbase over the years and for doing such a great job with these podcasts. I would really like to see a special podcast for the first Chuck movie and of course for all the Chuck movies after that. Hey a guy can dream can’t he?

    Best of luck on all your future endeavours, now I think I will sign off and watch a few more Chuck episodes before I start feeling too sad.

  10. Thousand thanks for Gray, Mel & Liz for the podcasts. It has been a pleasure to watch and hear what you think about episodes and have new information about the show. Will really miss podcasts almost as much as a show.

  11. Tom Thumb (TTESQ)

    To Liz, Mel & my fellow Canuck,
    Thank you for all of the effort you put in during the last 5 years.

    While I watched Chuck from the beginning, I arrived at your website just recently. I am quite impressed with the wealth of information you provided, along with all of the interviews. It looks like, while you must all have worked hard in putting this labour of love together, you received great enjoyment from it as well. I have listened to some of the podcasts and will be listening to the rest as I wait for my season 5 set to arrive…

    Regarding podcast 106, the music theme that you played out to was haunting. Brings back fond memories and stirs up emotions. I guess I want that cd from Tim Jones after all.

    While I did not love everything about Chuck, I never missed an episode. The reason was not so much the writing or the guest stars, but the regular cast.
    What a powerful group of actors.

    Prior to Chuck, I only knew of Adam Baldwin and Sarah Lancaster. Yet from the first episode, I cared about the characters and enjoyed immensley, the acting of all of the cast. Over the 5 year run, I have found Zach to be believable in his relationships with Morgan, Sarah, and Ellie. Yvonne has truly impressed me with her ability to communicate emotion along with being so good at the action scenes. Vic blew me away during the 2nd season Thanksgiving episode when Morgan was telling him about a “real Thanksgiving with real turkey”. Vic conveyed such a sense of wonder and longing that it has stuck with me as a standout of his entire run on the show.

    As to the writers, upon rewatching the complete series after the last episode aired, I was impressed with the little things that they threw in that really made some of the spy stuff believable.

    As an example, Sarah’s interaction with Chuck after he landed the helicopter in the 2nd episode. Chuck was all excited about his just finished experience and Sarah told him in no uncertain terms that if he ever let his trust issues with her get in the way again, she would head back to Washington and he would not like the results. The way it was written and delivered was chilling and believable. And that was only in the 2nd episode! Many more moments were to follow.

    My last comment (sorry for the lengthy message) pertains to the last episode. I am one of the fans that was unsatisfied with the ending.

    I have no problem with shows that end with an unexpected vision; I loved the last episode of The Sopranos and found Lost to be an emotional and satisfying ride to the end.

    My problem with the ending of Chuck is that I felt the Chuck/Sarah relationship was the main thread running through the entire series and I was expecting that they would be together at the end, without any ambiguity. I thought that episodes 511 – 513 were very strong. It is just that as characters, they had been put through enough during the first 89 episodes in back and forth, will they get together or won’t they, that the writers could have come up with a different ending that would have left their relationship on solid footing. Since there is no “next episode” to put everything right, I guess Chuck will have to try and win Sarah back and Sarah will have to be open to falling in love with someone whom she now has no common ground.

    Having said that, Chuck has been one of my favourite shows to tune into each week and I will enjoy rewatching the series courtesy of dvd.

    Thanks again to the cast and crew for such an enjoyable show and thanks to the podcasters for this great site.



    • You summed my feelings about the finale perfectly and I completely agree with what you said about the Chuck/Sarah relationship

  12. Really great podcast guys. Here’s to hoping that it actually isn’t the last one.

    I also found your assessment of the finale to be a bit too generous. While I’m on board that Chuck and Sarah have found love again on the beach, I think that the audience deserved more of a celebratory ending (like Other Guy or Cliffhanger — sans Morgansect).

    So, while I fully accept the ending as a happy one, I’m just not ready to conclude it was the best option. On the other hand, I agree that having Mo on the “last podcast” was a fitting ending to a great ride.

  13. It was good to have Mo Ryan on this. I listen to the podcast she does with Sepinwall regularly.

    She brings a thoughtfulness to her POV that is always good to hear. I also like her broader perspective.

  14. Nicholas Sapienza

    All my family and friends hated the finale. Who exactly did you guys poll? Go to any website that are not Chuck creators apologists and the fans overwhelmingly disliked it. It’s one thing to go to the movies and see a two hour movie with this kind of artsy ending, but something people spent 5plus years of there time and money invested in end like this did, blah

  15. Jeremy Bartowski

    Great podcast! Any chance you guys would consider doing one more when the Season 5 DVD set comes out in May? With 3 hours of never before seen special features…I’m sure there would be plenty to discuss!