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Zachary Levi Set to Reunite with LESS THAN PERFECT Co-Stars at DWTS

On the Red Carpet reports that Zachary Levi and enter site his Less Than Perfect聽co-stars will reunite during tonight’s episode of Dancing with the Stars to support contestant Andy Dick, who played Owen on the series.

Sara Rue, Zachary Levi and other actors who starred on the comedy series “Less Than Perfect” are set to reunite on the ABC ballroom dancing show on Monday, March 25, to support fellow sitcom alum and contestant Andy Dick, OTRC.com has learned exclusively.

This will mark the first full cast reunion since the comedy ended its four-season run in 2006. Dick played Owen Kronsky, Claude’s friend and co-worker.

I’m torn about this news… Less Than Perfect was Must See TV for me back in the day, and knowing Zac from that series led me to support Chuck before it premiered, but DWTS was our ratings nemesis for four seasons of Chuck! And I’ve never been able to sit through an episode. See? Conflicted.

Oh, who am I kidding, of course I’ll tune in for this reunion.

Thanks to Corinne for the http://btpnkl.edu.my/cialis-mail-order-india head’s up!

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  1. well for the first time EVER I will watch DWTS just to see that :-)

  2. It鈥檚 not that DWTS was Chuck鈥檚 nemesis, it was NBC鈥檚 scheduling. Th executives were high to put Chuck on the same time slot with DWTS. Boo on NBC. They鈥檙e in deep water. NBC鈥檚 ratings are awful. I guess, what goes around comes around. Don鈥檛 care about NBC鈥檚 future.
    The bright side is we get to unicprum.cz see Zach and the viagra sales by country wow)) hope for a Chuck movie.

  3. My wife and I thought we saw Chuck (Zach) in the audience while just watching DWTS. We love Chuck and want the movie!! Like Veronica Mars and Firefly (Adam Baldwin can do it again!!)

  4. Yeah, I’m conflicted, too. I hate that show for so many reasons, but it is Zac! I did love the parody of DWTS that they did on Don’t Trust the B—–, though!