Chucktoid: Shadows

This post is part of a series of mini insights into Chuck – Chucktoids, if you will – courtesy of G. Walter Bush, author of Unpacking Chuck and Unpacking Chuck 2.0.

On multiple occasions, shadows are also used to imply false or double identities (though sometimes hard to see in the screen caps). The most vivid instance occurs while Sarah ‘works’ for Volkoff in her secret effort to destroy the arms dealer. When meeting Casey at the top of a high-rise with orders to kill her fellow agent, Sarah’s shadow on the wall notably precedes her entry before conspiring with Casey to keep her friend alive (barely).

Alternatively, the shadow of the inauthentic, amnesiac version of Sarah precedes her when walking past the railing just after she has kicked Chuck down the stairs.

Even Devon gets into the act. Just after lying to Chuck about switching out the hard drive of Orion’s computer, his shadow on the apartment wall precedes him as he rejoins Ellie and confirms, “So, we’re still not telling Chuck, right?”

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