Chuck Collectible Figures: A Review

A review of the Chuck collectible figures - Chuck Bartowski, John Casey, Sarah Walker, and Charles Carmichael

Earlier this week a box arrived on homemade viagra my doorstep from NBC Universal containing all four of the Chuck collectible figures unveiled recently. (Available for pre-order now with a May 22 ship date.) I’m not a big collector of action figures or figurines, although I do have a large number of Legolas figurines and everyone from lurking in a closet somewhere, ... Read More »

VIDEO: “Thank You” Featurette from Chuck Season 5 Box Set


The first “extra” from the Chuck season 5 DVD and Blu-ray sets has leaked, and ZacharyLeviFan snagged it for us to share. It’s two minutes of the cast saying “thank you” to Chuck fans for our support over the past five years, while on the set of the final episode. You might want to grab a tissue. Stupid Santa Ana winds. ... Read More »

Watch Zachary Levi on Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show


Zachary Levi was a guest on Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show this week, spending a couple of hours chatting about everything from Disneyland to singing at the Oscars to defining “nerd” to his vision for how to produce a Chuck movie to answering fan questions. It’s an excellent two hours; grab a beverage and a snack and settle in for a ... Read More »