Announcing YvonneStrahovski.net

When checking the logs to see how people were finding our site, we noticed a not-all-that-surprising fact: a lot of traffic came from people looking for information about Yvonne Strahovski (Sarah Walker). We don’t blame you; Yvonne is one of those breakout stars that arrive on the scene from time to time. So, knowing the need was there, we decided ... Read More »

IGN Visits the Set of ‘Chuck’

The guys at IGN got to take a trip behind the scenes of Chuck while they filmed part of this week’s episode. Check it out: Standing in the courtyard of Chuck’s apartment building, it was impressive how realistic it felt (as long as you didn’t glance up and check out the soundstage ceiling of course). It’s hard to miss the ... Read More »

SCREENCAPS: Episode 1.5

Sorry for the delay, folks. Chuck HQ is experiencing some technical difficulties on top of real life difficulties. Why, it’s almost like our “real” lives and our “covert” lives are battling for supremacy! Fortunately, we managed to come out on top at last and upload 1700+ screencaps from last night’s episode, “Chuck vs. the Sizzling Shrimp,” to the Gallery. Enjoy! Read More »

SPOILERS: Episode 1.8

The official synopsis for Chuck episode 1.8 – and confirmation that Rachel Bilson finally shows up – is posted on that episode’s Spoiler page. Read More »

Tonight on ‘Chuck’

In tonight’s episode of Chuck, “Chuck vs. the Sizzling Shrimp,” Chuck faces his first moral dilemma as a spy. When Sarah and Casey refuse to help an unauthorized mission that is taking place in Chinatown by a top Chinese spy, Chuck is faced with a tough decision: should he go against the U.S. government and his friends to do what ... Read More »

Zac Calls Into the Adam Corolla Show

Zachary Levi (Chuck) called into The Adam Corolla Show on Friday, October 19. Listen to the whole segment here, or get the recap below (thanks to The Official Adam Corolla Show Blog): 8:34 AM – ZACHARY LEVI CALLS INTO THE STUDIO Zachary who stars in the television show Chuck, calls into the studio this morning. Zachary loves to sky dive ... Read More »