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Category Archives: News

Josh Schwartz, Prince of Nerds

By Joanne Weintraub Wednesday, Jul 18 2007, 10:38 AM In “The O.C.’s” Seth Cohen, writer-producer Josh Schwartz gave TV one of its most beloved nerds. Now that the Fox show is history, he’s hoping lightning will strike again with the equally smart, affable, geeky hero of NBC’s “Chuck,” an electronics salesman who, in time-honored TV fashion, becomes a reluctant and cheap cymbalta recipes ... Read More »

Zachary Levi, Winner Bee!

The Singing Bee should have no problem attracting an audience since everyone at the party stopped what they were doing and put their focus on the live presentation at shortly before 8:00, hosted by Joey Fatone. Two reporters joined FNL’s Scott Porter and Chuck’s Zachary Levi on stage to rumi2007.com play the game. Porter and a TCA member were sacked in ... Read More »

‘Chuck’ Makes A Dork A Hero

Zachary Levi, star of the upcoming NBC series Chuck, told SCI FI Wire that the show celebrates nerd culture and will appeal to those who may be “cool-challenged,” a label he willingly applies to himself. “Dork is definitely the new cool,” Levi said in an interview at the Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills, Calif., on July 17. ... Read More »

New shows: What’s up, ‘Chuck’? Nerd power, that’s what

Nerds and geeks rejoice, we’re cool — at least in Hollywood’s eyes, and at least this season. NBC’s new show “Chuck” is just one new drama featuring an unabashedly geeky character, who’s more familiar with pi than Prada, and plays more “World of buy celebrex online no prescription Warcraft” than tennis. Of course, this doesn’t mean Hollywood will lay off the cliches, but based on ... Read More »

More from TCA: Zac is ‘Singing Bee’ Champ

The sounds of Sepinwall Posted by Alan Sepinwall July 18, 2007 12:45AM I’ve been blessed/cursed with one of the ultimate dichotomies of man: I dearly love to sing, and yet the proper key and me have always been two ships passing in the night. So when I heard an NBC publicist floating around looking for a critic or two to ... Read More »

Sarah Lancaster at TCA Press Tour

Sarah Lancaster (Ellie Bartowski) was pretty in pink at the NBC TCA Press Tour party yesterday. Larger photos are in the Gallery. 脗聽 Read More »

‘Chuck’ Panel at the TCA Press Tour

Today was Chuck‘s turn to wow the cheap nexium critics at the Television Critics Association Press Tour. Here’s what TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello had to say: CHUCK PANEL 12:05 pm: I give this new action/comedy confection from Josh Schwartz a moderately enthusiastic thumbs up. At the very least, I hope it turns Zachary Levy into the huge star he should’ve become after ... Read More »