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General Discussion / Re: Newbies Who Binge Watched All 5 Seasons.
« Last post by sappy on April 10, 2014, 11:45:50 AM »
But the kissing in this case wasn't a kiss.. how should I put this in words.. it wasn't a kiss that came from only a desire to kiss, initiated by feelings. It was for all intents and purposes a kiss based on an explicit request of "hey, wanna kiss and see if that does anything?". That he worded the whole kiss idea in a passive/dismissive manner instead of straight out asking for it is just the nice way to go about it.

I mean that there probably weren't enough feelings (yet at least) on her side for a kiss to have happened in that scene had that "request" not been put out there. As such some kind of visual cue that the kiss triggered/sparked something would've been the least thing they could've done. Like a flash-like twitch followed by her putting here hand on his neck/head rather than the other way around, or something, anything. Yes she didn't quickly end it again but that doesn't say more than that she didn't dislike it, it says nothing about the state of old memory or feelings returning.


I'm a binge watcher. I had never heard of the show until last year where I caught some episodes at obscurely late times on TV and instantly liked it, and I finally got around to watching all of it this year in a pretty short time span, culminating in an extended weekend of only watching, eating and sleeping to see the last bunch of episodes.

Personally I loved the pacing. I hate it when shows drag out the will-they-wont-they stuff too long. The worst is it when shows let it come together in the last episode or so. I like it when I get to really dwell on the gushy togetherness for at the very least a season. Which is also why I hate the ending of Chuck. All along I completely loved the pacing of the relationship, everything going great, they even let me dwell on it for a good amount of time, and then BAM!, like a huge kick in the nuts (no actually more like 5 kicks and a knee).

As a "dweller", the ending with extremly vague hints and plenty of room for interpretation will never be enough for me. I'm happy for those for whom the ending is satisfactory enough, but unfortunately for me it isn't at all. I found it very disrespectful and evil by the writer(s). Chuck is a feel-good show at heart, and I feel there's an unwritten contract between the viewer and makers that such a show should have a feel-good ending (barring abrupt cancelling). You don't, as a writer, act out your ego "oh look at me, look how clever/artsy/twisty my ending is". No, you thank the viewers for having kept you employed for good amount of time by giving them an ending true to the core of the show, which for this type of show is a feel-good ending, period. Endings of such shows are already sad as it is just for the fact that they're ending, you don't pull something evil like that.

Anyway.  As a binge watcher I thought the Shaw/Sarah arch worked out nicely. Had I watched it one episode a week then I may have felt different. I remember being afraid of them dragging it out for too long when Shaw entered the picture, like dragging it out an entire season and have a cliffhanger ending, but with binge watching I felt pretty satisfied with the amount of time. It may very well have been luck, if that was the season they thought would be shorter, so in fact they had planned to drag out Shaw the entire season but then ended up with more eps. Luck or no, I liked how that turned out.

I wasn't a big fan of Morgan getting the intersect as I watched it, but remember feeling like it could be a fun little adventure if it only lasted for a short time. Although had I watched it when it aired I'm sure it would have annoyed me badly to have a season end with him having it and then enduring the long wait for the conclusion of that.
General Discussion / Re: Did Sarah loved Shaw?
« Last post by BillAtwork on April 09, 2014, 05:38:04 PM »
Wow.  It's been a long time.  This is a favorite point for me.  Here is my take.

I think that Sarah's feelings for Shaw were similar to her feelings for Bryce.   She didn't love either of them.  At least, she wasn't 'in love' with them.  She knew better. Spies can't be in love.  The most they can have is a partner with benefits.

Sarah had just gotten to the point where she was willing to trust Chuck.  to trust love.  And he destroyed her in Prague.  So the first part of S3 was Sarah's conflict.  Could she ever trust Chuck, ever trust love again?  Or was she better off with the spy life?  With the partner who would have her back but wouldn't ever make emotional demands?  That was her decision at the end of American Hero.  She was ready to tust love again.  It was an amazing concept.  If executed just a little better, it might have made S3 make sense.   

Now admittedly, the writers blurred that point a little.  But I do like the concept.
General Discussion / Re: Newbies Who Binge Watched All 5 Seasons.
« Last post by AgentMel on April 04, 2014, 05:08:00 PM »
Gotcha. To me, kissing a man is a pretty concrete indication of feelings - certainly moreso than a shoulder nudge - but that's my own perspective.
General Discussion / Re: Newbies Who Binge Watched All 5 Seasons.
« Last post by jammer345 on April 03, 2014, 09:51:04 AM »
Her kissing Chuck wasn't enough?

I know the old Sarah would not have accepted the kiss, but for me it felt like it was a shot in the dark type of thing to do, almost a hail mary to get some validation between herself and Chuck.  I needed something concrete an acknowledgement to the audience that things were at least looking up, at least for those who would be seeing it for the first time. 
Watch Chuck Campaign HQ / Re: Promoting Chuck
« Last post by jammer345 on April 03, 2014, 09:48:16 AM »
Zac nixed the idea of a series in a recent Q&A on Ustream. As we've said all along, a movie is much more viable because it doesn't require the same time commitment as a series. Zac confirmed that.

