How Could the VERONICA MARS Kickstarter Impact a CHUCK Movie?

The biggest news around the Interwebz yesterday was…well, probably the election of a new Pope, but a close second was the Kickstarter campaign to fund a Veronica Mars movie. It’s a game-changing proposition. Creator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell posted pitches for fans to raise $2 million for production costs, with Warner Bros. agreeing to pick up the tab for marketing, promotion, and distribution. This challenge was the largest in Kickstarter history, and reached its goal in just 12 hours. (You know I kicked in!)

Naturally this news brought Chuck fans to attention, wondering what it could mean for a future Chuck movie. Chucksters, it could mean good things! The fact that the fundraising goal was met in 12 short hours, and the amount pledged continues to climb as people like me who couldn’t pledge on Day 1 are able to get to it later, guaranteed tons of media attention even outside the “cult” universe of VM fans still lamenting the end of the show. (If you love Sarah Walker, you must watch Veronica Mars.) This sends a clear message to Warner Bros. that yes, there is a fan base out there willing to support the movie in a very real way. Just as Chuck fans targeted the bottom line – advertisers – during our renewal campaigns, VM fans are putting their money to work, and that gets noticed. And could change the way movies are made.

Another plus for us is that both shows are from the same studio. If Warner Bros. is willing to back Rob Thomas in this pioneering endeavor, then the path should be easier if, say, Chris Fedak where to pitch a similar idea.

Zachary Levi is excited about the trailblazers:

Zac has been outspoken in his belief that the TV ratings system is broken and that the future for TV and movies is going to look very different. Thanks to the resounding success of this Kickstarter campaign, we’re on the right track.

Now, lest I be accused of Pollyanna’ing all over the place again, here are a couple of doses of reality:

  • The Veronica Mars movie won’t come out until 2014, and Warner Bros. will most likely wait until then to greenlight any similar projects. Epic fundraising is one thing; getting butts into the movie theater and turning a profit is another. (Remember, Warner Bros. is laying out cash for promotion and distribution.)
  • Timing is everything: as the cast and crew pursue other projects, finding a window of time when everyone is available to shoot a movie is a challenge. (Rob Thomas gives some examples of the risks & challenges his movie faces at the bottom of his Kickstarter page.)
  • In short, don’t look for a Chuck movie to start filming soon. I’d be surprised if it happened before next summer. But do look for developments on that front as all eyes in the industry watch the progress of the Veronica Mars movie.

Stay strong, Chucksters! And if you really want to help a Chuck movie become a reality – and instigate a change in how TV/movies are made – donate to the Veronica Mars movie. This could be huge.

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  1. The most encouraging thing is that Zachary Levi is excited about this. I know he was always a great promoter of CHUCK, and had a sense of responsibility beyond most actors for their shows. I also think that he had an understanding of the fans. I am cautiously optimistic that we will see more CHUCK. I would love to hear Yvonne’s reaction.

  2. This is exciting. Nothing like this has happened since Serenity right? I’m sure that we could raise plenty of dough for a Chuck movie, but the Chuck cast is pretty large. Like you said, finding a window where they’re all available is going to be difficult.

    As for Yvonne’s reaction, I think she would be all over it. She’s always said she loved the show and the Sarah character. I’m sure she would make sure she could participate if it happened.

    Experience has taught me not to get too excited. After all, Serenity bombed in theaters. But it also had a much higher buget tahn a Veronica Mars of Chuck movie would have. Though I also have to wonder if Chuck itself is a THEATRICAL movie concept? It lends itself more to TV in my opinion. Would enough people actually go see it if it was released?

  3. Even if it is a direct to video Chuck movie we will be ecstatic. Zac should ensure that the fundraising kickstart with the ability to accept international contributions to allow Chucksters everywhere show their support.

  4. Count me in for money, support or help in any way I can. If you need anything to help this become a reality Mel you know where to find me.

  5. Zach indicated in his latest interview that he spoke with Yvonne last month and she is definitely game for a movie,so that is certainly good news!!

  6. Rickfromillinois

    I wouldn’t put too much faith into Zach’s opinion on this because I think that in the past he has demonstrated that he might be overly optimistic about the possibility of there being a Chuck movie. That being said, I do believe that there is reason for being cautiously optimistic. Allot will depend on how it works out with the Veronica Mars movie. Let also use this opportunity to chide NBC who decided to cancel the show. Considering the network’s terrible ratings, I bet they wish that they could have Chuck back, if for no other reason then to have at least ONE show that had some dedicated and excited fans.

  7. This is very good news! I’m a positive person and I believe THE Chuck movie will become a reality. We have millions of world wide fans and no doubt they and ME will contribute. But I do agree with Kevan. Chuck should not be a theatrical release. It should be a special on TV, that’s where the fan base is. I imagine Yvonne must be gitty with excitement on this possibility. And who knows, when it does come out and the ratings are gargantuan, we’ll see Chuck two, three or times a year. Heck, maybe the series come back! Told you I’m a positive person. 🙂

  8. I would definitely donate to the project as I’m still suffering withdrawal!! I should note that even though Serenity didn’t burn up the box office I believe it still ultimately turned a profit thanks to DVD sales!

  9. I loved hearing about this and immediately waited for Zach to say something. I remember during the last season when he mentioned how CHUCK could continue possibly online, another network, or making movies once every few years, and I was enthralled. In the end, I really think CHUCK could work as an online series. Fingers crossed for the future.

  10. Hi All,

    This is exciting news! I like alot of Chucksters have been suffering withdrawal simtoms. I have posted before about this possibility. I have always cited the Stargate Movies as a way forward – granted they hav about $8 million to work with per movie.

    Heres hoping that it happens!!


    By The Way Belated “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” to the rest of the “Chuck” family from an Irish one 🙂

  11. Italian fans have organization a flash mob for Chuck movie:

    • They want to meet on a location in Rome where everyone would be wearing Buy More/Nerd Herd clothing!:)

  12. This Is awesome news! I have also ordered the Chuck Blu Ray collectors edition!

  13. Rickfromillinois

    Out of curiosity, does anyone have an idea on the popularity of Veronica Mars compared to Chuck?

  14. DJRickSauce and LSauce

    We would donate for a Chuck Movie! Starting right from the beach scene — I’ve got a script that will rock too! Back to classic Chuck. Email us if need a crowdfunding plan that can make this happen!

  15. I think Chuck would work best as a made for TV movie rather than a feature film my only condition would be that it airs on a network other than NBC let’s face it that network is dying and the people who put Chuck on the air no longer work there

  16. This is very encouraging news!

    What about the possibility of getting Netflix involved on the distribution side of things(Depending on Chucks popularity when it becomes available)Maybe Netflix could be the new Subway, they could have Big Mike watching movies in his office on his XBox whilst enjoying a footlong!.

    As others have said, I don’t think a theatrical release is at all likely. A crowd-sourced film would have to cater to those who contributed, I certainly wouldn’t want to see 30 mins of explaining the backstory for newcomers.

    On another note, would it not be better to fundraise for a further nine episodes(to round it up to 100). That could lead to syndication, more popularity and then maybe movies after that. Oh i’m getting carried away….

  17. It has been very difficult for us since CHUCK went off the air. It was like close friends who moved away.
    That being said, count us in for the fundraising. We will BUY MORE to see more CHUCK!