Chucktoid: Double Entendre

This post is part of a series of mini insights into Chuck – Chucktoids, if you will – courtesy of G. Walter Bush, author of Unpacking Chuck and Unpacking Chuck 2.0.

Perhaps most of the series’ episode titles utilize double entendre, expressions that can be interpreted in more than one way. “First Class” serves as a typical example. Most obvious, the title refers to the section in which Chuck sits on the plane during his flight to Paris. On further analysis, though, it equally applies to the initial lessons Chuck receives in spy craft from Professor Shaw while engaged in his first solo mission as the Intersect. But Chuck isn’t the only student in the episode: Shaw also gives his first handling lesson to Sarah. When Sarah moves to pick up Chuck’s panicked call, Shaw lectures, “Go ahead, answer it. Just know that if you do, he’ll never be a real spy. One day that will get him killed.”

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