Adam Baldwin Reveals ‘Chuck’ Secrets

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed and follow us on Twitter. Thanks for visiting! In an interview with TV Guide, Adam Baldwin talks ratings, cliffhangers, Firefly, and the softer side of Major Casey: Is Casey developing a kinder gentler attitude toward Chuck? Baldwin: Yeah, he’s finding a way into Chuck’s humor somewhat, ... Read More »

“Chuck vs. the Imported Hard Salami” music

This week, I come asking for your help. While I’m excellent at lyrics and songs, instrumental dance music is hard to identify. In the effort of full disclosure, I can’t identify anything this week. However, I know that you are all great, and will help me out. Chuck and Lou making out – ? Lester walks into see Sarah at ... Read More »

Yvonne on KTLA Morning News

Thanks to Jeremy at KTLA, we have a 7-minute video of Yvonne Strahovski on the KTLA Morning News yesterday. She talks about getting the job, Zac the gaming nerd, the challenge of the American accent , the ideal boyfriend and more, all in her charming Australian accent. (Caution: minor spoilers from this week and next week.) Read More »

‘Chuck’ Gains Viewers

Last night’s episode of Chuck, “Chuck vs. the Imported Hard Salami”, rounded up 7.9 million viewers, coming in third for total viewers in its timeslot opposite ABC behemoth Dancing with the Stars (19.8 million from 8-9pm). Those numbers are up about 400,000 viewers from last week. Go Team Bartowski! Read More »

Tonight on ‘Chuck’

On tonight’s episode of Chuck, “Chuck vs. the Imported Hard Salami”, Chuck starts dating Lou (guest star Rachel Bilson), a sandwich maker, and things seem to be going really well. This incites some jealousy on the behalf of Chuck’s “ex-girlfriend”, Sarah, as she may be discovering that her feelings were not all just a cover. However, things seem to get ... Read More »


Chuck fans, are you frustrated by the writers’ strike? Wondering how you, the viewer, can let the writers and networks know that you want a resolution? United Hollywood to the rescue! Several showrunners (including Joss Whedon) have launched a new campaign called Pencils2MediaMoguls to give the viewers a voice in this strike. The premise is simple: Buy a box of ... Read More »