Ryan McPartlin is Perfection in HOLLY’S HOLIDAY

Ryan McPartlin co-stars in the new original Lifetime movie Holly’s Holiday, premiering tonight at 8/7c. The romantic comedy follows Holly Maddux (Grimm‘s Claire Coffee) who has the perfect  job, the perfect best friend, the perfect apartment…but not the perfect guy. Enter Ryan as Bo, the man of her dreams. Literally. But how long will perfection last?

Ryan employs that sunny, model gorgeousness that we know from Captain Awesome here, but with a slightly darker twist. Perfection is everything, and he’ll do what he thinks is necessary to make sure his life – and his girlfriend – are perfect. There’s no crime spree or anything, more like overriding Holly’s choices and trying to “fix” her flaws. In the end, Bo and Holly are not meant to be together, but it sure was fun to watch Ryan on screen again!

Holly’s Holiday debuts tonight at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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  1. Sounds like Captain Awesome turned into his dad, Dr Awesome (Bruce Boxleitner’s character).