Yvonne Strahovski to Star in ‘Manhattan Nocturne’

2014 is shaping up to be a very busy year for Yvonne Strahovski! Variety reports that she’s signed on to star in indie film Manhattan Nocturne opposite Oscar-winner Adrien Brody.

According to Variety, Manhattan Nocturne is based on the 1996 novel by Colin Harrison. Brody will portray Porter Wren, a devoted husband and accomplished journalist who is asked by a seductive stranger (played by Strahovski) to dig into the unsolved murder of her husband. As Wren pursues the mystery, he is drawn into a very nasty case of sexual obsession and blackmail–one that threatens his job, his marriage, and his life.

Manhattan Nocturne starts filming in July, after Yvonne wraps up filming 24: Live Another Day.

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  1. Very nice, hope it is a great experience for her and turns into a quality movie. At least I won’t have to hear from some of her “fans” that she isn’t interested in working.

  2. The plot almost sounds like Fatal Attraction. It sounds like the type of role that the critics would be attracted to. Maybe she’ll get some serious recognition. I mean look what Fatal Attraction did for Sharon Stone.

    • Erk! Not a good legacy. Sharon Stone became well known for sure. But for the wrong reasons. Her career went into the dumpster after FA.

      • Are you being facetious? Because 1) Glenn Close starred in Fatal Attraction, not Sharon Stone; and 2) after her breakout role in Basic Instinct, Stone went on to win a Golden Globe and an Emmy, receive an Oscar nomination, star in more than 3 dozen other projects, and become a major activist in the quest to find a cure for AIDS. She’s still considered A-list in Hollywood. Not how I’d define a career that went into the dumpster.

  3. Sounds like a fantastic and challenging role for Yvonne and great to see her getting a juicy film role. She’ll make the perfect femme fatale.

  4. Wow, Yvonne is banking them in! She’s getting work like crazy! More than everyone else combined…at least I think so. Next movie……Chuck! 🙂

  5. Bill, Glenn Close was in Fatal Attraction with Michael Douglas in 1987.

    Sharon Stone was in Basic Instinct with Michael Douglas in 1992.

    Everybody probably gets those to movies mixed up.


  6. That should be two movies mixwd up.

    Small typo. LOL!


  7. Good for her. The quicker she can distance herself from Oy, Frankenstein the better.