VIDEO: Yvonne Strahovkski Talks Chuck Marathon, Movie, & Dexter

VIDEO: Yvonne Strahovkski Talks Chuck Marathon, Movie, & Dexter

TVLine caught up with Yvonne Strahovski at Comic Con and talked to her about marathoning Chuck‘s first couple of seasons, Zac’s plans for a Chuck movie (“He had lots plans for different things, and they usually work out very nicely.”), and hitting Hall H twice to promote the final season of Dexter and her feature film I, Frankenstein.

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  1. Yvonne is such a fangirl! It’s nice to hear that she misses the show, but really? Still about the fight scenes? Girl, you went on an episode binge. It’s okay to say that you missed everything else too. :P And you probably cried. Go ahead, you can admit it to us. :P

  2. Thanks for posting this video!

  3. Yvonne is sooooo cute! She such a girl! Love that she’s watching the show from the beginning. Chuck is a very emotional show and I’m sure she’s got a box of tissues on hand. :)

  4. Hello All,

    Today being the 30th of July I wanted to wish Yvonne a ‘Happy Birthday’!! It is highly unlikely that she will ever read this. However on the off chance that she does – All us Chuck fans Hope you have a GREAT Day!!



  5. You know, I’ve often wondered, when she watches the show can she become emotionally involved with the characters and their story or does her involvement in the making of the episodes make that impossible. I would think she’d be more likely to feel nostalgic, thinking more about the process rather than getting lost in the story. Anybody ever ask her that?

    • I think she’s emotionally involved because at the final days of shooting, she looked like a wreck. Poor girl was very sad . Now, that’s not to say the other actors weren’t, yes they were too, but Yvonne really took it bad. So, for that reason, I believe when Yvonne watches the show, she’s no longer ‘working’. She’s now a fan watching the show.