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« on: May 22, 2007, 10:15:45 AM » Forum Rules

Our Prime Directive.
We’re here to have fun! On occasion, we all ponder the mysteries of life, but no one wants to come here and walk away needing antidepressants. If you have anger issues, deal with it on your own time or get some therapy. And if you have serious personal issues, please consult your family, friends, or the appropriate medical/psychiatric professional.

AgentMel, CTLiz and Happydayz are the Administrators of this Forum (aka Mods). Simply put, this is our Forum and what we say goes. We may live in a democracy, but this Forum isn’t one. We are reasonable and fairly tolerant people. We generally confer about any perceived problem, and go with a consensus to be fair. We will strive to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but break the rules and you will be dealt with quickly.

If you have any problems or questions while in the Forum, feel free to contact one of the Mods. However, we cannot be held responsible for posts within this Forum. We’ll do the best we can to see that the rules aren’t violated, but please remember that we have other things going on and may not be able to follow up on an issue as quickly as you’d wish.

We have two ways of dealing with those who break the Rules: Making you a non-posting member or outright banning. It is noted below what constitutes something bad enough for you to be banned. Please keep in mind that if you are banned, you won't even be able to come in and visit as a Guest. We have several methods of 'banning' people from re-registering or even visiting us. So think well and hard before you decide to post.

If you are made a non-posting member, it means that you can still visit the Board and read the news and posts, but you cannot post, nor can you send or receive Emails or PMs; most ‘punishments’ fall under this category.

OK. It looks like a long list, but our rules are really fairly simple, and usually apply to just about any Forum/Board/Discussion Group on the Internet. But they bear repeating. They involve posting in a mature and understandable manner, using common sense and common courtesy. Remember that and you can't go wrong.

Bottom line: You aren't even allowed one offense for
Personal Attacks
Spamming (see details below)
Stealing Images (see definitions below)
Registering more than one username in an attempt to deceive.

The post will be eliminated and you will be banned. End of discussion.

Other infractions, and this is important:

You will receive one Personal Message from the Mods as a warning; a second infraction of any kind, you will be designated a non-posting member. We will look at each issue on a case by case basis, but our decision is final.

The Legal Stuff

COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998). recognizes the “Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998”, Title 13 of the United States Code, Section 13, and the regulations so provided for by the United States Federal Trade Commission. does not specifically target any of its content to children under the age of 13 years, nor does it knowingly solicit, collect, gather, receive, accept, or store personal information from children under the age of 13 years. is intended for an adult audience and requires that participants at this site be age 13 years or older. By submitting any content or information to this site, including but not limited to registration to use the message board and use of the chat room, such person is acknowledging the age requirement and is confirming to that he or she is age 13 years or older. Anyone found to be in violation of this age requirement will be banned from participation on the site.

Registration Information

We currently require Admin approval for your registration to be completed.

~ Board Usernames
You may read these and say “but you allowed someone else with such-and-such a username”. Yes, and they’re probably the reason we came up with a rule disallowing it.

You are more than welcome to use a ‘handle’ (nickname), but it cannot be longer than 20 characters. Intentional deception won’t be tolerated. For now, we are approving all requests for registration that following the guidelines below. Unless you have irrefutable proof you’re the real Zachary Levi or Sarah Lancaster, for example, don't even try it.

Also not allowed:
Special characters (non-alpha, non-numeric)
Usernames that are all numbers.
Usernames with more than 4 numbers; and the numbers must be together, after the letters.
The “xxusernamexx” thing. It’s annoying.
Don’t PlAy WiTh ThE cApS LoCk ThInG.
No character names from the series.
No movie/television titles.
It is at the Mod’s discretion whether a username is acceptable or not.

If you attempt to register an non-allowable username 3 times (meaning you haven't bothered to read the Rules), you will not be allowed to register again. You will be included in the numerous ban filters we have at our disposal.

Duplicate Accounts
In a word: No. We don't allow duplicate accounts, unless you can give us a really good reason (e.g. two people in the same household, sharing an IP address). All accounts will be banned if we discover duplicates.

We track IP addresses. If we notice that you're using an anonymizer or another method of disguising where you're from, we'll assume you're up to no good and send you a warning. If you continue to post "incognito", you'll be banned.

The Rules

Posting, Period

Newbies are defined as users who have posted 10 or fewer times. If you remember to post in a generally grown-up manner (no netspeak, try and remember to capitalize and punctuate, stay away from the "OMG, he/she is sooo HOTTT!" type of posts), you'll do fine.

