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Zachary Levi to Crowd Fund NerdHQ 2014 (+ Possible Other Projects)

Zachary Levi took to Twitter on Saturday, March 1, to tease a new campaign to genuine pfizer viagra treatment crowd fund NerdHQ 2014. The Tweets start here, but I’ve compiled them into one statement from Zac.

As some of http://www.ayto-cartaya.es/cialis-generic-online-cialis-generic you have already deftly deciphered, this next week I鈥檓 going to ask for your help in crowd funding this year鈥檚 #NerdHQ.聽I cannot stress enough how much bigger this campaign will be than just #NerdHQ itself. It will set a precedent for me, for you, for us.聽I assure you that if we succeed in this endeavor, it will only mean more promise in bringing the other things you desire and www.fnams.fr deserve.聽We stand at a powerful threshold my friends. One that, should we boldly cross it together, will lead us to countless more victories.聽The time is now. The power is ours. Believe in it. Believe in us.

Zac also revealed that he’ll be using IndieGoGo as the donation platform, which will allow international users to contribute. Plans are also underway for NerdHQ panels to be interactive, allowing questions to be submitted online from fans watching the live streams.聽In the past, NerdHQ – a sort of alternative to Comic Con that raises money for Operation Smile – has been funded by corporate sponsors like those who manufacture video games and cars. It’s not clear if this year’s event will forgo corporate sponsors.

As he alluded above, the campaign is about more than NerdHQ. With the Veronica Mars movie about to cialis and canada custom confidence be released – click here to find out why that’s important – it sounds like Zac is timing this crowd funding effort to show that there is fan interest in funding a Chuck movie in the http://eukarya.ro/natural-cialis-pills future as well.

@MattGambell: @ZacharyLevi Would that victory include a Chuck movie?鈥 That鈥檚 the plan, Stan. 馃槈 (You would be Stan in this scenario.) (Tweet)

The impending crowd funding campaign will be for聽#NerdHQ聽only. If it succeeds, it will help lead the way to other things. Make sense? (Tweet)

The IndieGoGo campaign is expected to go live this week. Follow Zac on Twitter for the latest, and of course we’ll post updates as they are available.

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  1. Very exciting. Definitely putting aside $10-$20 to chip in.

  2. Thanks. Mel. We are in.

  3. Amajolyn F. Resurreccion

    Count us in. Everyone in the family. Love chuck. Fr. England .

  4. I never do this. But for a CHUCK movie? Of course!