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Yes, all the best! Good secret keeping!
General Discussion / Binge Watching Season 4
« Last post by rab23us on May 17, 2014, 09:44:20 AM »
Hello again everyone;

Well work has finally allowed me a moment to post again and I have noticed that the forum link on the home page has disapeared  

Season 4;

Took about a week getting through this one and I will say it was good and bad. The powers that be finally made them a couple. .Chuck learning more about his family and his familie's spy life. Ellie Pregnant, Morgan on the team moving in with Casey. .Robin Givens making an il-advised guest appearance...Chuck and Sarah guarding a dog. ..the list goes on an on...but one thing that is constant of course is they end the season as they started couple that gets married. Oh and Sarah almost dies. .

My impression of this season is that it was good it was what I personally was looking for in escapist entertainment. Watching it on netflix has made watching the series very good in my opinoin, it allowed for the story to acutally make more sense if that can be said. being able to watch multiple episodes that seem to keep the story going. While season 4 wasn't the best season overall it was still much better than the first half of season 3. I will follow up with what I consider the best episodes of the season and the worst, and there were some stinkers in my opinion.

See you all later
General Chuck News / Re: Lost returning to TV
« Last post by rickfromIllinois on May 01, 2014, 05:23:04 PM »
You are right Mel.  I had just glanced at the story and didn't read it fully since I am not a Lost fan.   What one of the Co-creaters said was the Lost will return. ..someday.   So my post is not correct.   Sorry everybody.
General Chuck News / Re: Lost returning to TV
« Last post by AgentMel on April 30, 2014, 03:55:49 PM »
Um, what? I have seen zero news about LOST returning to TV. Did you mean that LOST producer Carlton Cuse is involved with zombie drama "The Returned" on A&E?
General Chuck News / Lost returning to TV
« Last post by rickfromIllinois on April 25, 2014, 06:22:40 PM »
The producer of lost announced today that the show would be returning to TV.  The are making movies of the Veronica Mars show and the show Farscape.  Now they are returning Lost to TV.   Slight as it may be, there may be hope for Chuck.
General Discussion / Re: Binge Watching Season 3
« Last post by rab23us on April 24, 2014, 10:44:47 PM »
Oh I get the rebound, but the issue I have with these sets of episodes is that the writing as whole sets characters on a collision course for disaster if they stayed with the semi serious drama that seemed to be happening.  Also for Chuck's character he was never so casual towards his "attitudes" towards physical intamacy.

If they were going the semi serious drama route that brought Chuck and Sarah together at other guy especially in semi drunk stupor I just don't see that character just letting that go is all. 
General Discussion / Re: Binge Watching Season 3
« Last post by AgentMel on April 24, 2014, 09:10:02 PM »
After what happened in Pink Slip, Chuck and Sarah are both basically rebounding from their relationship-that-almost-was. Sarah was ready to give up everything and leave with Chuck, but he chose the spy life instead. That was a tremendous betrayal for Sarah, so she withdrew. When she was told to work with Shaw, she did. She decided to play it safe and stick to protocol (which obviously was a mistake given Shaw's agenda). When she was reeling from Chuck's rejection of her and his new relationship with Hannah, she vented to Shaw and ended up revealing her real name. IMO, she had nothing to apologize for or explain; however, I get that most guys don't understand why she blurted that out to Shaw and therefore the writers maybe should have provided that explanation.

As for Chuck, he thought he'd burned his bridges with Sarah, so when he connected with Hannah, he went with it. It wasn't the classiest thing he's ever done - she was obviously a rebound girl - but it wasn't unrealistic.
General Discussion / Re: Binge Watching Season 3
« Last post by rab23us on April 24, 2014, 09:23:04 AM »
Going through this season in binge style lead to couple of things for me while watching. As I said in my first post there are a couple of good episodes going through the first half of the season. The one episode that does bother me because they really hit you in the face with it and then acted like it never happened was Chuck Vs. The Fake Name. .I get that they were kind of going to start delving into Casey a little bit when you watch it one after the other.  .But with Sarah telling Shaw her "real" name, Chuck over hearing it and then more or less fighting with Shaw over "Sam"   Getting emotionally charged over the event and can't flash to defend himself while Sarah has the "OH CRAP!!" look on her face. .No follow apology.   no explanation.  .In this universe that completely insults the viewer, me in this instance, by not having some one (Sarah) explain something. .

So we go to the next set of episodes where another mission comes up Sarah and Shaw are playing the married couple Chuck is a wreck, and kind of whiny.  ..But he is left absolutely hanging by Sarah treating him like an absolute idiot, "you can talk to US" SERIOUSLY????? WTF????? Again in this universe that can't happen, and if my memory serves me right this is where while watching on network tv I stopped watching the show...Looking at this from that perspective I can see why I stopped watching then it became unbearable.

