Zachary Levi & Adam Baldwin at Thrilling Adventure Hour

Zachary Levi and Adam Baldwin reunited as surprise guests on this month’s Thrilling Adventure Hour production, along with Nathan Fillion. Thrilling Adventure Hour is a staged comedy production in the style of an old-time radio show, performed monthly at Largo LA. Friend of ChuckTV Roz was in the audience Saturday evening and was indeed thrilled to see Zac and Adam. She’ll be ...

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Carrie-Anne Moss Signs on to CBS Pilot

Following her awesome recurring role on Chuck season 5, Casey’s danger-lovin’ woman is moving on to a new challenge: taming Las Vegas. Deadline reports that Carrie-Anne Moss has signed on to an as yet untitled CBS pilot from Ralph Lamb. Set in the 1960s, the series tells the true story of Ralph Lamb (played by Dennis Quaid), the rodeo cowboy who ...

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Ultimate Chuck Sing Off: The SERIES Competition, Round 1

After some deliberations about odd numbers of songs, we’ve finally come up with a solution for the Ultimate Chuck Sing Off. The first round of the SERIES competition will pit the winners of Season 1-4 against each other, 2 songs from Season 5 against each other, and 2 songs from JEFFSTER against each other. If we’ve done the math correctly, ...

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Ryan McPartlin Joins CSI: MIAMI for Remainder of This Season

Ryan McPartlin debuted on CSI: Miami at the end of Sunday’s episode, and per Ryan, he’ll be recurring on the show for the rest of the season. Ryan is playing Josh Avery, a State’s Attorney who happens to be dating Gabby, the object of Wolfe’s affection. You can watch his first episode at (Ryan appears around the 39:30 mark) ...

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Chuck vs. the Podcast 105: Chris Fedak Answers!

On the last podcast, you saw the man behind the music, and got to witness the full depth of his mesmerizing “Question and Answer” music cue. This week, be mesmerized by the man behind the show, in an 84 minute question and answer session! Click image to play video… more details below. We had over 700 questions submitted… obviously we ...

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Chuck Cameos on THE OFFICE

Zachary Levi in Chuck season 5 premiere

On last night’s episode of The Office, Jim and Dwight are tasked with finding ways to bring people into the new Sabre store in Florida (I think…it’s been a while since I watched that show). One of them decided to recruit a “celebrity”: Zachary Levi as Chuck. The cardboard version, that is. Check out the shots of our favorite Nerd ...

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Can’t Stop the Signal: Adam Baldwin to Guest Star on CASTLE

A couple of weeks ago I had to go to Dallas for work and ended up being sick the whole time. Like, fever-stuffy-head-lost-my-voice-right-before-my-presentation sick. So when I wasn’t in meetings trying to avoid infecting other people, I was in my hotel room watching [easyazon-link asin=”B0000AQS0F”]Firefly[/easyazon-link] on Netflix for the umpteenth time because it makes me feel better. Why is this relevant? ...

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Jesus, Don’t Let Me Die Before I’ve Had Sex: A Film by Matt Barber

Chuck editor/director Matt Barber is hard at work on his next project, a documentary titled Jesus, Don’t Let Me Die Before I’ve Had Sex, and he needs Chucksters to help! Per the filmmakers, Jesus, Don’t Let Me Die Before I’ve Had Sex will be a feature-length documentary examining the sexual teachings of the Evangelical Church and exploring the undercurrent of idealism ...

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PHOTOS: Additional Stills from Chuck Season 5

Chuck vs. the Goodbye

The Warner Bros. press site was recently updated with more stills from Chuck season 5, including some we haven’t seen before from “Chuck vs. the Hack Off”, “Chuck vs. the Santa Suit”, “Chuck vs. the Bullet Train”, and “Chuck vs. the Goodbye”. Enjoy!

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Survey Says: Most People Liked the Chuck Finale & More Survey Results

Following the series finale of Chuck, we launched our fourth Chuck Fan Survey to gather quantitative data in addition to the qualitative (comments left on the site, in the forum, emails, etc.) about the final episodes, season 5, and the entire series. The Chuck Fan Survey is, obviously, representative of online fan opinions, meaning those Chuck fans who are seek ...

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Zachary Levi Decodes the Chuck Finale & Talks About His New Pilot

This week’s episodes of TVLine’s Spoiler Alert! video includes Zachary Levi joining Michael Ausiello, Matt Mitovich, and Parenthood‘s Sam Jaeger to talk about his new pilot, Let It Go. He also addresses the fan reaction to the Chuck series finale and gives his interpretation of that final scene.

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Chuck Season 5 Coming to Australia in March

Head’s up Chucksters Down Under! Per Foxtel’s subscriber magazine, Chuck season 5 will premiere on Fox 8 in Australia on Wednesday, March 21 at 7:30PM. We don’t have airdates for other countries yet. When we do, we’ll post! Thanks to garyb for the info!

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Chuck Guest Stars Sign On To Pilots

A couple of Chuck alumni are looking to return to TV next fall in a pair of new projects currently in the pilot stage: recurring guest stars Brandon Routh and Kristin Kreuk have signed on to pilots for CBS and the CW respectively. Deadline reports that Routh has joined Partners, the CBS half-hour pilot from the producers of Will & ...

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Yvonne Strahovski Talks “Moving On” & Body Paint

AskMen has a new interview with Yvonne Strahovski, now that it’s been several weeks since the end of Chuck, in which she talks about being ready to move on, what’s coming up next, and those SoBe ads. Congratulations on Chuck. Are you sad that it’s over, or excited to move on? The end was very bittersweet, but I think we’re all ...

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