~ Proper Sentence Construction/Punctuation
We expect you to use proper punctuation, grammar, and capital letters when appropriate (this includes thread titles!). For example: It's I'm, not im; can't, not cant. Punctuation was 'invented' for a purpose - to make it easier to read the written word. Use it. The occasional typo or unintentional misspelling are not the issue - posting in a generally adult manner is. Allowances are always given for those from other than English-speaking countries - but, to the best of our knowledge, all languages have capital letters and punctuation.

Also! We may like punctuation, but only when called for! Like! Excessive use of it!!!! (Sorry to be sarcastic, but I hope you get the idea. It's as if you're constantly shouting.)

In a similar vein, no run-on sentences, please. They're really irritating and give us all a headache when we try to read them because most of us are used to sentences making up a paragraph, not a paragraph making up a sentence.

We have several text and font color choices. But please just use them for emphasis, not for your entire post. If we have to go in and correct a post of yours more than a couple of times for this, you will receive an official warning.

Post Content

~ No Teeny-type Posts
We have a low NO tolerance for the "OMG, he is SOOOOO HOT!!" posts. If it's on the Board, it will be deleted and you will receive a non-warning PM. Do it again, and you will receive an official warning.

Along these lines - if you can't add to the conversation, please don't post. The one-word posts and posting for the sake of posting is spamming. This includes shout-outs to another board member. If you need to communicate with one or two other people, please utilize the PM system. Personal messages posted on the Board will be deleted. The first incident will result in an non-warning PM; do it again and you will receive an official warning.

~ No Personal Attacks.
This means against any Admin, Mod or Member. We can have healthy discussion, and even mild debate, without it getting 'personal'.

If we find that someone is attacking any Administrator, Moderator or Member of in another Forum/Message Board/LJ, or sharing private correspondence received from these entities in a public manner, they will be banned. We will never share private Board business in public; we expect the same from our Members.

Also, harassment/annoying of another member via the Board's Private Message or Email services will not be tolerated. Depending upon the situation (idiocy vs. malevolence), violators will either be made non-posting or banned. If you feel you’re having a problem with someone harassing you (or creeping you out in general via PMs or EMs), please contact one of the Mods.

Any statement even remotely racial or sexist targeted at anyone or anything will be removed and the poster given one warning before being banned.

This includes the cast members' family, friends, management, or anyone whom they see fit to associate with. We’re above that kind of pettiness.

Nor do we want to delve into unsubstantiated rumors or gossip about the cast's private lives. It is frankly none of our business, and rumor and innuendo could be damaging to them as this is a public forum. And we never know who could be ‘listening in’.

In keeping with the "no gossip" policy, we will not posting any photographs of the cast that were obviously taken without their knowledge or consent during private time (aka paparazzi photos). Any that are posted will be removed, and it will be the Mods' own judgment as to what constitutes this kind of photograph. If there's a question as to whether or not something is 'postable', please ask us.

Also, no attacks or threats to others who may not even be a part of (say, someone you have 'issues' with on another Board).

~ No Trolling
For those of you unfamiliar, here is a definition of trolling: Posting an outrageous message to a newsgroup or mailing list or message board to bait people to answer. Trolling is a form of harassment that can take over a discussion. Well meaning defenders can create chaos by responding to trolls. If we catch anyone who is trolling or even appears to be trolling – you will be banned.

~ No Spamming.

Spamming, by our definition, can occur in several ways:
Posting the same information on several different forums just for the sake of doing it or to irritate the Members or Admins. Pick the appropriate Forum and post there only.

Posting for the sake of posting, or in order to increase your post count. You don’t need to respond to every thread on the Board when you’re new (which is most often when this happens). Slow down and pick those where you can add to the discussion.

Sending out mass EMs to Members or Admins, or assisting in the sending of mass EMs (gathering of information, etc.). It is an abuse of the information provided by Members in their Profiles.

Spamming in any form will cause the party or parties to receive a warning, and, depending on the circumstances or severity of the problem, can result in being banned immediately.

~ BANNED: Religion and politics
This is a board for discussing a television show. Unless it is within the context of an episode, these hot-button topics are off-limits. There are plenty of other places to discuss these topics online.

~ Smut Level
Let’s try and keep it PG-13. Remember this is a public forum that anyone can look at, including the cast. The double entendre is acceptable – just try not and cross the line into crudeness. If in doubt, send us a PM with your proposed post and we’ll let you know if it’s acceptable. Please remember that the cast members are a real people and should be treated as such, with respect. It will be a judgment call by the Mods – if one of us is squicked by what you’ve posted, it will most likely be edited.

No posting of photographs, art or text (e.g., from a fan fic) of an adult nature is allowed. If you’re going to post a link to said art or text, please preface it with a disclaimer that it is NC-17.

