Almost Exclusive: Vik Sahay to Guest on THE MENTALIST, Recur on SEAN SAVES THE WORLD

We have scoop on what another Chuck alum is up to this week – Vik Sahay will guest star on CBS’ The Mentalist and recur on NBC’s new series Sean Saves the World this autumn.

The Mentalist tip came from former Chuck executive producer/director Robert Duncan McNeill who tweeted a photo of himself and Vik on the set of the hit series. Further digging unearthed intel on his role: Vik guests in the second episode of the season (directed by Robbie) as an extremely smart research associate with a stoner vibe, who has much more personal insight on his late colleague than his co-workers. Vik’s episode will air Sunday, October 6 at 10/9c on CBS.

We mentioned last spring that Vik appears in the pilot of Sean Saves the World with a possibility of a recurring role, and Vik confirmed via his Facebook page that he is back at work on the sitcom. As reminder, Vik is playing Howard, “an employee at the online shopping site managed by Sean Hayes’ character [the titular Sean]. Howard is a social misfit who brings a special brand of awkward to any office exchange.” I’ve seen the pilot and while it could use a little tweaking, it’s one of the more promising new sitcoms this season. Vik does a fine job in the small role he has there, but I’m glad he’ll recur so we can see more of his character. Sean Saves the World premieres Wednesday, October 3 on NBC.

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  1. he looks great!

  2. Good for Vik! Glad the members of the Chuck family have shows!

    On a side note, I just read a review about Zach’s ‘First Date’ Broadway show and it was disheartening. I won’t get into details but I felt sorry for Zach. 🙁

  3. Yes, I read several reviews for Zach Levi’s play. None good. Sad.

    But, yes, Vik seems to have kept working on a nice variety of types of things. Versatile type!

    • Where are you guys reading these horrible reviews? I did a whole post linking to a bunch of reviews from top reviewers that had positive things to say about Zac’s performance, even if the play itself didn’t fare well.

  4. Well, I read the New York Times for theater reviews, mostly. And the New York Post. I’m sure Zac is sweet and good, but it seems not great. And it seems that his performance isn’t strong enough to save the show. Is all.

    • I think the reviewer at The New York post is in love with Zac. He got a rave review from them! The NYT, meh. They fancy themselves arbiters of elite taste. It didn’t surprise me that they didn’t care for the play. The general public seems to love it, though, something the NYT had to (grudgingly) admit, and they’re the ones who buy tickets, so I think it’s in good shape.

  5. I found the New York post review almost awkward. Didn’t feel like an objective review. And felt bad for Krysta.

    Very happy for Vik. He’s a terrific terrific talent.