The other thing that really bothered me from a viewers perspective was how casual "Chuck" had become towards a sexual type of encounter with Hannah after all of the "heat" that had been generated between Sarah and he, it really made him look and in some ways act like a complete a$$, and right along so was Sarah as well. .Again what should have been an overwhelming mountain of an issue, Sarah's real name, is completely ignored and isn't even brought up again until the return of Shaw towards the end of the season when he calls her "Sam" again and all she does is give him one hell of an in your face I just owned you punch. .No talking to Chuck no acknowledgement that this whole event  should and obviously effects him. ..From a viewers stand point this is the type of event that should have completely derailed the "I love you's" in American Hero and The Other Guy, from even the loosest of cannon, Chuck would have never professed his love to Sarah until after they talked it out or least explained in a little detail why she told Shaw or at least showed her apologizing to Chuck for revealing something so personal and emotional to a person, at least in this universe she barely knew. Even binge watching this portion of this Arc it was still hard to watch. .

I can see why so many viewers may have abandoned the show at this point. While I admit the second half of the season is much better, what I have found myself doing is looking at the fan fiction and how so many other people dealt with such a horrible set of episodes and having read a tome of the material I can tell you at least from my humble opinion there are some very strong stories that would have and could have done this "misery" Arc some serious justice.

General Discussion / Re: Newbies Who Binge Watched All 5 Seasons.
« Last post by rab23us on April 24, 2014, 08:36:22 AM »
But the kissing in this case wasn't a kiss.. how should I put this in words.. it wasn't a kiss that came from only a desire to kiss, initiated by feelings. It was for all intents and purposes a kiss based on an explicit request of "hey, wanna kiss and see if that does anything?". That he worded the whole kiss idea in a passive/dismissive manner instead of straight out asking for it is just the nice way to go about it.

I mean that there probably weren't enough feelings (yet at least) on her side for a kiss to have happened in that scene had that "request" not been put out there. As such some kind of visual cue that the kiss triggered/sparked something would've been the least thing they could've done. Like a flash-like twitch followed by her putting here hand on his neck/head rather than the other way around, or something, anything. Yes she didn't quickly end it again but that doesn't say more than that she didn't dislike it, it says nothing about the state of old memory or feelings returning.


I'm a binge watcher. I had never heard of the show until last year where I caught some episodes at obscurely late times on TV and instantly liked it, and I finally got around to watching all of it this year in a pretty short time span, culminating in an extended weekend of only watching, eating and sleeping to see the last bunch of episodes.

Personally I loved the pacing. I hate it when shows drag out the will-they-wont-they stuff too long. The worst is it when shows let it come together in the last episode or so. I like it when I get to really dwell on the gushy togetherness for at the very least a season. Which is also why I hate the ending of Chuck. All along I completely loved the pacing of the relationship, everything going great, they even let me dwell on it for a good amount of time, and then BAM!, like a huge kick in the nuts (no actually more like 5 kicks and a knee).

As a "dweller", the ending with extremly vague hints and plenty of room for interpretation will never be enough for me. I'm happy for those for whom the ending is satisfactory enough, but unfortunately for me it isn't at all. I found it very disrespectful and evil by the writer(s). Chuck is a feel-good show at heart, and I feel there's an unwritten contract between the viewer and makers that such a show should have a feel-good ending (barring abrupt cancelling). You don't, as a writer, act out your ego "oh look at me, look how clever/artsy/twisty my ending is". No, you thank the viewers for having kept you employed for good amount of time by giving them an ending true to the core of the show, which for this type of show is a feel-good ending, period. Endings of such shows are already sad as it is just for the fact that they're ending, you don't pull something evil like that.

Anyway.  As a binge watcher I thought the Shaw/Sarah arch worked out nicely. Had I watched it one episode a week then I may have felt different. I remember being afraid of them dragging it out for too long when Shaw entered the picture, like dragging it out an entire season and have a cliffhanger ending, but with binge watching I felt pretty satisfied with the amount of time. It may very well have been luck, if that was the season they thought would be shorter, so in fact they had planned to drag out Shaw the entire season but then ended up with more eps. Luck or no, I liked how that turned out.

I wasn't a big fan of Morgan getting the intersect as I watched it, but remember feeling like it could be a fun little adventure if it only lasted for a short time. Although had I watched it when it aired I'm sure it would have annoyed me badly to have a season end with him having it and then enduring the long wait for the conclusion of that.

This absolutely in a nutshell.  .
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