Reviews for Zachary Levi in FIRST DATE


Last night was the official opening of First Date the Musical on Broadway (it had been in previews previously), and the reviews are coming in from critics. Fans have been cheering about the play and Zac on Twitter for weeks, so I’d say the general public are enjoying it, but what about the people who write about theatre for a ...

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Ryan McPartlin Heads South to HART OF DIXIE


Chuck alum Ryan McPartlin is ready to work his romantic wiles again – this time on the women of fictional Bluebell, Alabama, in the CW’s Hart of Dixie. (Probably not coincidentally, Chuck co-creator/executive producer Josh Schwartz is also an executive producer of Dixie, and series star Rachel Bilson co-starred as Lou during Chuck‘s first season.) According to, Ryan will ...

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Support the Victoria Clarke Movie Project + Tim Jones!


You guys like spies, right? And strong female characters? And comic book style action? And steampunk? Because we’ve just had word about a very cool new project in the works that involves all of the above plus Chuck composer Tim Jones at the musical helm. Filmmaker and science fiction fan Kendrick Wallace is developing The Amazing Adventures of Victoria Clarke, ...

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VIDEO: Zachary Levi on NerdHQ, First Date, Chuck Movie, & Thor


Zachary Levi had a lot going on this week at Comic Con, but he took a few minutes to sit down with TVLine to chat about it all for our benefit. His comments about the Chuck movie are probably of most interest to Chucksters; he talks about the probable timeline – a couple of years, as we’ve been saying – ...

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VIDEO: Yvonne Strahovkski Talks Chuck Marathon, Movie, & Dexter


TVLine caught up with Yvonne Strahovski at Comic Con and talked to her about marathoning Chuck‘s first couple of seasons, Zac’s plans for a Chuck movie (“He had lots plans for different things, and they usually work out very nicely.”), and hitting Hall H twice to promote the final season of Dexter and her feature film I, Frankenstein.

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Mekenna Melvin is back on our screens, starring in a new Lifetime Movie Network original movie, The Nightmare Nanny. Mekenna plays Amber, a young woman on the road to a happy life with the man she loves and a baby on the way, but when tragedy strikes, her perfect world is turned upside down. Trying to make a fresh start, ...

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Zac Fans, Get 35% Off Tickets To His Broadway Debut!


Chucksters and fans of Zachary Levi, we are delighted to share a special discount on tickets to his Broadway debut, First Date! Producers of the hilarious new Broadway musical are offering Zac’s fans up to 35% off tickets to performances from July 9 to September 1. As a certain Captain would say, awesome! Not sure what we’re talking about? Here’s the lowdown ...

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Jesse Heiman: World’s Greatest Extra Documentary Needs Your Help

Cover Image

Jesse Heiman, known to Chuck fans as Buy More employee Fernando, is the subject of a new documentary called Jesse Heiman: World’s Greatest Extra. This feature length film follows a year in the life of Hollywood’s most recognizable background actor. World’s Greatest Extra was inspired by the fan-made video of Jesse in the background of a variety of movies and TV ...

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Yvonne Strahovski & Sarah Lancaster Hit the Beach {PHOTOS}


Chuck stars Yvonne Strahovski and Sarah Lancaster seemed to be arranging an outing via Twitter over the weekend, and when fans caught wind of it, they promised to send us photos of the “big surprise”. Turns out, the fictional sisters-in-law spent the day at the beach catching some rays and paddle boarding. They Tweeted photos of their day to make ...

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105 Chuck Podcasts Now on YouTube


Gray has been working overtime to upload Chuck vs. the Podcast to You Tube, and he’s finally finished! You can find 105 episodes* of our world-famous, award-winning, totally awesome podcast right here, beginning with episode 001 and Yvonne Strahovski. Now you can queue up an episode of Chuck and the corresponding episode of Chuck vs. the Podcast and pretend like ...

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Sarah Lancaster to Star Opposite Robert Downey, Jr.


The world’s awesomest big sister is about to meet Iron Man: The Hollywood Reporter reported today that Sarah Lancaster has landed a role opposite Robert Downey, Jr. in the upcoming film The Judge. According to THR, the movie follows a successful attorney (RDJ) who returns to his hometown for his mother’s funeral to discover that his estranged father, the town’s judge, ...

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PHOTOS: Yvonne Attends DEXTER Gala

The eighth, and final, season of Dexter premieres June 30 on Showtime, and last night the show celebrated those eight seasons with a red carpet gala. Yvonne, who is confirmed to return as Hannah McKay for at least part of the season, joined her fellow cast members to celebrate. Photos:

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Vik Sahay Nominated for Canadian Comedy Award


The Canadian Comedy Award nominations were announced last week, and our own Vik Sahay was nominated for his work in the indie film My Awkward Sexual Adventure. The movie received several nominations, including: MULTIMEDIA / BEST MALE PERFORMANCE IN A FEATURE – Vik Sahay MULTIMEDIA / BEST WRITING IN A FEATURE – Jonas Chernik MULTIMEDIA / BEST FEMALE PERFORMANCE IN ...

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Zachary Levi Prepares to Take Broadway

The cast of FIRST DATE

Zachary Levi’s Broadway debut – the new romantic musical comedy First Date – may still be a couple of months away, but he and co-star Krysta Rodriguez are already publicizing their new project. The pair attended the Tony Awards in New York on Sunday night, participated in Broadway Rocks last week, and a new behind-the-scenes, get-to-know-you video went up on ...

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