Chucktoids: Flat Screens

Scenes filmed in the Buy More often include background projections on the flat screens that metaphorically accent the events at hand. At series’ end, when Jeffster leaves the big box store for the final time to pursue a musical career in Germany, their departure notably coincides with the scene of cowboys riding off into the sunset.

Earlier in Season 5, a regenerated Jeff returns to the Buy More to begin a new life no longer plagued by carbon monoxide poisoning from sleeping in the running van. Accordingly, he finds himself surrounded with images of spring greenery and blossoms.

In Season 3, Morgan apes the role of a spy on his first mission for a rogue Casey—specifically to retrieve the Planet of the Apes DVD. It’s no coincidence that he does so amidst a bank of similar images.

The examples are almost countless. On your next rewatch, you’ll find many more.

Chucktoids come to us from G. Walter Bush, author of Unpacking Chuck: The TV Series Interpreted and Unpacking Chuck 2.0: The Conversation Continues, both available via Amazon. 

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