Ultimate Villain Showdown: Shaw vs. Volkoff vs. Quinn

Five seasons of mayhem and villainy have come down to this: the final round of the Ultimate Chuck Villain Showdown. This round is a little different in that we’re pitting the final 3 villains against each other. Judging by the comments received throughout this tournament, these men are the ones you’ve hoped to see matched up in the end. Let’s see who comes out on top.

This final round ends Monday, June 25 at 8AM Pacific.

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  1. It’s a really difficult choice. Should I pick the villain I hate the most? or the best written character, or best played by the actors. because they are totally different.. how are you gonna decide?

  2. Agreed…it’s a TOUGH decision!

    I hate (“dislike” is too weak) both of them for their treatment of Sarah, but she did survive Shaw with a few bumps & bruises…what Quinn did to her was far, far worse IMHO, andfor that, he gets my vote.

    • I’m with you, Porky. Quinn’s got my vote.

    • Although let’s not forget that Shaw did kill ORION/Chuck’s dad in cold blood. Which in my mind could still very well be alive, nonetheless that scene is one of the saddest in the whole series!

  3. Brandon Mallard

    Oh Mel, you got us good!!!!

    These are by far the top villians of “Chuck,” and as already stated, each is part of the top for different reasons!

    Incidentally, as of writing this post I haven’t decided yet who gets my vote. I’m CONSIDERING putting it on Volkoff, because he was so much fun, and I think the other two will be decided mostly on “Who do we hate more?”

    Just my two cents! 🙂
    Happy Voting!

  4. Nicholas did the most damage (What happened to Sarah was tragic) but Daniel Shaw had the best 2 exits of them all: Over the railing and beaten by Chuck and Ellie. Two of my favourite episodes.

  5. This was sooo tough, Quinn destroyed Sarah and Shaw was an epic thorn in the side of the Chuck, Sarah relationship, but in the end I had to go Volkoff. Timothy Dalton was just so much fun. Sinister and funny all at the same time. Brilliant!!
    Thx Mel, this was fun!

    • Yep, me too. volkoff was just too much fun to not say he was my fav. To hard to choose between the other tow…for exactly the points others have mentioned. Ugh! I miss them all!

  6. Sorry about all the typos … Not great wi the iPad keyboard….and it always autocorrects the wrong words besides….

    Off topic….but true

  7. It’s Shaw for me. I can’t and never will forgive him for killing Steven Bartowski in cold blood.
    It was hard to choose because of what Quinn did to Sarah, but she will get her memory back. Chuck’s and Ellie’s dad is gone forever.

    • I’m with you. Volkoff was really a good person in the end, Timothy Dalton was so great in the role. Shaw was bad, bad, and ended badly. Just not a nice person. It’s a testament to Brandon Routh as an actor that I will never watch another show/movie that he;s in.

  8. Hi all, I agree with Liz B – in the end, Shaw did much more damage and hurt to Chuck. So he gets my vote as the ultimate Chuck villain. Boy do I miss them all….

  9. Can someone help define Villian? This is so tough!!
    I totally agree with what Porky and ttesq said above! It all depends on how you define Villian! Can’t wait for the result!

  10. I really didn’t think too much into it. My choice of Alexei Volkoff was purely on the acting talents of Timothy Dalton. He has the ability to put the fear in somebody with a look. The other two just didnt have that ability. Afterall, Shaw is actually Superman.. lol..

  11. this was hard all of them are BAD! well Volkoff wasn’t bad his brain was just messed up. well I picked SHAW.

  12. I see Shaw as a tragic character; a good man warped by hatred. Quinn was bad to the bone. I chose Quinn.

  13. I’ve gone for the most entertaining villain, rather than the character that I hated the most – because Shaw kinda ruined the show for me; I still can’t understand why they brought him back for Season 5 – so I’ve voted for Volkoff.

  14. It is SHAW all the way. Just finished re-watching the series and Shaw makes my blood boil every time I see him (Good Job Brandon Routh!) Pure evil. Never thought the actor playing Quinn quite hit the mark.

  15. My vote goes to Alexi! I saw this because while shaw was insane Volkoff was a straight up sociopath and I loved his character! He was the smartest of the three as he was able to run a muti-national criminal organization for at least a decade. That is serious bad guy skill. But they are all good choices.

  16. I voted for Volkoff. He’s a “classical” villain, and got a redemption, so he got my vote. Both Shaw and Quinn are “modern” villains, and I hated them for what they did to Chuck and Sarah (especially Sarah, though she’s already recovering for what Quinn did).

    Quinn was too goofy to get my vote (bad casting in my opinion), and it gets too emotional for me when I think of Shaw, so I went with Volkov.

  17. The desicion is not hard for me.Shaw is the Big bad Guy.what quinn did was awful but we all did that Sarahs memory was coming back and their relationship is like the ending of season three.But Shaw killed chuck and Ellies father and in Chuck vs the santa suit he hurted Sarah and said to her that he was goong to KILL Chuck and he almost did.shaw was Also the boss of decker that let Morgan Have the intersect so all his memories was lost.

    Ps: sorry for the misspelling.

  18. I voted for Shaw.
    Volkoff was ultimately a good guy that became bad because of the first intersect experiment
    Quinn was brought in just to wipe sarah’s memories and the writers had to come up with the storyline the he was supposed to get the intersect at the beginning of the show just to explain why he hated Chuck (anybody could have done his job)
    Shaw was a great villain. He wasn’t a great character when he was a good guy, but he was the quintessential villain. He had good reason to hate both Chuck and Sarah and I think he had the most compelling character arc of the three involved here