Zachary Levi to Battle Zombies & Other Chuck Cast News

Chuck alumni continue to make their mark on the world. Herewith, a round up of projects where you might encounter familiar faces from the Chuck ‘verse.

Zachary Levi has joined the cast of Office Uprising, an “energy drink-based horror movie”. Brenton Thwaites is the lead, playing

a slacker who has to step up his game in order to rescue himself and his friends from a growing zombie plague inside his company compound. The slacker works at a weapons manufacturing firm, and that zombie plague is caused by the ingestion of a new energy drink that was designed for military use.

I knew energy drinks were evil!

Hulu announced that The Handmaid’s Tale, co-starring Yvonne Strahovski, will debut in April 2017, although the specific date has yet to be revealed. The first photos from the series were released earlier this month, but we’ve yet to see Yvonne in character as Serena Joy, the Commander’s wife.

Adam Baldwin takes over the helm as Captain when The Last Ship returns for season 4 in mid-2017 (probably late June/early July) on TNT. The network already renewed the show for season 5, so unless there’s a mutiny, Adam will stay on our screens into 2018.

Ryan McPartlin is in a new holiday movie, Heaven Sent, on Lifetime. Here’s the synopsis:

Spouses Billy and Marie (Christian Kane, “The Librarians,” and Marley Shelton) are staring at a bleak Christmas as their marriage seems to be teetering on the brink of collapse. A glimmer of hope arrives, however, in the person of an 8-year-old runaway angel (Mallory James Mahoney) who takes it upon herself to do whatever it takes to reawaken their love for each other. Ernie Hudson and Ryan McPartlin also star.

Catch it in reruns on Lifetime all season.

Scott Krinsky has a movie premiering at Slamdance in January. An “upstart rival to Sundance,” Slamdance showcases independent and documentary films. Scott co-stars in Dave Made a Maze, directed by Bill Watterson, written by Steven Sears & Bill Watterson.

Dave builds a fort in his living room and ends up trapped inside by fantastical pitfalls, booby traps and creatures, leaving his girlfriend Annie to head up the eccentric rescue team to go in after him.” Cast: Nick Thune, Meera Rohit Kumbhani, Adam Busch, James Urbaniak, Stephanie Allynne, Kirsten Vangsness, Scott Krinsky, John Hennigan.

Kind of makes me want to build a fort.

Sarah Lancaster guest starred in the December 1 episode of Code Black. I haven’t been watching that show; is it any good?

Mark Christopher Lawrence is keeping busy with multiple comedy shows and a guest role on Pitch.

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