Zachary Levi Still ‘TANGLED’, Yvonne Strahovski in ‘THE PREDATOR’ & More Chuck Cast News

We just had an update on the Chuck cast a couple months ago, but they’ve been so busy since then that we need to check in again!

Zachary Levi is bringing back the smolder! He reprises his animated character, Flynn Rider, in the Disney Channel Original Movie Tangled Before Ever After, premiering Friday, March 10 at 8/7c. The movie leads into Tangled: The Series, premiering March 24 on Disney Channel. Zac and co-star Mandy Moore attended the red carpet premiere of the movie last weekend.

Yvonne Strahovski continues to impress! Not only is she co-starring in Hulu’s adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale – debuting April 26 – but she’s also joined Shane Black’s reboot of The Predator! She’s taking on the role of the mother to Jacob Tremblay (The Room), a troubled boy who is accidentally drawn into a conflict with the fierce alien creatures by his father — her ex-husband — played by Boyd Holbrook. Could this be Yvonne’s franchise hit?

Ryan McPartlin is set to co-star in a new untitled pilot from Marc Cherry (Desperate Housewives) opposite Reba McIntire. The drama series stars McEntire as Ruby Adair, the sheriff of colorful small-town Oxblood, KY, who finds her red state outlook challenged when a young FBI agent of Middle Eastern descent is sent to help her solve a horrific crime. Ryan will play Valentine French, the slick and handsome mayor of Oxblood. As with all pilots, we remind our readers that this is not a done deal until the networks announce a pick up.

Vik Sahay is filming an appearance in AMC’s Preacher for the upcoming season. What’s the Lester reference? Will he sing?

And finally, Sarah Lancaster is about to debut her new project: her second child! The baby, who she revealed is a boy, seems to be due any minute although she’s not officially announced his premiere date. Best wishes, Sarah and family!

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  1. Vik Sahay was also on an episode of Grimm a few weeks ago.

  2. I known about the series 2 month ago and I love it. I would prefer another finale but I’m surprising about the minimal attention that people paid to the music in that chapter,there are a lot of clues. Someone paid attention to “the rivers and the roads” or the band´s name “the head and the heart”(obviusly Sarah is using the head and stopping the heart during the chapter except for the final and some moment she looks confusing). Very few noticed what you said about the other songs but almost anyone noticed the leit-motiv that apears 3 times in the episode when she goes to BuyMore with almost the same clothes that the time she met Chuck and she is confusing,after the boomb (she is confusing too)and when chuck is talking to her in the beach. That music is the same when in 13th episode of 3rd season Sarah told Chuach she is in love with him since a moment between tthey met and he uses viruses for deactivating bombs and in the same episode when Sarah wake up from the drug and She kiss Chuck although he has just killed a man(Shaw) and they make love for the first time. The same music that when sarah is almost dead in the hospital in an ice bathtube she said chuck don´t worry we are going to overcome this

    • I continue investigating the issue and I have only found 2 lines in a C.Fedak’s interview . He said that they used this melody along the series in Chuck and Sarah’s conversations about their relationship ,she said that it´s a musical cue and confirmed that the last time it appers in the series is the only one that sounds the end of the melody(cue)in the whole series.He defined it as very emotional and happy.
      I have noticed that they really used it in the more dramatic ones of that conversations about their relationship. In Chuck vs the Goodbye this melody (cue) the first and second time doesn´t sound during a conversation about Chuck and Sarah´s relationship .First time is when Chuck goes to Sarah in the Buy More and the second right after defussing the bomb,,they only look each other and Sarah leaves ,there are no words.
      It´s very strange ,don´t follow what Fedak says in that interview, but these scenes are “copies”of the moment that Sarah and Chuck met, and the first time Chuck defussed a bomb with a virus. Moments that Sarah names in episode 13th,season 3rd when she tells Chuck she´s in love with him since a moment between these two moments (while we are listening to that same melody). And in both moments Sarah is remembering: in the Buy More Sarah doesn´t realize but it´s remembering because her clothes are almost the same than 5 years ago ,she is looking for Chuck and vacillates between ring the bell or not because 5 years ago she had to come two times to get a date with Chuck,first time didn´t ring,second rang. Defussing the bomb she remembers Irina DEmova.
      The last time that this melody(cue) appears is when Chuck and Sarah are talking on the beach, it´s the only time we can hear the end of the melody in the whole series because emphasizes a really important change in their relationship. When Chuck stops talking we can hear the end of the melody(sounds happy and sweet)and Sarah says “CHUCK, TELL ME OUR STORY”.
      Mission accomplished: Now for Sarah is “OUR STORY” ,”SARAH & CHUCK’S STORY” , they are a couple again ,sarah´s love for Chuck is back. Chuck’ s emotional speech has achieved it
      The melody is used for emphasized the steps in Sarah´s evolution from “I don´t feel it” to “OUR story”

  3. After that clues I have no doubt that on the beach when he talked her their history and the kiss we were saying a couple in love