Author Topic: Season 3 Episode 4: Chuck Vs Operation Awesome  (Read 17322 times)

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Re: Season 3 Episode 4: Chuck Vs Operation Awesome
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I rewatched this ep earlier and I noticed when Chuck first meets Shaw the music playing is the ramping up portion of the Ring theme tune, perhaps slightly rearranged or at a different tempo. Nice one show.

I'm going to really miss that music, I hope Shaw comes back again just so I can hear it again. Its as iconic to me as the 'Sarah' emotional/decision moment theme which I also think is the first part of the shows original score end credit sequence.
Casey- Probably not the best idea to give the "It's not you, it's me" speech to a trained assassin wielding a knife.

Casey- You'll be forwarded to Colonel Saunders. .don't make fun of his name.