Chuck vs. the Goodbye

Chuck vs. The Goodbye: Five Years Later

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the Chuck series finale, and one of the most controversial final episodes in television history.

It was an emotional time. Many of us had been fighting for this show since season 2. We were invested in Charah, in Carmichael Industries, in Casey and his daughter Alex, in Morgan and his growth (and Alex), in Ellie and Captain Awesome and Baby Clara, in JEFFSTER! and the Buy More. I remember weeping as I watched the final episodes the night before and wrote up as non-spoilery of a preview as I could.

Then the rest of the world saw those final episodes, and there was much to say. Our annual survey showed that most people liked or even loved the finale, but the final scene of Chuck and Sarah on the beach left many viewers feeling like the ending was ambiguous. The debate over the finale was long and fraught. We even invited Chris Fedak to join us on Chuck vs the Podcast and answer your questions.

But that was then. The question for today is, how do we feel about the finale now, in 2017? In the grand tradition of, we’ve created a survey asking you that very question – and a couple more, of course. You can take the survey by clicking here. We’ll run the survey through Friday, February 17, then publish the results.

>> Click here to take the survey! <<

We also invite you to share your memories and current thoughts about Chuck in the comments section. Viva Chuck!

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  1. It’s hard to believe. The show now has been off the air for longer than it was on. I’ve seen a marked drop off in activity since the show was removed from NetFlix. For a while, I was hearing from people who discovered the show there for the first time. Now there really isn’t a mechanism for new people to discover the show.

    I still would like to see a movie… if it finished the story they left hanging at the beach.

    Chuck and Sarah are fictional characters. They only truly exist in the mind of Chris Fedak. So if he says they are together and happy, he’s the only one who would know. I still would have like to have seen more confirmation of that on the screen.

  2. Mel, thanks for keeping the light on for us Chuck fans. It’s amazing to me that five years after the finale, the show still has such passionate fans.
    I took the survey and was torn on some of the answers I gave. While I didn’t want/need anything else from the finale at the time, I did see it as open ended, allowing for the story to continue. It has, in many of our hearts and minds – but I would still love to see how the story continued on the screen. I guess like many, I just want more. A limited run series (didn’t we call them mini-series back in the day?) a la Gilmore Girls is my preferred vehicle, but honesty, I’ll take any of the video options you suggested.
    Again, thanks for leaving the light on!

  3. Thanks for the survey and including the question on how people watched Chuck. The series has picked up a lot of fans since the original airing and they weren’t caught up about all the brouhaha about the finale. It would be interesting to see if their views differ.

  4. Thanks for doing this. I have come to terms with the ending, and while I am not sure it is as clear that “most people loved it”, I must say I really miss the show, and NOTHING has come close to replacing it in my life. I still read Chuck FF and still hope that one day there may be a return, but we had a good run and I am thankful for what we have.

  5. As Peter wrote above, ‘Thanks for keeping the light on.’ At this point, I seriously doubt that CHUCK will come back in any video format. It’s been too long without any movement on the subject. I’m not sure what Zach and Yvonne’s relationship is like at this point, but if they’re not together on this there is probably a zero chance to see more. That being said, Can we put some pressure on Chris Fedak to write a novel that picks up where the series ended? I suspect with all the publishing options out there it might be a lucrative project given that here we are, five years later, still involved with the show.

  6. One of my all time favorite shows. I’m sad it is not on netflix any more. I would love to see any kind of continuing story. I also would like to see Chuck and Sarah together again.

  7. When the series finale first aired, I got swept up and choked up that it was the end and I thought it was fine, I even defended the choice they made to other people who were not happy with it. Now cut to years later, I own the series on blu ray and have re-watched several times and then it came and went on Netflix and I re-watched it there as well and I still love the show. I still miss the show and I’m no longer happy with the finale because I realize that perhaps one of the reasons that I cannot say goodbye to this beloved series is because we never truly got closure. Maybe it’s too open ended, maybe we needed to see that Chuck and Sarah and family lived happily ever after. Don’t get me wrong, I can still watch season 5 all the way to the end, it doesn’t cause me pain like it does some people, it does make me sad that it’s the end but I always know that I can start it all over and re-live the series. In fact I chose to create a blog and podcast where I talk about every single episode after I watch it, I created the Chuck Series Companion for people who also love Chuck to find and re-watch with me. I do hope that there will be a Chuck reunion, there’s no time limit for it to happen, it could happen 10 years from now, of course we want it now but we’ll just have to be patient. I do wish we had some Chuck novels to hold us over as we bide our time. Thank you.