Cay’s family thinks that her obsession with pop culture is “not normal”. Yeah, well, normal is boring!

An Interview with “Chuck” star Zachary Levi: MeeVee

MeeVee has an exclusive interview with Zachary Levi on there blog site. Check it out! “What do I have to complain about? I get to be Chuck in a show called ‘Chuck.’ That’s ridiculous!” said Zachary Levi. Read entire interview here.

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The Good Reviews Keep Coming!

From Carroll County Times: There’s always some awesome treats, like mini-size Butterfingers or M&M’s. But you have to search pretty hard to find them. Along the way, you’ll hit on some pleasant enough goodies that you ultimately gorge and cause a next-morning stomach ache. There’s also some old-fashioned candy corn. And, then, there’s some real bombs, like the travel-size tubes ...

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According to The TV Squad, there’s a new website that’s been launched to further generate buzz for our favorite Geek. Read about it under the cut.

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Nothing captures TV audiences like a great plot and a nice face…

From Nothing captures TV audiences like a great plot and a nice face, so here are some of the hunky male stars the networks have lined for fall: “Chuck” star Zachary Levi has that “aw shucks” sensibility that makes women want to take him home to Mom. As computer geek Chuck Bartowski on this NBC action-comedy series, Levi gets ...

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Zachary Levi, Game Dork

Journal and Courier Online has an article on celebs and video games in which they mention Zac, our loveable ‘Game Dork’. Meanwhile, other celebs are digging into the super popular, interactive Nintendo Wii. But a Wii mishap sent Zachary Levi to the emergency room. Levi, 26, plays a dorky, accidental spy in NBC’s new TV show, Chuck. (“Dork is the ...

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‘Chuck’Panel at Comic Con

I know the picture’s a little blurry folks, but isn’t it worth it to know how far the cast of NBC’s new pilot Chuck is willing to go to get you to love them? Stars Zachary Levi and Joshua Gomez were not, in fact, reenacting the finer points of the Kama Sutra on stage. They were recreating their comic ninja ...

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