Yvonne Strahovski: Sarah Would Not Approve of “Naughty” Kate on “24”

TVLine has a new interview with Yvonne Strahovski that gives her a chance to talk about how Chuck and Sarah Walker prepared her for 24 and Kate Morgan. Plus, what Sarah would think of Kate, and that oft-discussed Chuck movie.

Here are the relevant excerpts;

TVLINE | But not even playing a serial killer’s serial-killing girlfriend could have prepared you for the adrenaline-pumping nature of the beast that is 24.
Funnily enough, Chuck prepared me for 24. We shot relatively fast on Chuck — we had such a low budget, we couldn’t afford to spend a lot of time on scenes back then. So in a similar situation now, 24 runs very fast. It’s something that I’m used to, in a way.

TVLINE | I imagine some of the skills you picked up on Chuck — the running and jumping, the gunplay — came in handy as well.
Definitely. I mean, I didn’t feel like I needed to go into any kind of “boot camp” training or gun training with 24because I do already have that up my sleeve. Even though guns still make me nervous. No matter how much experience I’ll have with guns on set, things can still happen and you’ve got to be very careful.

TVLINE | And then of course there’s the hope that you and Zach will one day revisit Sarah and Chuck. What are the odds of that happening by, say, the year 2020?
[Laughs] Oh, man. I don’t know. I’d say by the year 2020 that maybe the odds are good — it might take that long to get it together!

TVLINE | Y’all just need to steal away for a few weeks and bang out a one-off movie or something.
Yeah, maybe. We’ll see. You never know what Zachary Levi has up his sleeve.

TVLINE | Do you think Kate and Sarah would hold each other in high regard?
Yeah, except I think Sarah would get [angry] with Kate, because Kate is a bit “naughty” and does things not by the rules. I think Sarah plays a bit more by the rules — unless she’s in Thailand looking for Chuck!

Read on for more about her post-Chuck career, what’s coming up on 24, and more.

Hour 5 of 24: Live Another Day airs Monday, May 26 (Memorial Day) at 9/8c on FOX.

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  1. Yvonne is so cute! I like that a Chuck movie is not out of the picture! She’s adorable. 😀

  2. Hi All,

    I Have been watching Season 8 of 24 to refresh for season 9 and I have noticed that ‘Kate Morgan’ is not the first Chuck referance that has been in the show. In Season 8 the main baddy ‘Farrahad Hassan’ looked like the long lost twin brother of our own Lester Pattel – Weird Huh? Watch anyone of the first 12 episodes of season 8 and you will see the twin.

    Hope there will be a Chuck Movie