Webisode Spoilers

We now have spoilers for the Chuck Webisodes, or “Sodes”, as they were lovingly referred to at Comic Con by Josh Schwartz. Check out our SPOILERS section and see what’s going on in Chuckland between weekly episodes. Read More »

Zac Rocks Out With The Band From TV

Zac got in touch with his inner rock star yesterday when he took the stage at Netflix Live! Presents The Band From TV. In a duet with Bob Guiney, Zac holds his own and looks to be having a blast on stage. We have lots more pics in the Gallery, plus this video clip from our own afrocurl who attended ... Read More »

Schwartz, Fedak & Zac Spills (some) Beans on Season 2

From Rachel at Collider.com comes this very informative interview with Chuck co-creators Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak, and our leading man, Zachary Levi: During comic con I got to go to a couple of interviews, the first of which set my geeky heart to new levels of excitement as I got to interview the cast of Chuck. First up were ... Read More »

PHOTOS: Everyone at the TCAs

You know what’s a good idea? When you get a slew of photos from an event and you get them tagged and ready to post? It’s a good idea to upload them before you go to Comic Con, otherwise you’ll completely forget about them. That’s right kids, hot off the cold presses, we bring you a bunch of photos of ... Read More »