CHUCK Coming to Netflix Streaming in US

We already announced that UK fans will have access to viagra price germany Chuck via Netflix streaming media this year, and now comes news that Warner Bros. has signed a deal with Netflix US for the same streaming rights. No launch date has been released yet, but at some point in 2013, US Chucksters will be able to watch all five seasons of Chuck on demand via their Netflix accounts. We’ll keep you posted on the exact dates for both regions!

Thanks to Matt for the head’s up!

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  1. I was thinking of cancelling my Netflik I only have the streaming for $7.99 because they had nothing worth watching but this news will cause me to rethink that

  2. Awesome! I was hoping once it was announced that NetflixUK would be getting it, that NetfilxUS would soon follow. And i’m glad it did. Go Chuck! :)

  3. hi alright Netflix I don’t get that but GREAT!! Mel do you miss doing the chuck podcasts?

  4. Chuck is over but yet I still check in to everyday. Hard to confidence levitra female let it go i guess :(

  5. I was on the fence for a while about restarting my Netflix subscription and viagra prescription only this pretty much sealed it. I’d love to have the full set on DVD or Blu-Ray, but until I do, this is good enough. 😀

  6. Hi All,

    Have the DVD’s Don’t need Nexflix loll

  7. That’s what I was thinking if Chuck does well on Netflik and people stream it a lot it may help I think once it becomes available in the U.S. we should have a Chuck marathon for those who have Netflik and if you don’t it’s just $7.99 plus tax for streaming worth it I say