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Yvonne Strahovski Tries Not to Tell Us Anything About Her Role on DEXTER {PHOTOS}

Yvonne Strahovski was back in San Diego today to participate in the Dexter panel and signing, in anticipation of her multi-episode arc during the Showtime series’ upcoming seventh season. ChuckTV.net was there when Yvonne took the stage in Ballroom 20 for the 6th year in a row.

Most of the questions were for stars Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter, of course. Last season left their characters in some uncharted waters, and fans were curious about what’s to come. We were shown the first two minutes of season 7, picking up where season 6 ended, and it’s very funny. But, it didn’t involve Yvonne.

Yvonne had very little to say about her character, Hanna. We already know that she has a mysterious past and that she helps Dexter solve a murder, but other than that, she refused to spill much at all. She did mention that she’d only filmed “a few days” so far, which leads us to believe that she doesn’t show up in the first couple of episodes, but we couldn’t get a confirmation on that. Man, that show keeps its intel tight!

The moderator asked executive producer Scott Buck what led him to seek Yvonne for the role (she’d mentioned earlier that he called her, they had a chat, and “it took about a second” for her to take the part). Scott replied, “She has a mysterious quality. She SEEMS like a nice girl, but you never know…” That had the audience – and Yvonne – laughing.

There were a lot of Chuck fans in the audience, including the guy sitting next to me who yelled “Yeah! Sarah Walker!” when Yvonne was introduced. I hope the fans check her out in Dexter this autumn. Dexter season 7 premieres September 30 on Showtime.

Photo Credit: Mynda Bullock for NiceGirlsTV.com/ChuckTV.net

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  1. She reportedly said ‘Dexter is better than Chuck’, which is pretty uncool even if she said it in a joking manner.

    • She said that the Dexter set was better than the Chuck set, followed by, “I’m in the Dexter panel, so I think I have to say that.”

      • Exactly. She probably would have said the same thing if it had been another show. And i mean come on. She’s worked on Dexter for a few days. She did Chuck for 5 years! I realize people are hurt that she said it. But come on. What other person (besides Zac) loved that show and set more than her.

      • How would you interpret that, Mel?

      • Well then… saying the Dexter set is better than the Chuck set is infinitely different from saying Dexter is better than Chuck. I think some folks are a little too easily offended.

    • “She reportedly said ‘Dexter is better than Chuck’, which is pretty uncool even if she said it in a joking manner.”

      I totally agree with that, jmc.

      And according to Dan from hitfix, she was only KINDA kidding… he said it in one of the comments here:

      • Oh Stargazer you didn’t find the audience in chuckthis forum, so now you will be jumping all over the place?

      • After seeing what she actually said, it’s clear that she was simply being polite. Chuck will always feel like home, like she tweeted.

  2. It is my opinion that Yvonne will always see herself as Sarah Walker, and her allegience and gratefullness to “Chuck” will always be with her. You are on the wrong side if you doubt that.

  3. I read over at dexterdaily.com blog that Yvonne’s Character will be introduced in the 7th episode – which will air 11th of November.. just FYI 🙂
    Hopefully the “multi-episode arc” will mean she’ll be on the show until the finale. Because in dexter the really intense things happen in the last couple of episodes.

    I’m guessing her Character will be really important, since she’s only a guest star but still was invited to the panel. So exciiiited 😀

  4. Hello,everyone.nice to see some if not all of the loyal chuck fans.specially in defense of my favorite girl Sara Walker.really miss chuck…still.

  5. I have never seen an episode of dexter and people have been recommending it for years. Now that Yvonne is going to be in it I’m pretty interested. Can I just jump in watching or do I need to go back and watch previous seasons? I’m really starting to miss chuck about now

  6. If anyone questions where Yvonne’s heart lies, this is who she was partying and hanging out with last night after the panels.

    That’s not Michael C. Hall she was dancing next to.

    • What does that picture proves? She’s friend with Zachary Levi, so it’s kind of normal to see her going to his Nerd HQ party, right? That doesn’t mean that she isn’t thinking what she said about Dexter being better than Chuck, right?

      And that doesn’t change the fact that what she said was disrespecful towards Chuck fans, whether it was said jokingly or not, with all due respect to Ms. Strahovski; if she really thinks that of “Chuck”, she should’ve remembered that “Some things are better left unsaid”…

      • On the other hand, perhaps we are simply giving too much importance to these people and what they say, isn’t it?

      • I promise you, not one member of the Chuck cast would have been bothered or offended by what Yvonne said. I don’t understand why anyone on this board would be.

  7. If you don’t subscribe to Showtime is their any other way to see Dexter without renting it on Netflix or something similar?