2012 In Review: Adam Baldwin

In addition to our usual Chuck Year in Review feature, coming later this month, we thought it would be fun to take a look at what some of the Chuck cast and crew have done this year following the end of the series. See the complete round up here.

After concluding his five-year run on Chuck in early 2012, Adam Baldwin kept busy with guest appearances, conventions, and a big new project.

Adam got animated as he continued his voice work as Breakdown on Transformers Prime, and voiced Parasite in an episode of Young Justice. In March he appeared along with Zachary Levi in a production of Thrilling Adventure Hour, a live production in the style of old fashioned radio programs. We got to see Adam on screen again in April when he guest starred on Castle opposite his Firefly co-star Nathan Fillion. This kicked off a flurry of Firefly fun as the 10th anniversary of the short-lived series was celebrated. Adam was part of the standing-room-only (and tearful) panel at Comic Con with many of his co-stars and series creator Joss Whedon, and appeared in the special that aired on Science in November.

While he was in San Diego in July, Adam also spent some time at Nerd HQ with his Chuck co-stars and fans. He helped raise money for Operation Smile with a kiss for Zac, and helped promote Nerd HQ by co-starring in the webseries Trailer Park Heroes.

In September Adam had guest roles on Leverage and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as no nonsense authority types. His spot on the TNT series paved the way for the announcement that Adam will co-star in the upcoming series The Last Ship for the network. Currently in pre-production, the post-apocalyptic series is expected to debut sometime in 2013.

Adam continues to support Ride 2 Recovery, a fitness program benefiting wounded veterans. Keep up with Adam on his (very prolific) Twitter account.

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  1. Psst, you forgot Adam’s triumphant return to Dragon Con after an abscence of about five years! He even did a ‘Chuck’ panel, which I reported on at the time. Likewise, he did a weekend appearance at London Film and Comic con in Olympia, London in July.

    • I’d have included them if I’d known! Never saw any coverage.

      • I did a full report in the forum [which seems to have disappeared] and flagged the appearances up in that space ahead of time.

      • The forum is still there (see link in menu bar above). All I saw were links to your podcast/blog, but didn’t have time to go take a look. Glad you got to see him, though!