Celebrate The Anniversary of CHUCK

On this day in 2007, Chuck premiered on NBC. Who could have predicted that it would go on for five seasons, fought for by fans in unprecedented campaigns? In honor of the “Little Show That Could”, here are five ways to celebrate Chuck‘s anniversary.

  1. Watch the pilot and fall in love all over again.
  2. Take a trip down memory lane in our Season 1 photo gallery.
  3. Tweet @WarnerBrosEnt and let them know that you’d like to see our heroes on the big screen.
  4. Post your favorite memories from Chuck below.
  5. Pull out your Chuck playlist and listen to some of the artists you discovered thanks to the show.

Whatever you do in remembrance, thanks for joining us over the last 5 years as we’ve celebrated all things Chuck!

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  1. I’ve done all that is listed on top. 🙂 Well im about to. lol

    MY favorite Chuck memory would have to be….. discovering the show back in season 2. I had no idea it would affect me like it has. Thank you Chuck. And thank you Mel, Liz, and Gray for supporting the show as long as you have.

    Happy 5th Anniversary Chuck!

    And, maybe one day, we we all be celebrating the announcement of that Chuck movie we all want. 🙂

    Save ya later Chuck. 😉

  2. I have a few favorite Chuck memories out there so I don’t want to leave any out.

    1) Catching up on Chuck for Season 4 (I got into it around the Season 3 finale) within the time period of 2 weeks (much like I just did with 4 seasons of Fringe for Season 5 of that show on Friday) – It was just a great/fun experience and I never wanted to stop watching, even to eat (which is abnormal for me). I fell in love with the show pretty quickly and wanted to keep watching!!!

    2) Chuck vs The Push Mix – I remember that I was never able to watch Chuck live during Season 4 (except for the finale), so I watched this episode the next day on the NBC site, and I was just smiling the entire episode! Still one of my favorites to this day!

    3) Chuck vs The Ring, Part 2 – My favorite episode of Chuck to date. Shaw is the ultimate villain for Chuck. If Chuck is Superman, Shaw’s his Lex Luthor (which is kind of ironic actually, but that’s for another time…). This episode had everything that I could ever hope for (and more) for Chuck and it is still my most watched episode of the series (as Season 3 is my favorite season of the show).

    4) Chuck vs The Cliffhanger – Because I had waited for it for 4 years, and finally got it. 🙂

    5) Chuck vs The Zoom – The night my podcast did it’s first Live Show on Ustream for Chuck (we had done 4 for Smallville at this point and now it was Chuck’s turn) entitled “Chuck Vs The Live Show”! It was a blast and we had a lot of crack-pot theories about Season 5.

    6) Chuck vs The Santa Suit – I was in Hawaii on Christmas break, but I told my mom, the one night I wasn’t going to do ANYTHING wast that Friday! My brother and I searched frantically through the channels until we found Maui’s NBC (by then 4 minutes of the episode had gone by), but when we say Shaw on the screen, we knew and were very, VERY excited!

    7) My final favorite memory, Chuck vs Sarah/The Goodbye / Chuck vs The ATA Live Show – This one is a dual memory. I went to my friend (and podcasting partner/host) Dan Schmidt’s house to watch this finale episode of Chuck, and were on the edge of our seats the entire time. We LOVED IT!!! Jeffster’s “Take On Me”, Chuck getting the Intersect once again, Sarah and Chuck getting back together (I don’t care if we didn’t see it, Morgan wouldn’t have come up with that theory unless it worked!), and all the classic throw-backs. It was great. Right after it was over, our podcast (Across the Airwaves) hosted “Chuck vs The ATA Live Show” on Ustream (ChuckTV.Net even gave the show a shout out on their Twitter page that night!!!) where we paid tribute to Chuck and said our final goodbyes.

    8) I lied, it’s an on-going memory, but it still counts. I’m reading this Fan Fic right now (I HATE Fan Fics generally, but this one’s fantastic) called “Chuck vs The Villains Three”, which is a continuation of Chuck AFTER “Vs The Goodbye” (and Sarah’s memories are back folks!) written by Jay_Zcost. Check it out guys because if you want to read some more of Team Bartowski’s adventures after Quinn, then I think you’ll all enjoy V3!

    Thanks for reading guys, and thank you ChuckTV.Net for being there for us Nerd Hearders, Jeffsters, and loyal Chucksters!

  3. I am rewatching season 2 and falling in love with Chuck again.
    Once more, thank you for keeping us in touch with all things Chuck related, making us relive our best memories.
    I have a question for you that I also post on your other website Yvonne Strahovski.net. I would like to go to New York on December 15th to see The Golden Boy. Do you know if Yvonne will be at every performance or does she have a replacement sometimes. Thank you in advance.


  4. I BELIEVE MY ORIGINAL COMMENT DID NOT GO THRU. SO ABBREVIATED REWRITE. Onscreen: Chuck Saving Sarah on the bridge in Paris by actually shooting Shaw with real bullets. Then in the hotel bed overlooking the Eiffel Tower. Offscreen: getting to participate on your post episode posting with all the other fans and you. Watching all the fan made videos put together to show their love for “Chuck.

  5. sorry I didn’t know this was on here. so I will say I miss chuck alot. But lets hope we get A Chuck movie.

  6. Hi Mel

    I can’t post a tweet on the WB site. I’m logged in bit it doesn’t allow me to post. Any ideas?

    Amyway, I’m happy to announce that we have another member added to our Chuckster family… my BF. This Guy is a man’s man, meat and potato brute. I always told him about Chuck and he laughed about as to WHY I watch it. I kept telling him that if started watching, he’d be hooked. He finally gave in. I lent him S1 and S2 and he keeps calling, telling how great itit is and revie

  7. WTF??….I accidently pressed ‘submit’.

    CONT: He calls me to review each EP he watched and he said that now he knows why I kept pushing Chuck on to him. He’s now a BIG fan. 🙂

    Spread the word….preach about Chuck! 🙂

  8. Thanks for the reminder, Mel. We totally forgot, not Chuck, we will never forget Chuck, but the anniversary, although we don’t think it matters because aside from regular summer activities, we had been rewatching the five seasons of Chuck over and over again. We were trying to pick one episode as the most favourite for the whole family but has yet to come to a concensus, hence the rewatching. We all agree though that we were hooked within the first half hour of the show.

  9. Hard to believe it has been 5 years since CHUCK first aired. I remember watching the premier like it was yesterday.

  10. I will celebrate Chuck by forgetting everything…like Sarah did…LOL

    Hmmm….I should get the seasons 4 and 5 Blu-rays…those were my favourite seasons.