Episode 1.12

Title: “Chuck vs. the Undercover Lover”
Airdate: January 24, 2008
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Official Synopsis – added 01.10.08
CASEY-BLANCA – Chuck (Zachary Levi) discovers that many Russian arms dealers are secretly meeting in Los Angeles. One particular Russian woman catches his attention, and he flashes on her as being Agent Casey’s (Adam Baldwin) ex-girlfriend. Chuck grows very intrigued and begins to pester Casey about their history. After learning this woman is to set marry one of the Russian arms dealers, Chuck insists that Casey fights for his woman. Will Casey fight for his true love without compromising his identity? Meanwhile, Captain Awesome (Ryan McPartlin) and Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) reach a tough point in their relationship. Yvonne Strahovski and Josh Gomez also star.


Added 11.02.07
The woman Casey loved but thought he lost in a bombing in Chechnya turns up during Team Bartowski’s investigation of a Russian crime boss, Victor Federov. As it turns out, Ilsa is also an undercover agent, trying to bring down Federov’s organization by posing as his fiancee. When Casey and Chuck realize that Federov knows Ilsa is an agent and plans to kill her, they attempt to foil the plan and save the girl.

Meanwhile, Morgan comforts a drunken Ellie after she and Captain Awesome have a fight.

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