VIDEO: Zachary Levi on NerdHQ, First Date, Chuck Movie, & Thor

VIDEO: Zachary Levi on NerdHQ, First Date, Chuck Movie, & Thor

Zachary Levi had a lot going on this week at Comic Con, but he took a few minutes to sit down with TVLine to chat about it all for our benefit. His comments about the Chuck movie are probably of most interest to Chucksters; he talks about the probable timeline – a couple of years, as we’ve been saying – and how he’d like to fund it. Have a look.

P.S. That shirt he’s wearing is available here.

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  1. It’s encouraging to hear him say that WB wants it to happen too. That’s what I take away from it. I’ll wait to get excited if we actually hear that they are starting to get the ball rolling. Basically there are three encouraging signs: The leads want to do it, the studio is open to the idea, and Zac is dedicated to try and make it happen. Any of those things could change in two years though. If Zac sets up a website that rivals Kickstarter like he set up Nerd HQ, I will back this movie with $100.

  2. Great interview. I prefer the one-on-one interviews, Mr. Ausiello!

    I saw the P.S. and thought, oh, Mel, you know us all so well. ;-)

  3. is there any chance that chuck could came back???

    • The series won’t be returning – it ended in January 2012 – but there’s a chance of a Chuck movie. Watch the interview above to hear Zac talk about it.

  4. but jerico also ended and returnd

    • Jericho was cancelled prematurely. Chuck was not – the network gave them one final season to wrap up their stories and end the show.

  5. isnĀ“t any change to see chuck airing on another network or netflix

    • I’m with you. Never say never. Anything can happen. For now, I want the movie. :)

    • All five seasons of Chuck will stream on Netflix later this year. No new episodes will be produced.

      • Very good news! This should produce new fans that never saw the show!

        WARNING to Netflix subscribers: Have a box of tissues readily available. ;)