Booooooooo, but I'd love to have something anything to tie it all up.  I am still hopeful for that, as we all are.
General Discussion / Re: Newbies Who Binge Watched All 5 Seasons.
« Last post by AgentMel on March 31, 2014, 03:48:22 PM »
Her kissing Chuck wasn't enough?
Watch Chuck Campaign HQ / Re: Promoting Chuck
« Last post by AgentMel on March 31, 2014, 03:47:32 PM »
Zac nixed the idea of a series in a recent Q&A on Ustream. As we've said all along, a movie is much more viable because it doesn't require the same time commitment as a series. Zac confirmed that.
General Discussion / Re: Newbies Who Binge Watched All 5 Seasons.
« Last post by jammer345 on March 31, 2014, 08:01:36 AM »
I watched my first episode of Chuck about 6-7 weeks ago. I'm now 3 episodes away from finishing my 2nd watch of the series (and of course trying to get emotionally ready to do that again).

I watch a lot of shows, but never gave Chuck a chance while it was on. The idea of a silly spy comedy didn't interest me in the least.  I only watched it because I had watched Yvonne do her best to redeem the last couple of seasons of Dexter (she tried valiantly, but nobody was saving that train wreck).

Obviously, I figured out my pre-judgement of Chuck was all kinds of wrong. I assume I'm preaching to the choir here, but Chuck is the most emotional and entertaining show I've ever watched.
I've never seen a show combine emotion, humor, and action into such a satisfying blend.
The only shows I've liked more are The Wire and Breaking Bad.

Regarding the end, I was very angry at first.
I thought this was the most evil trick a writers room had ever pulled on an audience.  All feelings I'm sure have been expressed by many, many Chuck fans.
I just couldn't believe the show would go there, and in my mind at the time, take Sarah away from Chuck (and us) like that. The end of Bullet Train was the most traumatic thing I've ever seen on TV.
(It was particularly traumatic for me as my own wife suffered a significant brain injury the week after we got engaged, and many of those aspects hit so close to home).

It took about a week, but I came to terms with the ending.
I got my head right with everything, and became fully convinced that Sarah is still there and the memories will be. Also even convinced the writers didn't intend for much ambiguity there.

Season 5 is actually my favorite season, and the middle part of S4 (Business Trip through Bo Derek) was my favorite stretch of the show even while I was coming to terms with the end.
To me, S5 was a highly satisfying and fun culmination of 4 seasons of character development. These people were finally the people we wanted to see them become, and I'm so glad we 13 episodes to just enjoy that (with whatever caveat is necessary for the ending on that regard).
I see a good number didn't like S5, and I'm just not sure how that's possible.

Regarding binge watching, I can't know because I didn't do it the other way, but I'm fairly confident that it helped my love it more.

Chuck seems like the sort of show where you don't want to nitpick the nuts and bolts. Without a doubt, some plot devices were a stretch, the Intersect mythology goes sideways, and many of the villains were weak with questionable motivations.

With a week between episodes, I could see that end up delving into those sorts of problems, but for me, that completely don't matter.
This show asks you to just go with it at times, and if you do, the reward is fantastic. You get that perfect blend of emotion, comedy, and action. As far as I know, no show has ever delivered all of those 3 things in spades, along with an air-tight plot.
This story is all about the characters, so I view everything from their POV. If they are "buying it", so am I.

Binge watching also helped during those early parts of S3 where I gather the show lost a ton of viewers.
I did get annoyed during those times with a few things, and obviously with the Shaw stuff and the will they/won't they getting pushed to it's limits. I've come to terms with much of those things (I'm totally fine with "Sam" for example), but I could see where watching that week-to-week would've been extremely frustrating.

Instead, I could power through it and get to "Other Guy" in a short amount of real life time.

Anyway, just some random thoughts as someone late to the party for this great show.

I had a similar experience of not really giving it a chance, I watched season 1 as a SR in high school, but the entire length of the series ran through my college years and I never picked it back up until I saw it on Netflix this past year.  After watching it from the beginning again, as you said the blend of comedy, drama, action, romance is well blended into many of the episodes.  I do think we get Sarah back at the end if I had to say yes or no, but sometime of discernible action like a shoulder bump into Chuck or placing her head on his shoulder would have been enough for me to say at least she is coming back, that would have satisfied me.
Watch Chuck Campaign HQ / Re: Promoting Chuck
« Last post by jammer345 on March 31, 2014, 07:55:19 AM »
I think a netflix series would be many fan's hope. I would love to see it too!

This is my hope as well, it would give creative license to expand the characters beyond the restraints of network TV.
General Discussion / Re: Nerd HQ Campaign
« Last post by AgentMel on March 30, 2014, 07:01:22 PM »
We've been promoting it on the main site as well as Twitter and FB (and we contributed). I think TNM stumbled right out of the gate with this one, but Zac has done several informational sessions to answer questions and explain in more detail what his plans are, which is good. Just not sure it's enough to reach their goal. :(
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