Yvonne Accepts Breakthrough Award, Talks Dexter

Yvonne Strahovski was honored with the Breakthrough Award at the Australians in Film gala earlier this week, along with The Hunger Games‘ Liam Hemsworth. TVLine caught up with her on the red carpet and got some scoop on her post-Chuck career, including her mysterious new role on Dexter:

 “I feel very lucky to have come from Chuck, and then gone straight into a movie, I, Frankenstein, and then to something completely different again with Dexter,” Strahovski said of her transition from one cult fave to another.

Dexter is respected for the quality of work that the actors and the writers and everybody brings to that show,” she continued, praising the series she now calls home. “It’s just really nice to be part of something that’s so celebrated in this industry.”

… She did tease, cagily, that her character, Hannah McKay, is “a woman who is haunted by her past, and [becomes] involved in solving a murder through Dexter.”

Check out these gorgeous photos of Yvonne on the red carpet and accepting her award.

Photo source: Zimbio

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  1. Awesome!!
    Guess im going to have to watch Dexter and see what its about lol.

  2. Hmm. Good for Ms. Strahovski, I suppose (a job is a job after all), but not even her presence will make me watch that show.

    Congrats are in order for her “breakthrough” award, and how a-ma-zing she looked in that dress!

  3. Yvonne as always is gorgeous. The recognition is fitting of her talent and success both in small and big screen. More power to our beloved Yvonne.

  4. This is nice that she enter a show that I am fan of already. So I dont have to start from scratch 🙂

  5. I hope Dexter and her two films to be released give Yvonne the recognition she deserves as a superb actress, and that all those who have not yet seen her warm smile and glowing personality finally see what us “Chuck” fans have been treated to these past five years.

  6. ^^^ Ditto. In spades.

  7. OH MY GOD!!!
    I don´t know what to say. She´s soooooo beautiful. I am so happy for her. I wish Yvonne just the best. I guess I´m going to watch every show or movie she is acting in. Best actress ever!!!!

  8. If there’s any show I love as much as Chuck its Dexter. This is going to be a dream come true…as long as she’s not the new serial killer. She’d be a pretty bad ass serial killer though!