Recap: Chuck vs the Bullet Train (5.11)


Your favorite show will reset in 60 minutes...59 minutes....58...57...56... Wow, talk about mind games! We're definitely in the homestretch now. With two episodes (and one week) to go, we finally know what the endgame will be and I think it caught a lot of fans (including me) by surprise. Read More »

RATINGS: Chuck Speeds to a Higher Ratings


If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed and follow us on Twitter. Thanks for visiting! The fast overnight ratings are in for “Chuck vs. the Bullet Train”, and it’s good news for Chuck! Approximately 3.85 million viewers tuned in to see how Sarah handled the Intersect, translating to a 1.1 rating in the 18-49 ... Read More »

POLL: How Will Chuck End?


WARNING: Spoilers ahead! And then there were two. Next week the final two episodes of Chuck air, closing the book on our beloved characters. After “Chuck vs. the Bullet Train”, we have Sarah with suppressed memories believing that she works with Quinn; Team Bartowski racing against time to save her and prevent Quinn from getting the “pristine” Intersect; and Jeff ... Read More »

Tell Warner Bros. We Want a Tim Jones Album!


And now, a note from Chuck fan Al Mosier: AN OPEN LETTER FROM BUY MORE, Boston; Hey Chucksters! We’ve been hounding composer Tim Jones for a score soundtrack CD for over two years and I hear from a reliable source that while he’d love to do one, Warner Brothers Music and WaterTower Records has to give the official “go-ahead.” So ... Read More »

Tonight on Chuck: “Chuck vs. the Bullet Train”


“Guns and bullets” are what we’ve been told to expect from tonight’s episode of Chuck. The series comes to a roaring finish next Friday with back-to-back episodes, which makes tonight our penultimate night together, Chucksters. A MISSION ABOARD A JAPANESE BULLET TRAIN SPIRALS OUT OF CONTROL, PUTTING THOSE CLOSEST TO CARMICHAEL INDUSTRIES IN DANGER – ANGUS MACFADYEN GUEST STARS — ... Read More »

Josh Schwartz Looks Back on Chuck’s Five Seasons


We’re not the only ones saying goodbye to Chuck. Co-creator and executive producer Josh Schwartz gets all nostalgic in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, helpfully scanned by ChuckSarahMedia. THEY SAY EVERY END IS A NEW BEGINNING. In the spring of 2007, I was on set for the last day of shooting The O.C. when I got the call. I ... Read More »

VIDEO: Watch a Sneak Peek of “Chuck vs. the Bullet Train”


It’s almost Friday, Chucksters, and NBC has a sneak peek of tomorrow’s episode to whet our appetites. In the clip below, Ellie, Awesome, and Alex examine Morgan to see if they can determine a way to save Sarah from the Intersect’s destructive side effects. “Chuck vs. the Bullet Train” airs tomorrow, January 20, at 8/7c on NBC. Updated: Here’s the ... Read More »

Ultimate Chuck Sing Off: Round 4


The Ultimate Chuck Sing Off continues, and Round 4 sees the final match up for JEFFSTER! (until season 5’s poll). Will the winner be “Africa” and our first experience with the band? Or will it be “Mr. Roboto”, the song they performed at Ellie’s first wedding? Songs are grouped by season and compete against each other in random match ups. ... Read More »

SPOILERS: More Series Finale Teases (That Should Make You Happy)


Looks like we’re in for a happy ending after all. Now where have I heard that before? From today’s Ask Ausiello: Question: There will be a huge hole in my life after Chuck ends on January 27. Any last bit of final season spoilers out there? —Chuck Ausiello: Zachary Levi breaks down the two-hour swan song thusly: “The first hour ... Read More »