SPOILERS: Morgan Tries To Win Back Alex


If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to our RSS feed and follow us on Twitter. Thanks for visiting! Matt Mitovich at TVLine has some scoop on the “terrific” Chuck Christmas episode airing next week, specifically what a certain bearded bandit it up to this Christmas: Morgan may have lost his frosted tips (thank god), but during his rough ... Read More »

Enter to Win an Exclusive Chuck T-Shirt!

If it’s Friday, then it must be time for another ChuckTV.net giveaway! Prize – Week 6 People who attended preview night at Comic Con 2011 received a nifty Chuck t-shirt, and we snagged some extras for those who weren’t able to attend. The front is the Chuck Tie & Pocket screenprint, but updated with a cooler fake tie & pocket image. The back ... Read More »

VIDEO: Chuck and Sarah Discuss The Curse


Check out this video clip of Chuck and Sarah talking about the Bartowski Curse, so named by Chuck. This episode is titled “Chuck vs. the Curse” and introduces Rebecca Romijn. It airs tomorrow night at 8/7c, on NBC. Don’t forget! Read More »

Chuck vs. the Podcast 96: Blowed Up Real Good


Talk about unexpected twists! First Decker is blowed up real good, and then the promo… Wowzer, we’re in for quite a ride as Chuck motors through the holiday break! Click image to play video… more details below. In this week’s podcast, we have a blast talking about Chuck vs. the Hack-Off, announce our upcoming holiday podcast, and lots more! Remember ... Read More »

SPOILERS: Scoop on Stan Lee’s Cameo on Chuck


In the new issue of TV Guide, the actual magazine that you read in line at the supermarket, Michael Logan has scoop on Stan Lee’s cameo in Chuck episode 5.07, “Chuck vs. the Santa Suit”. “We loved the idea that Chuck Bartowski isn’t the only wackadoodle espionage agent working in Los Angeles. Stan Lee is secretly doing it, too,” says ... Read More »

SPOILERS: Title for Chuck Episode 5.10 (But Not 5.12)


Exclusive We noticed a gap in our knowledge of Chuck episode titles this season, so we went straight to the source to ask for the titles of 5.10 and 5.12. Chris Fedak tells us that episode 5.10 is called “Chuck vs. Bo”. As in “Bo Derek” who guest stars as herself in that episode. But what about 5.12, the penultimate ... Read More »

SPOILERS: First Look at Sarah and Her [SPOILER] (UPDATED)


SpoilerTV has a photo of Sarah and her Mom from episode 5.08, “Chuck vs. the Baby”, that certainly does throw a wrench in what I thought their relationship was like. Don’t they look close? I mean emotionally, not just physically. Could the “strained relationship” have been a cover, or are we seeing the reconciliation? Updated: Looks like they got this ... Read More »

Recap: Chuck vs the Hack Off

Please stay in your seats until the ride comes to a complete and final stop This was another absolutely packed episode with so many great moments and visual gags that there is no way I can do them all justice! The writers are definitely throwing everything that they have into every episode. This week we had prison scenes, nudity, computer ... Read More »

RATINGS: Chuck Hacks Higher Ratings

Chuck vs. the Hack Off

The fast overnight ratings are in, and Chuck‘s return was met with a slight boost in ratings. Hurrah! Approximately 3.66 million viewers tuned in to watch Chuck and Sarah take on a nudist cult, translating to a 1.0 in the 18-49 demo. It should be noted, however, that NBC was the only network to run original programming in that timeslot, ... Read More »