And NO posting of manipulated photos or animations of a slash nature. Do it, and you will receive an official warning.

Double entendres are OK. But referring to the act of love directly is crude and uncalled for, not to mention showing a complete lack of respect. If your post contains comments the Mods feel cross the line into crudeness, you will be issued a warning. This includes the characters - because, face it, you're not talking about the characters, really.

These same rules apply to avatars or signature images.

We're also instituting a ban on posting about when you have a dream involving anyone from the cast (sleeping or daydreaming). We've been down the road more than once, and the threads always get out of hand. You can exchange them via PMs/EMs, but not on the Board. Do it on the Board - you'll receive your first and only warning.

See, didn’t that seem like I was shouting? If you’re too lazy to turn off the Caps Lock, maybe you need to find another hobby.

~ Don’t PlAy WiTh ThE cApS LoCk ThInG
It must be really tiring to do that, and it’s a pain in the neck to read.

~ Please Post in English
It’s the native language of those who set up this board, and it’s only fair. Plus Moderating becomes difficult when you don’t know the language. We still expect you to use capital letters where appropriate, and adequate punctuation; it is a requirement in all languages. Your post needs to be readable and understandable.

However, please don’t be put off if English is your second language – we will be most tolerant of the occasional slip-up and hope this Forum is an opportunity to improve your knowledge of the language. If you don’t understand a word or a phrase, please ask; someone will be more than happy to help explain it. We have quite an international, non-native English speaking representation here and someone is bound to be able to help.

If your knowledge of the English language is so limited as to not be understandable (or only includes a few words), perhaps it is best you continue as a lurker. Again, this will be up to the judgment of the Mods.

And please, if you have problems with dyslexia, don’t let that discourage you from posting either. We recommend typing your post in Word and running spell check before copying and pasting to the Forum, or simply using the Preview and Edit options on your posts.

~ Spoilers
We have a Spoilers & Speculation section available to Members; please post all spoiler information in those threads.

~ Member Pictures
For now, personal photos are banned unless it is a photo of you with one of the cast members from the show.

~ No Hotlinking of Images from a Site Not Your Own
Hotlinking is posting of an image to another place on the Internet by directly linking to it from a server which you do not control. This includes avatars, signature images or pictures. It’s bad Netiquette. It robs website owners of much-needed bandwidth. If we see a hotlinked image, you will receive an official warning.

However, if we trace a hotlink from our server back to your LJ or website or another Board (this includes avatars and smilies), you will be banned. No warning will be issued.

Also, if you nick/steal a unique sig image, avatar, photo manip, wallpaper, etc., from one of our Members for use on your own pages/LJ or another Board - we'll check with the owner first, but if they didn't give you permission, say buh-bye.

~ No Posting of Images from Pirated Material
We love movie and television screencaps - but not from projects not yet released on TV/video/DVD. I'm not about to incur the wrath of Hollywood - I'd like to keep my house and my computer, thankyouverymuch. We also ask that you not use images from pirated material in your avatar or signature image. Look, by purchasing or using pirated material, you're essentially stealing from the pockets of those involved with the film. Like our cast members. You may have every intention of obtaining a legal copy as soon as it's available, but you're still supporting those who make a buck off of the show and give nothing back.

~ No Posting of Links to Illegal Download Sites/Torrents
We know that, especially for fans outside the U.S., it's hard to wait for legal options to watch Chuck. We also know that there are plenty of places online to download episodes illegally. But it is illegal, and therefore links to those sites are not permitted here. Again, we would like to keep our houses.

~ No Posting of Information to Spam Other Sites/Twitter/Etc.
We know that Chuck fans are enthusiastic about supporting the show and want to share the love, but we do not condone automatic posting of messages (e.g. "spambots" or "Twitbots") to other websites, including Twitter. This is poor netiquette and not something we wish to be a part of in any capacity.

~ Avatars and Sig Images - What's Not Allowed
No images from paparazzi photos or pirated material. We also do not allow images that make reference to a cast member's personal life (aka love life). As for the text with your signature - again, keep it clean and keep away from personal relationships.

Dimensions may not exceed the following or your avatar/sig will be modified by a Mod:
avatars: 100pixels x 100pixels
signatures: 500 pixels wide x 200 pixels high (including any text)

In closing, let me tell you our simple philosophy: When we are deciding To Mod or Not To Mod, we use this guideline: If the cast members or anyone associated or related to them were to read it, would they be hurt or offended by what they read? Use that guideline and it’s pretty hard to go wrong.

These Rules are subject to change at any time (like when a Newbie comes up with something new and irritating to us  ;)).
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