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General Discussion / Re: Did Sarah loved Shaw?
« Last post by Ilzairspar on July 28, 2014, 02:36:57 PM »
What does it say about me as a person that I still cannot watch Brandon Routh in anything without wanting his character dead.  Even when he is the goodguy.

As for Sarah loving Shaw.  No.  I think she projected on Shaw because she was so devistated by Chuck in Prague, and it made her stupid.  She wanted all those things with Chuck and he turned on her, so she was trying for a substitute with someone who wouldn't hurt her heart if he turned on her..Shaw.
General Chuck News / Re: New Farscape Movie.
« Last post by Ilzairspar on July 28, 2014, 01:56:50 PM »
Yes, they're part of the same story, just as a Chuck movie would be part of the same story as the series, but Farscape the series ended on a cliffhanger.

Per Wikipedia:

Farscape was canceled in September 2002; the movie wasn't released until 2004. Gotta side with Rick on this one. ;)

I know this is an old topic, but I had to put my 2 cents in. 

Technically Rick is correct that the series ended on a bad note.  However, as you noted the series was abruptly canceled.  In interviews, Claudia black mentioned that (ironically like Chuck) the series was never assumed to have a next season since the extensions had always been for one year.  When they got a multiple season extension (for 4 & 5) there was a decision to do a 2 season story arc.

And then they got canceled.  After they had already finished shooting the finale.    There were rumors that instead of the show being too expensive (Sci-Fi's excuse) the network wanted to focus their money on their brand new shiny toy: Stargate SG-1 which they had just recently acquired from Showtime (and began airing on the network in 2003).

(Ironically you can see a similar thing happening to Stargate SG-1 once Eureka became extremely popular.  )

Henson was able to acquire Farscape due to (in part) extreme vocal fan support and outrage about the cancellation.   I can still remember the bring back farscape booths at a couple of 'Cons I went to.  I wasn't watching the show at the time but I can still remember the booths for some reason, and pitch they were doing.  I believe by then Henson had decided to try and do a miniseries instead of continue the story due to money. 

I know, weird $#!^ I remember.
Sarah has been cast in a recurring role on Witches as "Raven Moreau".
Yes, all the best! Good secret keeping!
General Discussion / Binge Watching Season 4
« Last post by rab23us on May 17, 2014, 09:44:20 AM »
Hello again everyone;

Well work has finally allowed me a moment to post again and I have noticed that the forum link on the home page has disapeared  

Season 4;

Took about a week getting through this one and I will say it was good and bad. The powers that be finally made them a couple. .Chuck learning more about his family and his familie's spy life. Ellie Pregnant, Morgan on the team moving in with Casey. .Robin Givens making an il-advised guest appearance...Chuck and Sarah guarding a dog. ..the list goes on an on...but one thing that is constant of course is they end the season as they started couple that gets married. Oh and Sarah almost dies. .

My impression of this season is that it was good it was what I personally was looking for in escapist entertainment. Watching it on netflix has made watching the series very good in my opinoin, it allowed for the story to acutally make more sense if that can be said. being able to watch multiple episodes that seem to keep the story going. While season 4 wasn't the best season overall it was still much better than the first half of season 3. I will follow up with what I consider the best episodes of the season and the worst, and there were some stinkers in my opinion.

See you all later
General Chuck News / Re: Lost returning to TV
« Last post by rickfromIllinois on May 01, 2014, 05:23:04 PM »
You are right Mel.  I had just glanced at the story and didn't read it fully since I am not a Lost fan.   What one of the Co-creaters said was the Lost will return. ..someday.   So my post is not correct.   Sorry everybody.
General Chuck News / Re: Lost returning to TV
« Last post by AgentMel on April 30, 2014, 03:55:49 PM »
Um, what? I have seen zero news about LOST returning to TV. Did you mean that LOST producer Carlton Cuse is involved with zombie drama "The Returned" on A&E?
General Chuck News / Lost returning to TV
« Last post by rickfromIllinois on April 25, 2014, 06:22:40 PM »
The producer of lost announced today that the show would be returning to TV.  The are making movies of the Veronica Mars show and the show Farscape.  Now they are returning Lost to TV.   Slight as it may be, there may be hope for Chuck.
General Discussion / Re: Binge Watching Season 3
« Last post by rab23us on April 24, 2014, 10:44:47 PM »
Oh I get the rebound, but the issue I have with these sets of episodes is that the writing as whole sets characters on a collision course for disaster if they stayed with the semi serious drama that seemed to be happening.  Also for Chuck's character he was never so casual towards his "attitudes" towards physical intamacy.

If they were going the semi serious drama route that brought Chuck and Sarah together at other guy especially in semi drunk stupor I just don't see that character just letting that go is all. 
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