Chris Fedak’s Next Project Finally Announced

We’ve been waiting to hear what Chuck co-creator would do next, but he’s been awfully tight-lipped about it. The news is finally out, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter: Fedak will write the screenplay for a currently untitled film about famed illusionist Harry Houdini.

The project, in development since 2006, follows “an unsuspecting high schooler who finds himself in grave danger when he discovers a family secret leading back to the legendary illusionist. Using clues left through the centuries, he must race to uncover the greatest magical secret known to man.”

Congratulations, Chris!

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  1. That sounds very interesting. Finding a secret hidden in time? I’m there!

  2. Brandon Mallard

    You sold me! I’m already in line waiting for tickets!

    Way to go, Chris! 🙂

  3. Sorry to say this but who cares he,s going to screw any fans of this new show so why bother watching

    I also noticed the was know where near Herd HQ Chuck panel something Zac pointed out as well.

    • First, he’s writing a movie, not a TV series. Please read more carefully.

      Second, Fedak wasn’t at Comic Con this year since he didn’t have anything to promote.

      Third, it’s NerdHQ, not Herd HQ. Also, “he”, not “the”, and “nowhere”, not “know where”.

      • All true no doubt. Nevertheless, debunking someone’s grammar / spelling just because you disagree with their point of view doesn’t really feel right 🙁

      • That’s not why I debunked their spelling and grammar. As stated in our comment guidelines, we expect proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation here.