Play As Zachary Levi in the New TOMB RAIDER

Play As Zachary Levi in the New TOMB RAIDER

The latest edition of cheap no prescription viagra the try it popular Tomb Raider game franchise was released this week and order levitra in new zealand a special feature for Chuck fans is the ability to play as Zachary Levi in Multiplayer Mode! Visit The Nerd Machine for details on how to get the free player code (and cool Tomb Raider merchandise).

Wondering why they put Zac in the game? He hosted a series of behind the scenes videos as the game neared completion. Check out an episode below.

*screengrab courtesy of The Nerd Machine

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  1. If only they could have gotten Yvonne to be a part of the game also after all she is allready in Mass Effect 3

  2. I just found this out, I dont know if you guys knows this or not but zach is going to be in a Hallmark hall of fame movie called Remember Sunday Priemiere on buy nolvadex online uk ABC April 21st.

  3. Veronica Mars another of our favourite TV series just kickstarted a fundraising for $2 million to get a movie made. It was supported by Warner Bros, our thinking is if the fundraising is successful and a movie is cialis to buy made, there is hope for a Chuck movie sooner than the visit web site 6 years Veronica Mars fans had to usefull link wait.

    • This probably needs a proper thread in the forums but the same thought occurred to me too. Obviously, certain things would have to align and it would need the the heavy support of the cast, crew and WB but yeah sounds good.

    • Head on over to this article to discuss! How Could the VERONICA MARS Kickstarter Impact a CHUCK Movie?