Chuck: The Complete Series Now Available

Just a reminder that Chuck: The Complete Series is now available on DVD and Blu-ray!

Although the box set doesn’t have any additional special features than what are available on the stand-alone season sets, if you’ve been waiting to buy the complete series as a unit, this is for you!

And remember: When you buy more, you save more!
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  1. Still tempted to get the set since I think Chuck would look nice in the BR format. For now, am content with the complete DVD sets, in the way we saw them when it first aired!

  2. Anyone know if any digital copies are included? I already own all five seasons on Blu-ray, but if digital copies are included, it’d be cheaper to buy the complete series box set than to buy digital copies on Itunes.

  3. Very Funny Mel when you BUY MORE. you save More!.Ha Ha Ha! cute.

  4. This is EXACTLY what I was waiting for! As long as each season carries the same features as the stand alone set does, I will be looking to Buy More “Chuck” asap! 😀

    *Why they didn’t decide to call it the “Fan Pack” is beyond me! Idw, I thought it was a good title for it!

  5. So this does have all the extras that the original sets had, just not ADDITIONAL extras? If that’s the case I’ll spring for it, sinceI just have seasons 1&2 on DVD.

  6. I ‘forced’ my friend to give Chuck a chance for he thought it was just a show. Y’know, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” thing. He finally gave in and now he admits that Chuck is one if not the BEST show he’s ever seen! So, I told him about this box set and he said he’s buying it! LESSON? Preach about Chuck! Tell your friends, family, whoever! Let’s get this movie going! 🙂